Sunday, August 26, 2018

Racism Is A Religion Of Hate Wrapped In A Bubble Of Fear

Racism is a religion and or dogma of hate wrapped in a bubble of fear.

Misogyny is a religion and or dogma of hate wrapped in a bubble of fear.

Homophobia is a religion and or dogma of hate wrapped in a bubble of fear.


Ran in to two old faces on FB from decades ago, definitely not BFFs today, those two meet with me in past time with me as the connecting factor of the two. They each called me a friend but in the end they were not friends to me because they were more like people that thought I was like them. The only thing we really had in common was my being white. And while they disconnected over the years they look like they have connected again in old age.

The thing is that they thought I was a fool or stupid to be a good team player in my job at a bank because I was willing to be a good team player where there were blacks on my team.

Up to that point, I thought they were okay as acquaintances. I have been leery since of anyone since who say they are my friends. etc.

The thing is that these people raised in an envelope of white privilege and relative middle class northern comfort were so literally rabid when it came to being racist in their what I saw as unfounded fear of all black people without knowing the person but only the race.

And these people were raised in the North, not the South. Where did their fear of Nat Turner come from? I was aware as a child of my people, family and a distant fear of race, the colored moving in and ruining a neighborhood. I never heard of a fear of the Coloreds stealing jobs. There was plenty of work back then. Which supports my own theory that no family really becomes dysfunctional until the primary bread winner loses a job. etc.

That parts of North Philly were the first to go bad economically starting in the 1890s when one of the first waves of African-Americans migrated north to get away from the institutionalization of hate in the Jim Crow Laws of the South, followed by another wave in WWI to follow jobs and WWII etc. They were no different than the original Europeans who settled on this continent to escape religious prosecution in Europe.

That one Christian Church in Philly by the demographic change in neighborhood at the turn of the twentieth century even wrote into the covenant of the church property that it could not be sold to a "colored congregation" when that congregation surrendered the deed to the local mother church authority, so angry at the unfairness of some citizens trying to achieve the American Dream embodied in the phrase "the pursuit of happiness". This when it abandoned its digs in North Philly.

Cohocksink Church

Another thing I have become aware of in recent studies that the backbone of American Vaudeville Theater for a hundred years from the 1840s to the 1940s was Minstrel Music and Blackface "comedy" by white men in black grease paint was to display African-Americans as stupid, lazy and dishonest.

Like commercials non-stop in every Vaudeville performance. A hate tax and or hate reinforcement ad nauseam.

That the bubble surrounding the core hate are always fears. Pick up the likes and dislikes of the crowd and feed on them and sell more snake oil to that crowd. So aptly demonstrated by the Neo-Nazi/GOP party presently.

That hate is traditionally described as the opposite of love which may be true. Hate too can be misunderstanding. That the fear, the bubble makes us safe in our own little corner of the universe.

That at the core the hate is within us as well as misunderstanding or understanding and or love.

So when I think of all this hate thing going around these days in America and the Western world as well, it, the visceral, rabid racism I witnessed in so-called friends decades ago is learned and learned from within the family situation.

That like Fred and Ethel, my old "friends", finding "luv", more likely companionship in old age, is a feat of birds of a feather flocking together, sharing a combined bubble of fear about fear to the exponential and or hate. So it goes.


Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Size of Tiffany Trump's One Year Old Tits - Parental Concerns of Future POTUS and Traitor Donald Trump 1 September 1994

While on an interview aired Sept 1, 1994 of the "Rich and Famous" with the late Robin Leach in the three floor 50 room Trump penthouse at Trump Tower, Donald Trump in interview with wife number two shows concern about the size of his one year old daughter Tiffany's tits. One can never worry about such important things soon enough like also picking the right daycare for special children of the rich, famous and perverted to attend. 

Donald Trump - Great Whore of Babylon

Revelation 17:6 And I saw the man (a Whore of Babylon) drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw him, I wondered with great fear and astonishment. 

