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Abp. Chaput’s Submissive Docile Obedient Celibate Homosexual Workshop At Pope Party September Philadelphia or the “New Homophiles”

"A Christian Dirce", by Henryk Siemieradzki.
(Public Domain)
There is something evil-ly sickening-ly cynical about  Abp. Charles Chaput who comes into the Philly AD to clean up the clean up of the Hierarchy Buggery Mess and announces changes and school and church closings in the inner city and imprimaturs it with the term that he is not doing this – that is the doing of a “Blue Commission” this or a “Blue Commission” that to justify the break-up, sale, and consolidation of securities through the sale of real estate for the greater glory of God, Chaput’s campaign for a red hat and oh yeah, the people (little people – very little people of God) in the once late great archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Homosexuals can attend a Catholic family congress in Philadelphia during Pope Francis' U.S. visit this year but won't be allowed to use it to attack Church teachings, the city's archbishop said on Thursday. "We don't want to provide a platform at the meeting for people to lobby for positions contrary to the life of our Church," said Archbishop Charles Chaput. 
The Catholic Church teaches homosexuality is not sinful but homosexual acts are. "We are not providing that kind of lobbying opportunity," he told a news conference presenting the September 22-27 congress known as the World Meeting of Families. Gay Catholic groups and families headed by gay Catholics had asked for an official presence at the gathering to present their view that homosexuals should be fully welcomed in the Church.  
The pope will attend the last two days of the Philadelphia meeting at the end of a trip that will take him to Cuba as well as New York and Washington. About 15,000 people from around the world are expected to attend the family congress to hear lectures and take part in workshops on family issues before the pope arrives to close the gathering.  
"We hope that everyone feels welcome and certainly people who have experienced same-sex attraction are welcome like everyone else," Chaput said.  
Bishop John McIntyre, also of Philadelphia, said the only event dedicated to gay issues at the congress will be one by Ron Belgau, a celibate gay Catholic and founder of the Spiritual Friendship Initiative. Belgau blogs and lectures about how Catholic gays can live by the Church's teaching.  
McIntyre said Belgau "will talk about his own coming to terms with his sexual orientation and the manner in which he embraced the teachings of the Church" and his mother will also speak. 
Something also sickeningly evilly from a gutter snipe bureaucrat like Chaput, son of an illegal French Canadian immigrant btw, and son of a native American mother with native born American status to come into the white world of east coast Philadelphia and wave a magic hand by “Chief Outta-Town” and tell Gays they have no place at the table at the world meeting of families. No place - not even to sweep the tourist made trash – like the untouchables of India - of a week-long activities and lectures by real Catholics obedient to their Church and not the Church of Gays who have no real church so to speak.

How does you define families and or a family Charles? Dad needed a green card and I got out at 13 to go to junior seminary to escape my ideal “family” experience? (A kid’s gotta eat – ya know.)

Reading some the of insane suedo social science that Celibate Loyal Catholic Homosexual “Spirityual Friendship” Ron Belgau is about to be unleashed at the Pope Fair or World Meeting of the “Family” reminds me of some throwback to trying to un-homosexual oneself into heterosexuality a la “doctor” Marcus Bachmann, macho man behind the genius and Christian backbone of lunatic fringe GOP goddess Michele Bachmann.

Ron Belgau is all over the place of the orthodox catholic and Christian blogosphere, trying to secure a niche and secure a steady income base from many non-profit tax dodge religious entities and preaching how only obedient celibate Gays can dare for any hope of a pat on the head from their local overseer bishop or have the slightest chance of Jesus’ salvation – he only died for some – don’t you know.

In this article below he blames the Abolition of Marriage not on gay marriage but no-fault civil divorce over the decades. That children don’t need parents or caregivers, that they need a mother (female) and a father (male). And that an abused mother along with a drunken physically abusive father is on paper the perfect Catholic or Christian growing grounds for children.

U have wonder if Ron will be given a real classroom or lecture hall in Philly to explain what holy Queers should be like or if cynical Chaput houses his sideshow in a tent, a freak peepshow, along the Benjamin Parkway in Philly. Lol

In another forum Crisis, Ron’s friends write articles of 90% praise and 10% critique of Belgau’s philosophy/propaganda. And then the following week or so Ron responds to the critique in this so called Plato like dialogue with his cronies also looking for lifetime employment preaching what gets the most gelt from the bishop masters of the Catholic treasury not of grace but of cash.

