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Trump's (fake bone spur) Farewell Speech to the Troops in Afghanistan...

Trump's (fake bone spur) Farewell Speech to the Troops in Afghanistan...

There is not enough profit in this war for ME or my FAMILY for your oh yeah Blood and Sacrifice since 911. While I am cutting my losses, I wish you (losers?) good luck in finding some cheap air fares out of this very bad condo market of Afghanistan. Ain't I the greatest (putz) in the world?

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Trump Avoids Apostle's Creed at Bush Funeral in Deference to Murdering of Journalists' Vlad Putin and Saudi Arabian MBS

Apostle's Creed 

I believe in God, the Father almighty,
creator of heaven and earth.
I believe in Jesus Christ, God's only Son, our Lord,
who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,
born of the Virgin Mary,
suffered under Pontius Pilate,
was crucified, died, and was buried;
he descended to the dead.
On the third day he rose again;
he ascended into heaven,
he is seated at the right hand of the Father,
and he will come to judge the living and the dead.
I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the holy catholic Church,
the communion of saints,
the forgiveness of sins,
the resurrection of the body,
and the life everlasting. Amen.

Thought we were a "Christian" country - all you hypocrites in Washington DC corrupting the The Temple of American Democracy. 

Trump is the Abomination that causes Desolation America!


Sunday, December 2, 2018

All We Decent People In The USA Want For Christmas Is Robert Mueller

All We Decent People In The USA Want For Christmas Is Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller: Tout ce que nous voulons aux Noëls aux USA

Alles, was wir Menschen in den USA wollen, ist Robert Müller



Все мы достойные люди в США хотят на Рождество Роберт Мюллер

Todo lo que la gente decente en los Estados Unidos quiere para Navidad es Robert Mueller

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Here Is To The Official Lincoln Civil War Thanksgiving Day - 2018

Christopher Columbus blvd in Philly long overdue to be renamed back to Delaware Ave.

CC a proven historical genocidal criminal. 

This also to wonder How American Thanksgiving is not a day of prayer and petition to help end and now remember how uncivil we once were to each other as a nation - sound familiar - in the bloody Civil War as in Abraham Lincoln, how it became a celebration of candy-ass Mayflower Wall Street types mooching a turkey dinner off the Local First Nation People types. Should have refused them service at the door - no soul no compassion and no respect (only greed) for the land.

Have a nice day. We are having pork on thursday  btw. Cooking a turkey sucks! 


Monday, October 29, 2018

Trump Punchline - Stuck - Repeat - Repeat - Move The Needle

America has been stuck on the same Trump punchline for decades now per the 1990 cartoon above. Kind of like an old Vaudeville act long after Vaudeville has left town. A scratched LP for us geezers, repeating and repeating. Time to move the needle - reboot so to speak - and move on IMHO.

Klein's 3 Cent Chocolate Lunch Bar - 1913-1970

Immigrants William and Frederick Klein, in their twenties, developed and sold their budget conscience chocolate bar of high quality chocolate and made with fresh Pennsylvania farm milk, after having been employed by Milton Hershey in his R & D department, setting up shop in Elizabethtown Pa. The company was family owned from 1913 until sold to Mars in 1970.

A standard treat as in trick or treat in the Harrowgate neighborhood of my youth.

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Friday, October 26, 2018

MAGA Bomber - Tucson Weekly

The Inhumanity of Trump and his Thugs - Tea Party - White Nationalists - Neo-Nazis - Haters - Republicans...

I am having a flashback to my workplace in 2001 in the weeks following the 911 attacks. Watching Morning Joe live at a post office facility in Manhattan and the so-called 12th bomb and or suspicious package found. These latest two packages to Senator Corey Booker and former National Intelligence Director James Clapper.

I know that the typical moron who is sending something like a package to James Clapper must be in consultation with others as to who are Russian Anointed Trump's "enemies". DUH!

These packages don't end up on the desk of the famous person they are addressed to. These devices if indeed capable of mass destruction go through the hands of workers in the Post Office and workers in Office Buildings.

I can remember being in the "cage", a secured place that receives securities and checks through the mail of a Financial Service Company in NYC. Getting a flyer with pictures and a list of what to look for in terms of the threat then after 911 of Anthrax spores sent through the mail. That and a briefing from a consultant in these matters to press home the need to be observant and vigilant and being involuntarily on the front line of a war made by madmen.

Where is the victory of cowards who hide in the shadows that try to strike anonymously. Where is the Compassion for fellow human beings who are exposed to danger, and possible injury and death?


Thursday, October 25, 2018

Tea Party Bomber Still At Large - Should Trump Pay For Legal Fees To Those Who Are Inspired to Tea Party Advocated Domestic Terror and Violence ?

Colbert on CBS last night published the above sketch of the bomber shitting on our freedom and our democracy.

When Saddam Hussein tried an assassination plot against retired POTUS George H. W Bush while on a trip to Kuwait in 1993, President Clinton order a strategic air strike on Iran targets in retaliation.

Trump jerks off at the mouth on the stage of closed white redneck rally and the victims are to blame. Obama and Clinton and Biden and others, it is their fault for this display of violence, not the running foul vulgar hateful voice of Trump. 