Revelation 17: 6 И увидел я человека (шлюху Вавилонскую), пьяного кровью святых, и с кровью мучеников Иисуса, и когда я увидел его, я с большим страхом и изумлением подумал.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Talk of Trump Giving Fake Pardon to Ted Cruz Sr 4 Roll In Fake JFK Dallas Exit

The last Prez to F with the CIA, over the Bay of Republican Pigs was JFK, and we all know where that went. To hell and or Texas.

The Rev. Ted Cruz Sr. already labeled an assassin by Donald J.O. Trump, the Kremlin Candidate is talking Pardon for Senator Cruz's dad to help Ted get reelected amongst all the little people of Texas. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Karma Aint a Bitch! Karma is a LOSER Used Condo Salesman from NYC! LOCK HIM UP!

Karma Aint a Bitch! Karma is a LOSER Used Condo Salesman from NYC!


Deep State Corporate Owned Trump's Prison Gulag System About to Spill Over Into American Civil Rights Movement

Rally in Pittsburgh supports prison strike, September 9, 2016.

National strike of Prison Workers is on. Demands for reform are in place. The long slog ahead to reform both within the Prison Industrial Gulag and the Rights of common civilian workers is on!

Inside America's biggest prison strike: 'The 13th amendment didn't end slavery'

One of the most passionately held demands is an immediate end to imposed labor in return for paltry wages, a widespread practice in US prisons that the strike organisers call a modern form of slavery. More than 800,000 prisoners are daily put to work, in some states compulsorily, in roles such as cleaning, cooking and lawn mowing.
The remuneration can be as woeful in states such as Louisiana as 4 cents an hour.
The idea that such lowly-paid work in a $2bn industry is equivalent to slavery is leant weight by the 13th amendment of the US constitution. It banned slavery and involuntary servitude, with one vital exception: “as punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted”.
Prisoners, in other words, have no constitutional rights and can be blatantly exploited.

Prisoners Bill of Rights / List of Grievances 

Guardian UK

Another Cheap Monument to Jim Crow South Toppled In Chapel Hill Overnight

Another one of those cheaply made, sheet bronze mass produced, not cast, Southern Monuments to Jim Crow South made from the 1890s onward, as the losers who fought in the CSA started to die off, was toppled by the liptard acedeemic types in Chapel Hill North Carolina last night. 

And another one bites the dust. History was on the winning side of the Abolishing of Slavery in the United States. Monuments to the foot soldiers who fought for property owners, slave owners, deserve nothing,  not even dust off Jesus's white bread sandals. 

Oh Brother!
"... Duty is the sublimest word in the English language" tell that to the beer belching Trump Trailer Trash Crowd.

(M.A.G.A. Make America Goofy Again?)

August 21, 2018 - National Babbling Moron POTUS Day - USA USA

August 21, 2018 - National Babbling Moron POTUS Day


Monday, August 20, 2018

Rudy Giuliani - "The Truth is Not the Truth" - America's Hometown Racist Mayor

Sir Rudolph Giuliani, America's hometown mayor and hometown racist who probably colluded with the Bin Laden family to build the NYC command center at 7 World Trade Center with Bin Laden Mob Concrete, says that Truth is not the Truth.

And Amadou Diallo committed Suicide. The first bullet was his (person of color ass) and the next 40 that were fired at him standing outside his apartment building, 18 of which plus his own hit him, were from concerned non-racist Giuliani Blue Shirts who saw only a person of color in their cross hairs. Win-Win for the cops and Rudy!

And acquittal of the white cops in an out of town trial in White Town Albany NY.

Ain't America Great Rudy. This from a man who did not know he was married to his wife who was also his second cousin 1968 - 1982 (Annulled) = we had no marriage, we never fuked?

Marriage is not a Marriage - Trump Era Reality (truth) Management - good old fashioned Republican Family Values.


Sunday, August 19, 2018

How Many Puppies Did Young Donald Trump Choke Before Fred and Mary Trump Had to LOCK HIM UP in Military School?