The most recent article in Crisis is by somebody about Nero as Patrol Saint of Gay Marriage. And like all homophobe’s denial of self, quoting the Roman historian Suetonius mentioning things about dirty little body parts and the acts of Nero’s castrated boyfriend/wife/lover in almost soft core porno fashion, the other half’s sexual activities are what bother conservative libertarians most about these gay types etc. 

I am getting the vapors thinking of Ron Belgau’s retort in the same magazine to illustrate how the author is right about the abominable sexual position stuff of Nero and Company and how to cure it with “celibate homosexual friendship in Christ”. (Puke!)

That Ron Belgau does mention the loss of his Spiritual Friend Julie Rodgers in a twitter mention who had to resign her Celibate Homosexual counseling job recently at Wheaton College who probably reached a personal maturity and realization about her own Homosexuality and had to shrink from the delusional world in which she had existed for a decade or so, as one time co-founder of this Ron Belgau movement regarding “spiritual friendship”.

That any Gay person on the fence about natural humanity and manufactured spirituality to park one’s psyche would have to enjoy emotional confusion or delusional uncertainty and over all general head game abuse to follow the Ron Belgau’s Catholic propaganda (Bullshit) that Chaput is dumping down his dirt shute to any crazies looking for respect at the World Meeting of Families or Pope Fair in Philly in late September.


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pope Francis Whiting The Sepulchers at Vatican Climate Change Summit?

Pope Francis’s DirtyWar Dealings

"I’m not so sure Bergoglio was chosen to cover up the church’s current rot—the Vatican Bank’s transparency problem, the pedophile priests who’ve been exposed across the globe. It wouldn’t surprise me if, instead, Bergoglio launched a moral crusade to white the apostolic sepulchers." ~~~ By Horacio Verbitsky | 15 March 2013 The Daily Beast

Looking at the News Feed and a Summit of Climate Control at the Vatican, I ran into these words today and made a mental connection of sorts. 

That Franics is master of the Twitter age sound bite just like Donald Trump. A lot of  the rest of us are still listening in 1985 Reaganesque-ese Teflon radio-age communication.


What has the Donald (Trump) Said Today?



Thursday, July 16, 2015

World Chupacabra Day – 17 July 2015

In honor of the surviving Demon of Moca, Puerto Rico, or the Taino Indian god Maboyos, Feared by all to God, that nocturnally destroyed crops and livestock UNLESS were made Sacrifices to appease him / her, a dual sex god / goddess.

Moca, the ancient site of worship and Taino Indian site of the great Spanish Massacre of 1515 That virtually erased These peoples in numbers from That island population. The present church in Moca is located on a hill over the old Taino Temple on an earthen pyramid of pre-Spanish times.

To this day, is the center of Moca Wicca recreational activities, in defense of the land and against all hostile outsiders.

The Awakening of Maboyos or Chupacabra in Its modern name tag and form, is the result of overdevelopment culture and chaos on an island overrun by illegals, supported only by the greater drug trade in the Islands.

At night, beware.


Día Mundial del Chupacabra - 17 Julio 2015

En honor al demonio Moca, Puerto Rico o la temida sobreviviente Taino dios Maboyos, un dios noche que destruyó cultivos y ganado, excepto donde se realizaban sacrificios a él / ella, un sexo dios / diosa doble para el apaciguamiento.

Moca, el antiguo sitio de culto indio taíno y el sitio de la gran masacre española de 1515 que prácticamente borró estos pueblos en los números de esa población de la isla. La actual iglesia de Moca en una colina se encuentra sobre el antiguo Templo Taino en una pirámide de tierra de tiempos prehispánicos.

A día de hoy, Moca es el centro de actividades recreativas Wicca, en defensa de la tierra y en contra de todos los forasteros hostiles.
El despertar de Maboyos o Chupacabras en su moderna etiqueta con su nombre y forma, es el resultado del desarrollo excesivo y el caos cultural sobre una isla invadida por los ilegales, apoyada sólo por el mayor tráfico de drogas en las Islas.