Monday, October 22, 2018

Fred Trump's Money Spent and Trump Defending Ted Cruz Dad - ? Spotter on JFK Royal Motorcade Progress Through Dallas - November 22, 1963

Fred Trump, rumored to have contributed to a "Dis-elect JFK in '64" PAC - cash - cash - cash, (his son will tonight lick and give credence to Rafael Cruz Sr., spotter(?)  on the JFK motorcade (Royal Progress lead to the slaughterhouse) in "Cow-Dump" Dallas Texas November 22, 1963) - Trump, Son of Fred will Praise Ted (Rafael Jr.) , son of Rafael Sr. for a job well done now and of course wink, nod against that Catholic Papist Un-American Cunt Kennedy back in '63.

Hey, Men. * 

                  * American Evangelical "Amen"

Ted Cruz’s Senior Hating On the Jews and Catholics in Northeast USA

"Unfortunately, in the northeast, the Jews are Democrats first and Jews second," he said at an event on Saturday held by the Palm Beach County Tea Party. "This is what has happened to a great many in the Catholic church. They are Democrats first and Catholics second."

Rafael Cruz said that Americans "need to put principle above tradition."

"There are people voting Democrat because, 'My grandfather or my father voted Democrat.’ Let me tell you something. The Democratic party today is not the Democratic party of John Kennedy. John Kennedy would be a Republican today," he said.

He made the comments in response to a remark from an audience member lamenting that leaders in the Catholic church have not helped the Republican cause.


Saturday, October 20, 2018

Laid Off in Arizona Twenty Years Ago

Looking at all those closed frozen bubble faces of the majority of Mormons in Trump's captive white audience in his "Phoenix" Mesa-Gilbert (SLC South) Feel Good and White and Don't Give A Shit about the rest of America Rally, I am reminded how closed and prejudiced and thin the economy it is there in Arizona.

A lot of companies used to get a two year tax exempt invitation to start up in the "Right to Work" (But Really No Right to Form a Union and Earn a Decent Wage) state of Arizona. How cronies and your relatives are already on the payroll in both private and public jobs were a major factor in my disliking most of the jobs I had there.

That I worked for a world class local HMO only to have that company bought out by Anything 4 a Buck Profit Health Care and then the largest block of HMO members in that state got a toll free 1-800 number to call in the Midwest after we got laid off and all those jobs disappeared on Anything 4 a Buck Health's Wharton designed Global Worksheet. That local problems with your healthcare could no longer be handled for walk-ins who came to our various offices and storefronts in the state which disappeared overnight. Wait 20-30 minutes talking to a robot and wait for a "live human being" and listen to canned musak.

That we knew we were going to be laid off. Two years anywhere there in Arizona, the right to work state, and you get laid off when some out of state business bolts that state having figured out that paying half the salary of New York wages only got you 1/4 the work output, all the relatives and cronies factoring into the local work/survival framework. You go to the Unemployment Office and tell them you got laid off but on the form there is no "Why were you laid off" space to write an answer but ONLY "Why were you FIRED from your last job?" in right to work Arizonie? (Beat you down, you lazy, worthless unemployed person put down, feel bad about yourself from the state thingy?)

The manager at the HMO had designated a skeleton staff to last a month or two months past the rest of us being laid off to clean up and box up the operations and ship the records, computer tapes etc. to the Midwest. And all this before India became a favorite off shore center for call centers and operations workings etc.

The manager was a smoker and used to take at least six ten minute smoke breaks a day outside the building with about a dozen nicotine addicts on staff. And surprise, the skeleton staff to mop up was announced prior to lay offs and that list matched her old crony smoker's club. Small world. *

* Smokers in a healthcare insurance company - some irony and or dark humor there?

Of course the manager did not last until we got laid off. Rumors abounded when we got back from lunch one day when her office was padlocked. Now this is rumor and I cannot confirm but the skinny was that the manager had gotten the job by outperforming the other manager who could not meet management's demand to clean up the 90 day plus accounts receivable fast enough for management with all our new "multitasking" (jack of many; master of none) work diversions piled on towards the end.

Story was that the successful manager, the good competent IMHO manager got canned btw, merely went on the computer one day and deleted all the aged A/R to meet management's demands.


Until an audit of the system. Damned audits. Surprising how successful her resume was and how stupid and non-auditing her past employers were? Sounds a bit like federal gubmint of late work 2 me.

The whole corruption of the matter reminds me of Trump and his white cronies applauding his hate and fear of non-Mormon brown people wanting to try, actually having the ability to do a better job once they get HERE, than the Fake Crony-ied up work force of both the private and public work forces of right to work Aridzona.

So. it goes, or so it went until we moved back east and we witnessed in the workplaces of the once very productive and progressive work force of New York City only to encounter the cronyism that is now the hallmark of American work force and American government (though no longer democracy I think) --  but No longer what your know or do but rather who U kn(bl)ow -- had permeated and dominated the work place in post-Computer controlled America.


U S A -  U S A - U S A ... (all hail the Prophet in SLC?) (Mesa-Gilbert Friday night)


Trump's Mormon Rally at Isolated Phoenix-Mesa Airport Hanger Set To Prevent Protests Like At Last Rally In Phoenix

Phoenix-Mesa Airport Hanger at a long decommissioned Williams Air Force Base and served by a dodgey poorly maintained fleet of charter flight jets of Allegiant_Air - in predominately Mormon Mesa-Gilbert end of the Valley of the Sun and nearby Phoenix - is the setting of a rally geographic of very white and Mormon crowd to cheer Bully and Racist Donald Trump.