We all know that Military School for the rich's young is code for LOCKING UP the unruly young away until they are 18 and less of a legal liability, i.e. drinking, driving, knocking up Cheer Leaders etc.

Well Donald Trump's Allusion to Omarosa as a DOG and all his political enemies like Little Marco Rubio and Romney as "he choked like a dog" as part of his lexicon of sadistic phrases makes me know why there are NO PETS in the TRUMP WHITE HOUSE.

The Mormons in the Secret Service are no doubt used to sexual perversions of presidents, but even Mormons I do not think would allow a POTUS to kick or torture an animal on their watch.

Just saying.

New Zealand Don't Want No Rich White Trash From America

A while back I remember the news how New Zealand did not want former NBC Today Show Matt Lauer host to buy a ranch in that country. That the country relented and let him buy it. I thought maybe they did not want him to show his penis to little girls in New Zealand like he used to do on the set of the Today Show.

But alas now New Zealand does not want foreigners to buy land and develop it and commodize the countryside and generally fuck things up in general for the little guy in that country, the way they have fucked up the housing market here where the working class cannot afford artificial commodized housing prices to supports banks and generally fat lazy white men in the 99%. Not that Matt or his penis is that fat.

Well good to New Zealand to keeping the disease of fat lazy rich men worldwide and their buying up nature and making a quick buck off the labor of others - keeping that greed disease at a beautiful distance.

Thanks Matt. Your example and penis were finally good for something.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

American CEO Failure Management 101 - or - Pennsylvania Grand Jury Kiddie Abuse Dump - 2018

 RC Pennsylvania Bishop's CEO Mission Statement (dedacted)

Last week a news dump from Harrisburg Diocese and the rest now to cover all eight dioceses more or less in the past few years of gross mismanagement from bishops and ruling archbishops who not only lack compassion not only for children but for people in general I would imagine. What kind of two faced local church CEO gets away with ignoring the cries and hurt of the least of us, the defenseless among us. etc. Well American Business CEOs can get away with taking away benefits, stripping jobs and trashing treasuries (pension funds) without legal or social consequences and still get bigger and bigger bonuses for protecting the shareholders at home and or Rome?

The revised John Jay Report on Systemic Abuse of Children of 2011 suggested that priests ordained in the 1940s and 1950s lacked social skills and could not on a micro level deal with the social revolutions of the 1960s with it social explosions of sex (birth control), drugs and rock and roll.

That the explosion of demand of the upcoming Boomer Generation being banged out by returning GIs and their mates was a demand on in two cases, a visionary building plan for more schools and seminarians / convents to fill the traditional cheap Medieval slave labor based on the wonderfully corrupt concept of celibacy, one of sacrifice at the vocations crowd at street level and more gold cups, champagne, limousines and caviar at the management level of all this. And who but dinosaurs like Spellman and Dougherty and Cushing of the old school of kiss the pope's toe and then go home and do whatever the fuck you want to or what sticks to the wall that you throw on it and it sticks like in cooking pasta? A new sacred tradition?

With massive building programs to teach the next expanded generation of Catholic boys and girls, like the confusion on any building sites, personnel always coming and going and any collateral damage to the building sites and or children is to be expected?

And if you were too focused early in your career in getting elected pope like John Krol of Philadelphia, you might in order to secure your domestic legacy be trying to patch up the mess in personnel that happened during your salad days as archbishop.

Bishop Joseph McFadden

On May 16, 1981, McFadden was ordained a priest by Cardinal John Krol at the Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul.[7] His first assignment was as a parochial vicar at St. Laurence Church[8] in Highland Park, where he remained for one year.[3] From 1982 to 1993, he served as administrative secretary to Cardinal Krol.[3] He was named an Honorary Prelate of His Holiness on May 29, 1991.[2]

So using a timeline thingy, Monsignor McFadden was personal secretary to Cardinal Krol both as an active archbishop and into the first five years of his retirement.

