Saturday, August 18, 2012

Comcast to Outsource Jay Leno - to be replaced by Max Headroom ?

The Tonight Show with Max Headroom

Of course anybody can replace Jay Leno, at least that is what the greedy execs as Comcast probably plan on doing.  Outsourcing is standard operating procedure in current American business.

If you can't outsource a TV personality's job to India or China, you can replace him with a video game image talking head and save the estimated 25-30 million dollar salary wasted on just one person.

Layoffs at the Tonight Show are only the beginning.
As a part of a major budget-restructuring plan, at least 20 employees were laid off from the NBC late-night show Friday, an NBC rep confirmed to E! News, and the Tonight Show host reportedly offered to take a pay cut to save jobs, according to the LA Times. 

Jay? Is that you?

. .

Team Romney - Mitt, Paul and Ann

Mitt, Paul and Ann - Team Romney 

(gay, gayer, beard)

- fighting for the White Right sort of people.  

Not any of the "you" (little) "people" types.  (wink, nod)

It doesn't get any Gayer Better than this!



Capitalism to End December 21, 2012 – Coca Cola Banned – Vote of No Confidence in the American Empire

Capitalism will officially end December 21, 2012 according to some Bolivian officials, the end of the Mayan Calendar.

To mark this global paradigm shift and vote of no confidence in the American Empire, Bolivia will ban the number one capitalism symbol of the American Hegemony – Coca Cola.

“The twenty-first of December 2012 is the end of selfishness, of division. The twenty-first of December has to be the end of Coca-Cola and the beginning of mocochinche (a local peach-flavored soft drink). “The planets will line up after 26,000 years. It is the end of capitalism and the beginning of communitarianism.”

December 22, 2012 marks the beginning date of the new Global Commonality/Solidarity?


Oh I Finally Get It – Romney is the Straight Man and Ryan is the Comedian

First thing this morning on the web news page I saw an image, got a mixed message, with an image of young healthy handsome Paul Ryan next to a headline of

Romney slams Obama over Medicare, pledges more help for 'poor' and 'sick'

The combination of the image of Mount Rushmore chiseled Paul and Mitt’s “Pledges more help for the ‘poor’ and ‘sick’" put me in mind of straight man/comic comedy teams.  And in all deference to the great Jerry Lewis, I thought of Martin and Lewis above.  Especially since they have decided that “comedian” Paul Ryan cannot be trusted with the straight “medicare” lines in punch line delivery at this early stage of the comedy hour campaign.

The nation's most controversial budget architect, Ryan is often described as the intellectual leader of the House Republican caucus. But Romney's Boston headquarters — so far, at least — seems to prefer that the 42-year-old father of three talks about camping and milking cows instead of the transformational budget proposals that made him a conservative hero. 
Ryan, who wrote a plan to overhaul Medicare as chairman of the House Budget Committee, did not use the word "Medicare" with voters over the first four days on the campaign trail. When he finally touched on the health care insurance program for seniors, he did so only in broad strokes after Romney himself first outlined the campaign's talking points. 
"We will not duck the tough issues," Ryan declared in Virginia on Friday. "We will lead."