It's unlikely there will be a repeat of the clashes that happened after Trump's last rally in 2017 at the Phoenix Convention Center. In Mesa, protesters will be safely confined to areas outside the facility.

Pure White Political team at Mesa-Gilbert Mormon Trump Airplane Hanger Rally


Friday, October 19, 2018

Statement on Political Murder by Saudi Dictatorship

"Preliminary investigations carried out by the Public Prosecution into the disappearance case of the citizen Jamal bin Ahmad Khashoggi revealed that the discussions that took place between him and the persons who met him during his attendance in the Kingdom's consulate in Istanbul led to a quarrel and a brawl with the citizen /Jamal Khashoggi, resulted in his death.
"The Public Prosecutor confirms that its investigations into this case are continuing with the (18) individuals who are all Saudi nationals in preparation for reaching all the facts and declaring them and to hold all those involved in this case accountable and bringing them to justice."

Trump Conspiracy Mentality Empowered MBS Rogue's Assassination of Jamal Khashoggi

Birtherism, Fake News, Fox News, No ambassador in Riyadh, empowers a tight paranoid circle jerk of Muslim Extremists who protect the bones of the Prophet and speak in the name of his desert god. Power of and from religion merely a geographic mistake. Something not unlike Mussolini's Vatican. 

Trump empowers paranoia on his conspiracy snake oil and will leave before 2020 on his own terms and take the hundreds of millions in his 2020 election PAC money with him. All legal. Trump Hotels in Riyadh and Moscow. Life is good. 

"How important can one man's death be that important to humanity" - "we need Arab allies, no matter what they do." Pat Roberson's Evangelical seal of approval on Khashoggi Saudi political assassination.

Pat Robertson's price of his soul is bought and sold by the House of Saud. So is Donny's... 

Dance with the Devil $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Monday, October 15, 2018

Mike Pence Leaving VP Post soon to do Missionary Work in North Korea

Plentiful rumors in the capital of Mike Pence leaving his Vice Presidential post soon to do Christian Missionary work in Communist North Korea.

Sources in the North Korea Embassy in Washington DC confirms that perhaps the details are still being worked out of an exclusive charter to teach Christianity as a course in an all boys school K-12 where Pence would be head master in Pyongyang, the North Korean capital city.

Also details that the "Divine One" Kim Jong-un wishes the new Western Style Education facility to be named after his late uncle Boof Jin-dng killed in a recent military accident. It turned out that Boof had been a secret Christian and Kim asked VP Pence what he could do through communications to honor his late uncle, in letters between the North Korean leader and POTUS Trump.

Rumors having reached Mitch McConnell from White House staff about likelihood of hearings and Senate confirmation of a new VP brought up a likely and popular candidate in the coming 2018 lame duck Congress as that of black entertainer, high tech analyst and visionary Kanye West.

"He will bring us in the new GOP the youth and colored vote" stated white Southerner McConnell.

University of Pennsylvania Football Team - 1897 - The Illustrated American

  • Boyle, Overfield, Goodman, Hedges, Carnett, Wentz, DeSilver, Outland, Morice, Dickson, Minds, Jackson, Weeks, Fortescue, Walker, McCracken

Oil 4 Sharia - Christian Evangelicals Back Trump's Worship of a Foreign god!

So America has enough oil but needs Saudi oil if you sanction Iranian oil. How much will redneck America and their pickups tolerate - $10 a gallon for gasoline to help the Saudis destroy the Iranians?

Evangelicals think that Sharia law will bring in more cash, less abortions, and other strange cultural gains with fear of the Arabs or some sort of scare tactics on FOX NEWs.

M. A. G. A.

Saudi Sharia Approved Recipe - Journalist Tartare a la MBS Recipe O.K. per Amoral Immoral King Trump


Does Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman also eat Journalists' hearts, kidneys, livers and sweetbreads under Muslim Sharia or is it Falal law?

Let me ask Crown Prince Jared Kushner next time I see him?

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Trump's Praise of Slavery and Plantation Owner Rapists - 2018 - Never Forget - Because This Man Lived - 600,000 Americans Died - Robert E. Lee

Birther Trump's praise of Robert E. Lee is praise for Slavery and Plantation Owners's Rape of their Chattel / Property. Nothing else from a psychopath racist like Donald Trump. 

America’s bloodiest war was the Civil War which cost Americans 600,000 precious human lives.

Lincoln offered Leadership of the American Army to Lee, thought to be a brilliant military strategist. With Lee in charge of an American Army, the war would not have lasted six months.

Lee refused because he believed in Virginia and Slavery more than he had any Allegiance to any union of the United States of America.  By any interpretation, he was guilty not of local bad manners but was a traitor to his national identity, something his ancestors signed off on in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. 

That and he liked the old male Southern tradition of shtupping your mulatto slave half-sister or half-brother as a young man and then shtupping your mulatto slave daughter or son later in life. The Southern Hillbilly myths about incest and inbreeding were a Southern Trickle Down Tradition I believe. 

Without a birth certificate for any slave, without citizenship, there could be no charges of rape in any Southern Court of “Law”.  Plausible deniability.  lol (small letters)

That is what all this Republican Birther Bullshit is all about. Revival of old Southern Traditions.

It is altogether fitting that they plowed Robert E. Lee’s slave plantation under, recycled it into Arlington National Cemetery where honorable men and women who have served the United States in the Military are laid to an honorable rest.