And we all know that Krol did not move out of the Cardinal's suite of rooms in the main, 1880s portion of the Cardinal's residence. The new archbishop Bevilacqua (between the lines - a name not mentioned once in McFadden's Wikipedia bio btw) had to do with carving out a new archbishop's suite with the remaining 30-40 rooms of the Great Gatsby1920s addition to that mansion. (Bought at a bankruptcy fire sale btw in 1935 for 350k by Cardinal Dougherty, that's less than 5k a room and ten acres too. This all in the Depression and after Dennis's trip to Rome and the Pope's blessing on his Fatwa against the Hollywood controlling Jews with a Catholic boycott in the AD of Philly against all cinemas. Gave the Vatican prestige and further leverage in delicate political negotiations between holy mother church and the new German regime. Wink. Nod.)

I can only imagine that half the priest personnel files of the archdiocese in Philly were scattered around the Krol end of the mansion and not available to Bevilacqua and his crowd even if he was willing to reform the priesthood and weed out the buggerers. etc.

Bevilacqua:  "I want you to tell your boss that he has to move out. It is not traditional to stay in the Bishop's palace once one has retired."

McFadden: "His Eminence wishes to remind your Excellency that if you do not like the present living arrangements, please refer it to his Holiness in Rome. A pope who owes so much to his Eminence's good will in the second papal conclave of 1978..."

That the dysfunction at the Archbishop's mansion in Philly was no doubt a microcosm on the Vatican fantasy land of the waning days of the long reigning and ailing John Paul II and his gatekeeper, the future Benedict XVI. And reflective of a lot too no doubt little niche turfs in all the little duchy dioceses in PA.

So Cardinal Wuerl's hemming and hawing in charge in Trumpland DC can say he cared about all the little people in Pittsburgh on his way to the top to the CEO perks of Archbishop of Washington DC, a bit of a yawn here.

Yawn (again)


Thursday, August 9, 2018

Philly High School Possibly Named in Tribute to Father Coughlin and His Approval of German Actions at Kristallnacht

I had to wonder when I randomly ran into this looking at some other matter, what happened to the local girl's high school in Philly, when its name got changed from its original designation of "Northeast Catholic High School for Girls" to "Little Flower High School". Something and things along the timeline from October 1938 when building permits were issued in the original designated name to dedication on August 27th 1939, five days before the invasion of Poland and the beginning of war in Europe.

There was already in place a tradition of West Catholic High for Boys first followed by West Catholic High for Girls. Only four blocks apart near University City in west Philly.

Little Flower as the compliment female school to Northeast Catholic High School for Boys was three miles apart. (The Northeast still the edge of the burbs and farms in pre-War Philadelphia County).

The working name on Little Flower may have been N.E.C.H. for girls but looking at the timeline I have to wonder about Dennis Dougherty and his still standing fatwa on the Ethnic Group the "ran Hollywood" still in place forbidding all Catholics in the AD of Philly from attending the cinema which he never rescinded. (Thank the Catholic Gawd that the good cardinal had a movie projection setup to view Hollywood movies in private in his 45-61 room (depending on estimates) mansion of his quaint home base surrounded by 10 acres on City Line Ave. in Philly. )

October the building permits:

And then Kristallnacht in November 9-10 and America's most powerful media voice of Father Charles Coughlin getting more racist to up his ratings the closer Europe crept toward War.

For years, Coughlin had publicly derided “international bankers,” a phrase that most of his listeners understood to mean Jewish bankers. In the days and weeks after Kristallnacht, Coughlin defended the state-sponsored violence of the Nazi regime, arguing that Kristallnacht was justified as retaliation for Jewish persecution of Christians. He explained to his listeners on November 20, 1938 that the “communistic government of Russia,” “the Lenins and Trotskys…atheistic Jews and Gentiles” had murdered more than 20 million Christians and had stolen “40 billion [dollars]…of Christian property.”
In a series of articles published in Social Justice during 1938, Coughlin lambasted “Jewish” financiers and their control over world politics, culminating with a story recounting his own version of the infamous 20th Century forgery, the so-called Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which purported to be minutes of meetings of Jewish leaders as they plotted to take over the world.
As Europe crept toward War. 