Concert on South Lawn at White House - 1897

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Matthew Wayne "Matt" Shepard (December 1, 1976 – October 12, 1998)

(Facebook meme above.)

...Any man's death diminishes me,
Because I am involved in mankind,
And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; 
It tolls for thee.

John Donne, 1624

Real Estate - The New Oil Depletion Tax Loophole for Tax Deadbeats like Jared Kushner and Donald Trump

Raise the value of the property for six months of the year to justify rent hikes on the poor and elderly.  Cheat them. Take their middle class dream away with the rent money.

Lower the value of the property for six months around tax time and justify a loss and a tax break so that you do not have to contribute to the good of society.  Make money. Waste it. 

Bribe politicians - like "Cocaine Mitch" McConnell with family financial interests of Chinese Shipping and along with drug and human trafficking to Gleefully push Brett Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court to be bribed and or his gambling debts to always disappear as his snorts Coke and Beer, boofing it up his ass adding 9 to the scrolls of Supreme human destruction - for Cocaine Mitch to lower your taxes more if you are rich and the good you cheat society of can turned into more evil and support via our Roving Ambassador of the Muddled East Jared Kushner, and crown prince Mohammed Bin Salmon (Not "Moe" for short but "MBS") (too young I think to have financed the 911 attack on the World Trade Center in NYC) who can turn Washington Post Journalists into Khashoggi Tartare for din-din. 

Not Make America Great but turn it into the toxic evil cesspool to support the vision of Billionaires and Oligarchs to reduce humanity to nothing - to zero  - 0 - and less than zero (-0). Hell on Earth and or Trump Tower Disease everywhere. No cure in sight.

Jared Kushner’s legal tax evasion shows how wealthy real estate investors steal from taxpayers

The New York Times published a new report showing how Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, largely avoided paying any federal income tax between 2009 and 2016.
The financial documents the Times reviewed offer a detailed look at how real estate developers like Kushner and Trump manipulate the law to essentially steal millions of dollars — legally — from the American people. And the Republican tax cuts last year made it even easier to do.
The way the tax loophole works is that the law assumes that buildings lose value every year. But as The Times explains, that’s not really true; in fact, they often gain value. But even if they’re gaining value, developers like Kushner can legally claim that the law’s assumptions about depreciation are true, inflating the loss of value so they can report a loss of income.
The company’s assets are then integrated into the owner’s personal taxes, meaning Kushner could report that, although he personally made a ton of money, he “lost” more because of what Kushner Companies purportedly lost in the value of its buildings. He can then deduct that loss from his taxes for that year and in the years to come, leaving him with no taxes to pay — even though he’s actually raking in a fortune in profits.

Brett Kavanaugh - Boofing - Gateway Behavior Leading to Butt Chugging - "I Love Beer!"

Boofing is not farting but a corruption of Bu**Fu**ing, apparently so popular at Georgetown boys only Prep in Maryland in the 1980s, no doubt also evolved into Butt Chugging with rich white Preppies like Kananaugh. Wink, nod.

Oh the Age Of Trump A.O.T. - 2+2=5, where Hillybilly sex with your daughter has finally come Out of the Closet.


Tucker Carlson Displays Religious Bigotry on FOX NEWS in Brett Kavanaugh Defense of Fellow White Rich Prep Boy Exclusive Sex Clubs

Tucker Carlson, as bland and tasteless as a Swanson Turkey TV Dinner btw, did five minutes of "Kill-Time" on Fox News to disrespect the Religious beliefs of Witchcraft by associating it with human sacrifices and cannibalism, did a discussion with Cathy Areu - FOX NEWS's Magical Hispanic (Latina?) religion sexpert regarding an upcoming HEX AGAINST RAPISTS event in Brooklyn to include Brett Kavanaugh if in case he is a rapist. 

Tucker btw, went to the Episcopal St George Prep School, the equal of Jesuit franchised GeorgeTown Prep in Maryland of Kavanaugh party fame. Carlson's father in law who used to be Headmaster at St. George's Prep knows a thing or two about hiring and protecting alledged sexual predators on the teaching staff (wink, nod). etc.

Brooklyn Witches - Kavanaugh

New Yorkers who revile Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh — and who have a flair for witchcraft — can join a public hex on the newly-appointed jurist later this month.

But tickets for the hex are already sold out.

The three-hour “Ritual to Hex Brett Kavanaugh” is set for 7 p.m. on Oct. 20 at Catland, a pagan bookstore in Brooklyn. Tickets were $10, with 25 percent of the proceeds going to Planned Parenthood and 25 percent going to the Ali Forney Center, a community center for homeless LGBT young people, according to the ritual’s Eventbrite page.

The hex is also aimed at “all rapists and the patriarchy which emboldens, rewards and protects them.”

“We will be embracing witchcraft’s true roots as the magik of the poor, the downtrodden and disenfranchised,” organizers wrote, adding that Kavanaugh “will be the focal point, but by no means the only target, so bring your rage and and all of the axes you’ve got to grind.”

Following the public hex of Kavanaugh, a second ritual will be held “to validate, affirm, uphold and support those of us who have been wronged and who refuse to be silent any longer.”

A jumble of words/ or - Tucker Carson religious bigotry to FOX Religion expert Cathy Areu:

"Didn't we use to laugh at less developed nations (code for non-whites) used to practice witchcraft, and witches were killed, human sacrifices took place ( ignorance of your St. George's Episcopalian Prep School Rhode Island showing Tucker darling), cannibalism (code word for racism). What does it tell you in the very heart of Brooklyn - Hipster HQ - ( code for ? - rich white liberals? - ), people are doing what they do (like in), the most primitive places (non-white) in the world?"

Hanniy Defends Trump's "Magical Negro" Kanye West in What CNN Don Lemon called a Minstrel Show in the Oval Office

Am using pictorials since FOX NEWS on YouTube Blocks Scripts display as legal proof of their lunatic defense of Trump Treason and Racism and or ?Reverse Racism.

Spike Lee coined the term "Magical Negro" for the abusive use of the race card in film entertainment. I thought the term appropriate in my title. But Minstrel Show is more accurate per Don Lemon. Kanye should realize that staying on medication would be more appropriate than making a damn fool of himself in public etc. 

And Hannity who is part of Trump's Russian American Shadow Kitchen Cabinet is a man in need of many prescription drugs and perhaps jail time (no Security Clearance to State Secrets from Trump's toilet and bedroom via iPhone) to ease his anxiety about America. etc. 

Friday, October 12, 2018

Donald "Cardinal" Wuerl - Former Archbishop of Washington DC - Blog DUMP!

Feedback on Tea Party Creep Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, Pennsylvania – and other Holier than Thou Burb Bubble Land People just Like Him

We have this problem here in America Lately.  The press gives free rides to people like Ted Cruz or idiots in the Pennsylvania State (H8) Legislature like Rick Saccone and Daryl Metcalfe who pass this feel good Guido stuff that plays well in their bubble world existence in the Burbs. 

That they are thinking that what they feel good with on lily white green lawn suburbia is what I want which it ain’t.  They claim, most of these Tea Party shits to be Christian, but they do not have a clue about life or people, empathy or compassion. That many in fact if you look at them closely have lived in the burbs all their lives or they are lifers in the military and then come out and get elected to cushy little jobs to backwater burbs.

They are building the new Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic High School in Cranberry Township Pa. which is the home base of Daryl Metcalfe, there in a rich burb of Pittsburgh. That the old North Catholic there had to climb further into the burbs to escape the blacks in the inner city that want to get a better education etc. No doubt Cardinal Wuerl will be proud of the new WHITES ONLY BURB catholic high school. 

Mission of the RC in America of late seems like it is to sell off all the old immigrant built inner city real estate and locate to the white safeness of the burbs. Many of the best inner city schools and high schools in America have bit the dust in favor of locating to the burbs to escape the reality of diverse 20th century America etc.


Cardinal Wuerl -Newt Gingrich's Third Catholic Marriage is Morally Right – Gay Marriage and Gay Adoption is a Sin

Cardinal Wuerl of Washington D.C. and his privileged church institution states by its words and actions that:

This man's third marriage to his mistress is the only morally acceptable marriage before God. (That Serial Adultery is OK ! so long as you pay $$$)

And that Gay Marriage and Gay Adoption is an abomination before God. - Oh really?

Where there is Love - Where there is Life - There is GOD

And your church calls Bigotry/Hate - "Religious Liberty" - that's all so fucked up Cardinal Wuerl !

Jesus only ate with whores - not certified holy whores like the Gingrichs.

What is wrong with you and your church???

What the hell is right with your church???



Raymond Burke - Pope Pius XIII ?

Perrhaps this is all petty on my part. But I have to say something.

Joe the Pope has just named 24 new cardinals, bishops to the red hat. Two Americans, two bureaucratic hacks, Archbishop Wuerl of Washington D.C. and Archbishop Raymond Burke of the equivalent of a Vatican Supreme Court have scored an appointment.

Wuerl’s witch hunt for gay spouses, domestic partners, on healthcare for diocese employees and Burke’s remarks, demands, cold steel in John Kerry’s back during the 2004 Presidential campaign have not gone unrewarded. Burke as “Scalia of God”, possibly changing the outcome of an election.

I called Wuerl’s witch hunt “creative hate” as directed to a minority that has no sanctions with the church. Those are strong words but I felt them at the time of the incident in March.  I still do.

I don’t see anything happening for Donny on the Pope scene. I do see a behind the scenes American conservative plot to get Latin mass Burke elected as an ultra-conservative and first American born pope.

Ray and the Vatican hierarchy only represents themselves and not the vast majority of all shades of Christianity, myself included.

Part of the Abuse scandals in the RC church began and ended with Vatican procedures which did or did not exist over recent decades. Where was Donny or Ray? Unity of doctrine is a necessary part of any institution but the church fumbled every step of the way on the abuse issue and is still fumbling.

I fear great damage to or the end of Christianity as we know it if Ray Burke ever gets elected as Pope, a Pius XIII.