Philadelphia Inquirer 28 Aug 1939
On same page as LF dedication photo below.

Following two major radio stations in NYC, dropping Coughlin's broadcasts after his praise of Kristallnacht, followed by protests making the national papers of pro-Coughlin supporters outside NY radio staions, somewhere in that timeline between beginning of Construction of Northeast Catholic High School for Girls in October 1938 and the Dedication of Little Flower High School for Girls in August 1939, Cardinal Dougherty did a name change on the high school, perhaps out of sympathetic views shared with the American Papal Nuncio Cicognani and Father Charles Coughlin the head of the Radio League of the Little Flower, and his shrine in Michigan to Saint Therese of Lisiveux, a recently canonized 24 year old ? "Doctor of the Church". 

Coincidence or devotion.
Wikipedia Commons

Philadelphia Inquirer 28 Aug 1939

It is possible that Cardinal Dougherty was indeed devoted to the worship of the Little Flower saint but more likely he had to hedge a bet or a loan to Coughlin to build his cash cow shrine in Michigan, with the radio transmissions drying up with contributions. Better to have a local Wink. Nod. Michigan shrine reminder in Philly to back up offshore tax free loans to Royal Oak?

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Who Truly Won in the Papal Elections of 1978 - the CIA or the KGB?

Downtown Philadelphia Street Corner Billboards 1971 *

Putting aside some truly false and or misleading family oral history about a very distant cousin and the Archbishopric chair in Philadelphia, I have to reconsider making some real and or (my?) imaginary cross referencing of facts "sacred" and or profane "secular".

Two glaring facts stick out in my mind in the last two years, with consideration of the long term plannings of the RC church and the Czar's Private Secret Police, the KGB. Isn't it a marvel how institutional or ganizations like the RC church and or the Czar's gatekeeping Bodyguards go on and on like a law of physics, once set in motion.

And since all politics and religion are LOCAL, let me mention two things.

The official PR line of a snake like Donald Trump that he took a million dollar loan from daddy and starting flipping trash properties in Philly while a student at Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania is total bullshit.

The extra truth that many liars throw into the story, any story, is that Donald's name is not on any Philly deeds or records is because he did not want to make the prices go up. A real flipper would want the name thing to go around, to start a trend, and then have other real estate investors get on a gentrification Ponzi scheme of sorts and the first in to cash out as the later investors come along pay much more.

Like I say, I lay claim to it, that Trump paid back daddy with profits from money laundering probably first with the Philly mob, the Angelo Bruno crowd, and very familiar with the then Police Chief and later Mayor Frank Rizzo back then in 1967. And then when Donald got in over his head, like he does on every thing he does, he found a friendly front for the KGB and or they found him is more accurate and the M.O. of Trump INC was established with the brilliant Wharton Student Trump and the gentlemenly "Cs" (never really earned in any way shape or form) of an I-V school @Penn, and an "ivy league school" being in folk or origin myth being one of seven or eight American college institutions in existence before the American Revolution and or break with British Rule.

So getting back to Vatican murder and backstabbing and the usual shit thereabouts in Rome, I always wondered why one of my distant cousins, as a popular Irish American auxiliary bishop of Philadelphia did not succeed Cardinal O'Hara upon his death. ???

And then all of a sudden, the Polish Catholic minority in Philly, and not the Irish majority of RCs takes front stage with an auxiliary bishop from Cleveland (Cleveland !?) taking over the archbishop's chair in Philly.

Joe McShea did not have to bear any or much  embarrassment as a very popular auxiliary bishop in Philly, who delivered the eulogy at (Saint) Mother Katherine Drexel's funeral, and serve the new Pollack archbishop by getting an almost instant consolation prize of five northern counties (mostly coal country) of the Philly archdiocese in "upstate" Pennsylvania, by being named First bishop of the newly created Diocese of Allentown Pennsylvania. Or the grand duchy of Allentown as a reward to Joe from his once time boss, Papal Nuncio to the United States for 25 years, 1933-1959.