Catholic Sharia Upheld Wash.,D.C. - Cardinal Wuerl Lawsuit - Separation of Sexes - Discrimination Muslims

Interesting article about a discrimination lawsuit down in D.C. regarding separation of the sexes:
The D.C. Office of Human Rights (OHR) has dismissed the complaint filed by George Washington University law professor John F. Banzhaf III in response to The Catholic University of America’s single-sex housing policy, affirming the University’s position that the law does not require men and women to be housed together in residence halls. 
and discrimination against Muslims at Catholic University.  Yeah their tuition money is good but they just don't understand that minorities in America are supposed to keep their heads down and suck it up.
Banzhaf’s complaint about single sex residence halls is the first of two that he has lodged this year against the University. He filed a second complaint in October against Cardinal Donald Wuerl, archbishop of Washington and University chancellor, charging that Catholic University has been engaging in discrimination against its Muslim students. The University has yet to receive any official notification from the OHR that it intends to move forward with adjudicating the second complaint.
Like Bishop Lori has said, this "Religious Liberty" culture war to establish Catholic Sharia in the U.S. has come into the legal stages of the battle of that war.


Have a nice day.



Hide the altar boys! Cardinal Hoyos is in Town.

Hide your altar boys. Cardinal Hoyos is in Town. Wanting to celebrate a fifth anniversary mass in Latin of Benedict’s reign at the American Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C..

He does anything he wants to in the Vatican. A lot of abuse victims here are insulted by the presence of this bureaucratic hack, pig of a human being, coming into an American Temple to contaminate it by his presence.

Cardinal Hoyos has a track record of praising bishops who protect pedophile priests. Why has the Vatican sent this low life to America to insult all the better parts of our humanity?

Father Wuerl, I mean Bishop Wuerl is like some doormat for the Vatican. Some people will do anything including sell their soul for that red hat.

Mothers, hide your children. Altar Boys, call in sick come Saturday.


Marriage is Union - Father Wuerl

Did Jesus piss on lepers? No. He embraced them with love and the Holy Spirit.

The mean spirited fundamentalist Sharia RC hierarchy in Washington D.C. is threatening to toss out the homeless onto the streets out of their temporary shelters. How Christian of them!

They in essence want to pull some morality clause in their contract with the city to take money for administering certain charity functions. They are in essence saying that the city government, with recognition of same sex marriages from other states, is not somebody with whom they want to do business with.

They are threatening to toss the poor if the city government continues to recognize any same-sex marriage as valid - if it was performed in any U.S. State that gives it recognition.

The District of Columbia with the federal city of Washington within is that unrepresented place for its permanent citizens and being the one last Slave like Territory left in the Untied States. (most of its citizens are black and without rights if you count representation as a right and or entitlement)

The Washington City Council did the one practical thing a territorial government would do. It decided last May to do what would be a diplomatic solution regarding Same-Sex Unions of people newly arrived or already a resident. They recognized legalized same-sex marriages from other nearby countries – The States. Not good enough for the Catholic Sharia!!!

The Sharia wants a ballot initiative in an election and with backing of millions of dollars of the political/religionist conservatives. PR companies make a lot of money lately off of what is basically hate.

The ballot initiative would basically define Marriage as between one man and one woman.

I hate to get technical here seeing that I don’t have a Doctor of Divinity and all that. Even when I was a RC, marriage was defined as a sacrament and contracted between the two parties making the marriage.

When I was active as a Lutheran Catholic, Marriage was not considered a sacrament. The Lutherans only define Baptism and the Lord’s Supper as sacraments as defined or found in the words, documentation of the New Testament. Even then, the Lutherans still considered marriage as between the two contracting parties. The minister only officiates as a couple declare vows to one another.

Marriage is a Union of two people, two souls joining together in body and spirit and agreeing to be faithful to one another until death. That is my definition of marriage.

Why all the Stalinist micromanaging of what goes on in somebody’s bedroom Father Wuerl? I think that the hierarchy of the RC church should be the last persons on earth to define marriage based on sexuality considering the very closeted nature of their own (?) sexuality.

This non-stop far right coup-attempting to control the mind of mankind - to get everybody to memorize and quote exactly from the little red book of fundamentalist sharia bullshit – it is getting old – very old.

If the Archdiocese does not want charity handouts from government – then get out of the people business.

How do you define people? I don’t know. Let’s hire some PR firms, form political actions committees, put an initiative on the ballot and most importantly of all - ship in some suitcases of cash from Rome and Tulsa!!!


American CEO Failure Management 101 - or - Pennsylvania Grand Jury Kiddie Abuse Dump - 2018

 RC Pennsylvania Bishop's CEO Mission Statement (dedacted)

Last week a news dump from Harrisburg Diocese and the rest now to cover all eight dioceses more or less in the past few years of gross mismanagement from bishops and ruling archbishops who not only lack compassion not only for children but for people in general I would imagine. What kind of two faced local church CEO gets away with ignoring the cries and hurt of the least of us, the defenseless among us. etc. Well American Business CEOs can get away with taking away benefits, stripping jobs and trashing treasuries (pension funds) without legal or social consequences and still get bigger and bigger bonuses for protecting the shareholders at home and or Rome?

The revised John Jay Report on Systemic Abuse of Children of 2011 suggested that priests ordained in the 1940s and 1950s lacked social skills and could not on a micro level deal with the social revolutions of the 1960s with it social explosions of sex (birth control), drugs and rock and roll.

That the explosion of demand of the upcoming Boomer Generation being banged out by returning GIs and their mates was a demand on in two cases, a visionary building plan for more schools and seminarians / convents to fill the traditional cheap Medieval slave labor based on the wonderfully corrupt concept of celibacy, one of sacrifice at the vocations crowd at street level and more gold cups, champagne, limousines and caviar at the management level of all this. And who but dinosaurs like Spellman and Dougherty and Cushing of the old school of kiss the pope's toe and then go home and do whatever the fuck you want to or what sticks to the wall that you throw on it and it sticks like in cooking pasta? A new sacred tradition?

With massive building programs to teach the next expanded generation of Catholic boys and girls, like the confusion on any building sites, personnel always coming and going and any collateral damage to the building sites and or children is to be expected?

And if you were too focused early in your career in getting elected pope like John Krol of Philadelphia, you might in order to secure your domestic legacy be trying to patch up the mess in personnel that happened during your salad days as archbishop.

Bishop Joseph McFadden

On May 16, 1981, McFadden was ordained a priest by Cardinal John Krol at the Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul.[7] His first assignment was as a parochial vicar at St. Laurence Church[8] in Highland Park, where he remained for one year.[3] From 1982 to 1993, he served as administrative secretary to Cardinal Krol.[3] He was named an Honorary Prelate of His Holiness on May 29, 1991.[2]

So using a timeline thingy, Monsignor McFadden was personal secretary to Cardinal Krol both as an active archbishop and into the first five years of his retirement.

And we all know that Krol did not move out of the Cardinal's suite of rooms in the main, 1880s portion of the Cardinal's residence. The new archbishop Bevilacqua (between the lines - a name not mentioned once in McFadden's Wikipedia bio btw) had to do with carving out a new archbishop's suite with the remaining 30-40 rooms of the Great Gatsby1920s addition to that mansion. (Bought at a bankruptcy fire sale btw in 1935 for 350k by Cardinal Dougherty, that's less than 5k a room and ten acres too. This all in the Depression and after Dennis's trip to Rome and the Pope's blessing on his Fatwa against the Hollywood controlling Jews with a Catholic boycott in the AD of Philly against all cinemas. Gave the Vatican prestige and further leverage in delicate political negotiations between holy mother church and the new German regime. Wink. Nod.)

I can only imagine that half the priest personnel files of the archdiocese in Philly were scattered around the Krol end of the mansion and not available to Bevilacqua and his crowd even if he was willing to reform the priesthood and weed out the buggerers. etc.

Bevilacqua:  "I want you to tell your boss that he has to move out. It is not traditional to stay in the Bishop's palace once one has retired."

McFadden: "His Eminence wishes to remind your Excellency that if you do not like the present living arrangements, please refer it to his Holiness in Rome. A pope who owes so much to his Eminence's good will in the second papal conclave of 1978..."

That the dysfunction at the Archbishop's mansion in Philly was no doubt a microcosm on the Vatican fantasy land of the waning days of the long reigning and ailing John Paul II and his gatekeeper, the future Benedict XVI. And reflective of a lot too no doubt little niche turfs in all the little duchy dioceses in PA.

So Cardinal Wuerl's hemming and hawing in charge in Trumpland DC can say he cared about all the little people in Pittsburgh on his way to the top to the CEO perks of Archbishop of Washington DC, a bit of a yawn here.

Yawn (again)



Cardinal Dolan Endorses Banker Carl Anderson K-of-C Supreme Knight’s Marketing Plan to Sell Catholic Burial Insurance to Undocumented Illegal Aliens?

Licensed (?) NYS Insurance Salesmen Tim Dolan and Carl Anderson

Fresh from a “Free Get Out of Jail” Card from Federal Judge Randa, Catholic Bush 41 appointee, who signed off on Timmy’s Cemetery Fund Scam to cheat Clergy abuse victims in Milwaukee, his holiness Cardinal Dolan’s latest blog is an unqualified endorsement of the Knights of Columbus Insurance business and plans to sell cheap life insurance to immigrants, the great non-white hope of the American RC church to survive depleated membership among Generation (M) Millennial.

All of us are gratefully aware of the “K of C,” as we call them, observing them with admiration at parish, community, and archdiocesan events.  We especially appreciate their unflagging devotion to pro-life work, Catholic schools, vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life, physically and mentally handicapped, and youth work.  As most bishops and parish priests will tell you, “If you want something done, go to the Knights of Columbus.” 

In addition to all of this work — they are the largest volunteer organization in the world! — they run the best insurance program around, loyal to the goal of their founder, Father Michael Mc Givney, to care for the widow and orphan of poor, immigrant Catholic workmen.  

To promote the dignity of the immigrant was especially appropriate with the K of C.  Why?  Well, they were founded precisely to offer fraternity and care for Catholic immigrant workers of 130 years ago, who were then, as now, the victims of prejudice, and whose families were so vulnerable if the breadwinner died or was injured; and two, the Knights themselves are of all nations and ethnic backgrounds, so are naturally free of the nasty nativism that sadly characterizes anti-immigrant sentiment today.

That was some gathering in San Antonio with Cardinal Wuerl celebrating Mass and Cardinal George giving the homily and Supreme Chaplain Knight Archbishop Lori looking on and seeing to VIP guests such as Cardinal Dolan and Supreme Knight Carl Anderson.

The blog gives the usual boilerplate explanation on the origins of Knights of Columbus insurance and as the only social safety net available in the nineteenth century for Irish immigrants. Of course with modern government social safety nets making some insurance needs redundant, the idea of “Burial Insurance” as we used to call it in the Irish ghetto because it was usually only a few hundred dollars, was only enough for a cheap funeral and train tickets for mom and the kids to move to grandma’s in the next state for the sake of survival.