Amleto Giovanni Cicognani (24 February 1883 – 17 December 1973)

And also a good friend of Amleto's older brother Gaetano to whom Joe McShea as a seminarian in Rome would nightly read in private to the poorly sighted Gaetano in his papal apartments, or so the might be faulty family oral history goes. (in that family history, the older brother was much older, not two years older, and almost legally blind and could no longer read lengthy dogmatic documents without assistance etc.)

Gaetano Cicognani (26 November 1881 – 5 February 1962)

No problem for Secretary of State Amleto Cicognani of the Vatican to carve out a new diocese in Pennsylvania and move a few chess pieces around the American political landscape like auxiliary bishop John Krol into Archbishop John Krol of Philadelphia.

All well and good, and I have written about John Krol being one of the foremost starters of the American Culture War about Birth Control and Abortion after Humanae Vitae, RC encyclical regarding Command State Economy control over the reproductive product of the female part of the male / female unit of the species aka Man.

I say all this to condense with what I have stated many times and in many ways over the years here on my blogs, about how Archbishop John Krol wanted to be the first American pope and how he relentlessly campaigned years after year and took trips to third world countries where First Pennsylvania Bank and the infamous John Bunting was loaning money to the third world for fees and bonuses and no longer making little mortgages and little to moderate to large size business loans in Philadelphia. The money was in the fees and bonuses and the State Department implied no doubt in private off the book meetings with Bunting that the U.S. Government would never let John or First Pennsylvania go under giving loans that would never, could never be repaid from countries the U.S. Government had once looked kindly upon in the hopes of thwarting the spread of godless and capitalist-less belief systems.

Problem with Bunting was that he was not I-V league. A graduate of local Temple. He actually had commuted to college. No network of I-V buddies at State or Treasury to help a guy out when the real bills came due at his Philly bank, one of the oldest in the country btw.

And I have written how Archbishop Krol was bankrolled on his trips to Asia, and Africa, and making substantial in those days contributions of like 50k to start RC hospitals and RC colleges and RC seminaries in these very poor, poor nations. And in the hopes of swaying some local Asian and or African Cardinal to vote for him as pope once Paul VI died. etc.

That Krol was bankrolled by a Polish American Multimillionaire and businessman John Piszek, originally from Chicago and later Philadelphia who was a founder of Mrs. Paul's Frozen Seafood, a business started btw while on strike to make some off the books cash selling crab cakes at local bars in Philly on weekends. And the business took off but they named the business after his partner Mr. Paul because it was an Anglo sounding name and not Polish which was thought not to be a good PR name to sell frozen seafood with. Piszek with the millions rolling in starting in the 1950s after he bought out Mr. Paul, his partner, was forever bitter that his name, an immigrant name, was not good enough to make it big in American business. He compensated and began to give money away to all causes Polish, locally and abroad. Archbishop Krol and getting him as the first Polish American Pope to be elected and which is why I speculate that the Papal Nuncio saw some merit in giving Krol the first Archbishop's seat that became available and that usually got a red hat with it eventually, was a logical thing, and after much cash no doubt got funneled into Polish RC church projects and charities in Poland behind the Iron Curtain. etc.

And then with all the cash rolling into the Vatican for projects in Poland, they gave Amleto Cicognani a dispensation to become Cardinal, it not being allowed under the rules that sent the RC into a tailspin in the Reformation, because his brother was already a Cardinal. Brother, Nephew, what was the difference in giving power to your crony relatives. And Amleto becomes Secretary of State of the Vatican in 1961.

I have often wondered considering the almost miraculous, with no mortal help, in the rise of auxiliary Bishop John Krol to become a contender in the 1978 papal elections, if he had the dream on his own or if somebody had whispered in his ear the dream that he could one day become the first Polish American Pope with a little help from his friends like John Piszek and Amleto Cicognani. Wink. Nod.