With an industry as deregulated as insurance, not paying income tax on life insurance benefits etc., I can only assume that it is not illegal to sell Knights of Columbus Life insurance to undocumented illegals etc. 

(NY Archdiocese members (those left) - Hide your Kids and just try and ask for an Audit of the NY Archdiocese Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund. LMAO)



Was Callista Gingrich once a man?

Was Callista once a man?

I am sorry but she does not do anything for me in a missionary fantasy or on her knees kind of way.

Sarah Palin, in spite of her GOP illogic and evangelistic dumbness, I could do.

In the spirit of the 1990s GOP civility standards set by Newt himself and judging if first ladies are murderers or not etc., was Callista ever a man? Inquiring minds want to know.

Where is his/her birth certificate?

So what does Newt see in his third wife?  GOP Family Values are like so really phony, plastic and or closeted if you know what I mean.

I was surprised doing research on the Tiffany line of credit to see that it is also accepted by plastic surgeons in that they also accept gold, diamonds and platinum as payment. 

Plastic surgery is a given.  Massive amounts.  Just look at her. 

But what I found interesting is that sex changes are not only considered optional and not paid for by health insurance but they are also considered as cosmetic surgery.  Is that a correct humanistic perception of the trans gender situation in life?

Since Plastic Newt has a Plastic Wife, does he also have the one and only Man-Man same sex marriage officially sanctioned by the RCC? Secular law recognizes gender change. The Church?
Did you check under the hood Cardinal Wuerl before you signed off on that marriage? 




What did Newt Gingrich pay for his three Annulments? – Benedict XVI’s Chosen Catholic U.S. Prez Candidate?

(Look Callista. No tears. I am trading up to Monica Lewinsky.)

I may be dense (stupid) or lazy in my research but I cannot find out how fast or how much Candidate Gingrich paid to get the three annulments from Civil Marriage in order to marry his present Catholic wife in the RCC.

I get a lot of non-information in the Lame Lame Lame Street Media on this. I get the opinion that he doesn’t have to annul civil marriages not in the RCC? That has changed?

I did not marry in the RRC twenty odd years ago because the church wanted $2,500 to annul my wife’s previous ceremony at City Hall in NYC - a lot of money back then that we could not spare - that and time, months and months, perhaps years to annul what in Grade School, the Nuns said was not valid to begin with.

BTW, since Catholics are the only validly married Christians in the eyes of God, meaning to this day all Protestants are still Bastards because their parents did not have a Catholic marriage etc. – why should the freakin Catholic church even care if Gays and Lesbians will be satisfied by a civil marriage at city hall????

Since civil marriage does not count in the eyes of Holy Mother Church, why the f*ck so much fuss over gay marriage if after all the gays and us Prots are damned to hell anyway in their eyes, civil marriage or not?

Hypocrisy to the nth degree in the RCC?

Getting back to Newt.  How fast and how much did Cardinal Wuerl? get to grease Newt’s marriage into heaven worthy status.

This is the kind of Religious Liberty only for the RCC that Bishop Lori keeps bitchin about on Capitol Hill. 

Martin Luther had a word for this modern day equivalent to selling indulgences - quickie Annulments for the Rich.


This kind of shit started the Protestant Reformation.
Hey Newt.  How big will the new Papal Palace on the Mall Ellipse, blocking the view of the Jefferson Memorial, how big and expensive and paid for out of the Pentagon’s budget will it be, once the RCC gets you into the White House?

Inquiring minds want to know. 



Creative Hate - Wash DC Catholic Charities

It is a whole new world out there for creative hate. If you got the gold, bucks, non-profit and Madison Avenue Consultant you can do anything in America – including Creative Hate.

The Archdiocese of Washington D.C. is digging in, probably renting Cheney’s old bunker and will now be openly committing indirect “Civil Disobedience” as mandated by their multi-faith document, the Manhattan Declaration.

Washington's new Gay marriage law will not be tolerated by the RC Archdiocese on the feeding end of millions of civil tax dollars for helping the poor and homeless. It's inhouse specific charity program will now openly discriminate against all forms of marriage. Throw the baby out with the bath water. "Charity" does indeed begin at home.

"If I speak with the tongues of angels and men and have not Charity - I am nothing!" - Bishop Wuerl.

One has to wonder if Catholic Charities is self insured or this little brainstorm got cooked up in the a big healthcare insurance company to cut down costs?

Employees of Catholic “Charities” cannot add a spouse if one now marries either heterosexually or homosexually in the District of Columbia.

D.C. is not a state. It is a territory of sorts lost in legal limbo or at least in terms of one man, one vote on the federal level. To add to this old southern plantation territory is the RC church’s new get out of my house hate program toward it’s employees that would dare do what is legal and engage in a civil Gay marriage.

Where does the madness end???

To Avoid Funding Gay Marrieds, Catholic Charities Denies Benefits to All Spouses
Today (March 1, 2010), Catholic Charities President and CEO Edward Orzechowski sent out a memo to staffers informing them of the change to the health care coverage, which will go into effect tomorrow.

In short: If you and your spouse are already enrolled in Catholic Charities health coverage, your spouse will be grandfathered in. Starting tomorrow, however, new employees (or newly married employees, hint hint) will not be allowed to add spouses to the plan. So: Longtime employees will receive the spousal benefits they’ve always had; Catholic Charities will get to keep its pool of covered spouses gay-free; only fresh employees and gays will feel the sting on this one.