Which makesme wonder, with cash coming into Poland from the west via the Vatican etc. how Karol Wojtyla also may have gotten the idea that he too could become the first Polish Polish Pope with a little help from his friends. While the Vatican made its members pray every Sunday after mass for the conversion of Russia to Christianity, the real big chuck of RC R/E the Vatican would like to start with in that conversion to the Russians from Communism back into Orthodox back into Roman Christians, that the Catholic prize of Poland was possible but maybe the money of Mrs. Paul's fish sticks was not enough and maybe other sources of funds would have to be found to create networks to revive and or sustain unions that would likely first be the force to make any real changes in a Worker's State like Poland.

And I have to wonder if the former Papal Nuncio to the United States 1933-1959 had made any worthwhile secular contacts in Washington DC over the years like at the State Department and or the dare I say it - the CIA.

That between the puppet master Amleto Cicognani in the west and the east whispering temptation into the ears of gullible Polish clerics, that maybe the long term planning of the CIA was becoming a match for the old long term planning of the Czar's secret police aka the KGB.

Wojtyla was already a player with the KGB, he could play ball and not threaten the state and the state let him play dressed up cleric for some of the masses and proclaim a free state for all the workers and their perhaps private beliefs. Whatever.

I have often wondered about Wojtyla's resume about being associated with the resistance during WWII and in occupied slave state Poland and his survival as a worker in a stone quarry etc. Anybody can put anything on a resume. Like flipping houses in Philly on the QT and anonymously is just as good as "Freedom Fighter" on the PR releases after the Polish American Cardinal relinquished his block of Pope Votes to the Polish Polish Cardinal in 1978 after the mysterious death of the last Italian Italian pope. And anybody can flip themselves while being played as a pawn in Global Political Chess - flip as in double agents and or triple agents of the KGB etc. - comrades and brothers in Christ?

And the collateral damage, messes to be cleaned up by the masses caused from players, past their prime and also dead, still hanging around from those 1960s - 1970s games of chess here forty and fifty years later.



Culture War Billboard Philadelphia

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Putin Making Progress into Grinding Old Russians into Woof Woof Dog Food to Feed Trump's Pet Dogs

No doubt fresh from secret Helsinki circle jerk talks of Trump and Putin, and Trump telling Putin to raise the retirement age for old people in Russia in order to steal more of the Russian national treasury.  Putin reportedly worth 100 billion dollars now can achieve his goal toward a trillion dollar individual wealth. *

*(Trump about to brand his Russian made dog food?)

Just take it out of the hides of your people and raise the retirement age for women from 55 to 63 and men from 60 to 65 for a state sponsored retirement check. The Wharton Global Spreadsheet at work and the American Model of retirement in weak economies where there are no fit jobs for human beings past the age of 45 in America and or Russia and or the so called civilized world.

Once your hormones fade with age, so does the attractiveness of your ability to perform like circus dogs for your CEO employers making their tens of millions in bonuses screwing little people out of pensions and decent hourly wages etc.

Soylent Green is perhaps too old a movie to illustrate what to do with useless old people. 

My all time favorite below as a microcosm now to illustrate Trump's and now Putin's tiny little ruling entourage bubble worlds where what you know as a crony does not matter as much as who you blow in order to survive etc. Betsy D etc. Whatever.

Trump has no pets. Something that no one ever dares write about it. Your won't hear anything here form me. - and - Considering the photos of his two oldest boys in their thirties with guns and African road kill testosterone proving delayed stunted adolescent bullshit etc, not even a pet cat. Meow!p

Welcome to Woop Woop, a Hollywood gem of a hidden classic

is about what to do when you are a con man stranded in the middle of nowhere, Woop Woop Australia for example, except playing old Oscar and Hammerstein movies and making communally produced Woof Woof dog food out of road kill kangaroos. Great movie stuff on many symbolic and metaphoric levels of the modern reality of people left behind from the global anti-human spreadsheet etc.

Thousands of people have taken part in protests in cities across Russia to express their anger at government proposals to raise the pension age.
Demonstrators in the capital, Moscow, carried banners reading: "We want to live on our pensions, not die at work."
The government says it wants to raise the pension age from 60 to 65 for men, and from 55 to 63 for women, to help cope with a shrinking workforce.
But unions warn many people will not live long enough to claim a pension.
Some 12,000 people took to the streets of Moscow to protest at the controversial plans.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Sean Spicer Accused of Using the "N" Word at Plush Private Rhode Island School

Oh how sharper than a serpent's tooth is the data life and memory of the Social Media or a kid scorned in High School.
Alex Lombard, who was standing behind a small group of people waiting in line to meet Spicer and get him to sign the book, called out Spicer's name and said they went to Portsmouth Abbey School together. Spicer waved to him and said, "Hey. Yeah. How are you?"
Lombard, a Newport native who now lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, then accused Spicer of calling him the N-word and trying to fight him when they were at school.
"You don't remember that you tried to fight me?" Lombard asked. "But you called me a (N-word) first."
A security guard approached Lombard and led him away as he kept talking: "I was 14 then. I was a scared kid then, Sean. I'm not scared to fight you now."
A Newport Daily News video of the encounter doesn't show how Spicer, who was seated at a table signing books, reacted to being accused of using the racial slur. But his publicist said he was shocked by the allegation.

FOX NEWS - Modern Minstrel Show Reinforcing A Jim Crow Image Comfortable to White A-Merica.

I accidentally got caught off guard and caught watching about 90 seconds of a FOX NEWS morning hour long "Hate" this morning - up from the mandatory ten minute "Hate" of George Orwell's 1984 fame. And wearing "Hannity White Face" grease paint.

That witch, Representative Walters, a Black Woman, two strikes against her already, and her rabble rousing slave upsetting voice up from her demand for real people to connect with the people, more like corporate paid Zombies, in Congress.

And White Folks in the Admin and Congress being upset for their daily bread in the local DC restaurant with $350 BOTTLES of Lobbyist paid French wine i.e. Paul Ryan's favorite, got a sound bite combination with Senator Corey Booker, BLACK man, from New Jersey also inciting the poor dark end of the population against the massas in the Plantation House crowd who now occupy in modern time and sense, the front CEO office and gated community private members only rural Country Clubs of America.

The BLACK man was saying such an alarming inciteful thing like ordinary people should go down to Washington DC and "get right in the faces of the people in Congress" to gets things done that the common people want and need and apparently not what the corporate masters of America want and really don't need.

Well there is this whole coded thing over at FOX NEWS on all kinds of levels but the real bottom line is that FOX NEWS operates on the hundreds year old play book of slaves, fear of Nat Turners and Plantation owners and Jim Crow jokes and financing minstrel black face to deface reality and reinforce all the fears of bookie men and goblins that children are fed to in order to go to bed early or eat their vegetables.

Fear of a slave rebellion is always out there WHITE AMERICA !!!

So beware. 

FOX NEWS - Jim Crow and Hate 24/7

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Impeach TEA PARTY TRAITORS Mark Meadows 11th North Carolina and Jim Jordan 4th Ohio

Tea Party Rep Mark Meadows 11th North Carolina, fresh from slimy jerk off hands on the 2013 Government Shutdown and a Shout Out at a Trump Rally in 2016 Winston - Salem Rally of "Burn that Witch Hillary" coded down to "Lock Her Up" like all closeted bigots and women haters  - AND -

Tea Party Jim Jordan 4th Ohio fresh from a humble refusal of the House Republican Dennis Hastert Lifetime Achievement Award for Disservice to Kiddies regarding his onetime Assistant Wrestling Coach JOB at Ohio State before dipping his toes in Tea Party anti-humanist politics - AND -

Both willing to take a bullet, metaphorically and Michael Cohen like speaking, both for Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have sponsored an Impeach the DOJ Bill in the House for doing its patriotic job against traitors and child abusers on the border domestic and foreign comrade in the baby selling adoption Russian end of that same related mob racket - SHOULD -

Should be impeached and removed from office from their seats in the U.S. 
House of Representatives.