Por la noche, ten cuidado.


Russian Tea Party Under Vitaly Milonov (Виталий Милонов), a Homophobe Closeted Gay Type Or Just a Neanderthal? Russian Hater

Friday, July 10, 2015

Ted Cruz’s Cult Book Whines about Placement on NYT Bestseller Lists.

PC liberal press separates Ted Cruz’s Dominionist goals from his PR Senate handouts as just another paid for corporate whore in the U.S. Congress.

The PC media ignore Ted Cruz being the anointed in the Cruz cult, with anti-Semite dad Rafael, a left over Bay of Pigs soldier of fortune whose black ops covered up resume comes straight out of Langley and being a “Pastor” of a non-existent store front tax dodge in Carrollton Texas with mail order Benny Hinn INC minister’s license in some office filing cabinet.

Ted Cruz’s latest Jabberywocky book wants paper bulk sales to thrust it instantly onto the NYT best seller list and the NYT just doesn’t go for that formula that worked for “L. Ron Hubbard’s” “Dianetics” toilet paper catalogue that used to be number one on the one of the NYT book categories for years based solely on phony reported bulk sales from interested agenda parties.


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Busted! Cameras in the Men’s Room Urinals at St. Francis Church Sherwood Oregon

"World Meeting of Families Philadelphia 2015" flashing on and off on their webpage and no pics of men’s penises from the church’s men room. Typical Catholic church in America?

A Catholic priest is under investigation after a parishioner found a camera hidden in the men’s restroom at his church. The camera disappeared after being reported to the priest – and it is still missing.

The device was found in April by a 15-year-old boy who noticed an electrical outlet in an odd place – at waist height next to the toilet in a bathroom near the church altar. He pulled out what appeared to be a camera and brought it to Father Ysrael Bien, who assured the boy and his parents that police would be called immediately, the Oregonian reports.

At this point, the parents became suspicious. The teen’s father emailed the priest and church deacon asking for the police report. If Bien didn’t have it, he’d ask the police department for a copy. This is when Bien’s story fell apart.

He admitted he had not called police because he was afraid of the consequences once he realized the camera had gone missing, according to the Oregonian.

Search warrants were served at the church, on Bien’s home, car and computers, the paper reports. He has been placed on leave by the Archdiocese of Portland.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Harrison C. Wright - Died May 3, 1881 - Philadelphia - RIP

Harrison C Wright
May 3, 1881
Aged 36 Years 
Rest in Peace.

(Landfill along the Delaware River from the old Monument Cemetery, Broad Street, condemned to make way for a parking lot at Temple University, 1960s)


Monday, July 6, 2015

Kim Davis Morehead Town Clerk on Fourth Marriage Thinks Gay Marriage is Evil

People who live in glass houses should not throw rocks at people wanting to get married for the first time. Turns out Divorce Queen Kim Davis, Town Clerk Rowan County, lives in a glass house and is throwing boulders at her neighbors.

Typical Cafeteria Hypocrite Christian. With Christians like Kim, no wander that religion has become a dead religion in America.

Chat outside the courthouse among the protesters says that Ms. Davis, the County Clerk, is on her fourth marriage, though nobody thinks that diminishes her faith. Her mother held the post for some years; her son serves as her assistant. That's not mean, angry conversation. It's a headshake from people who know her and are sorry it has come to this. (The same chat says at least one employee is gay, and so the county may be looking at a hostile work environment.)

Our regional hospital (which, along with the university, attracts a number of professionals to the community) was brought here largely through the intercession of a lesbian physician, who convinced the Sisters of Notre Dame to plant their mission here. Even today few would be comfortable to see it said to plainly and there is not a large Catholic community here.

Best guess, the county is evenly split on gay marriage. And that's optimistic counting.


Friday, July 3, 2015

Lazy Good for Nothing Rowan County Clerk Kimberly Davis Can’t be bothered to Do her Job. (email)

Her job, no doubt sitting at her desk, testin' for the chewies and the jellies and putting them half eaten back in the box of chocolates for co-workers. That dreaming saving up the cash to find a decent hair salon in Kentucky to do her hair – Kim Davis is also a Christian – whatever that means – who hands out marriage licenses to deevorcees and that un-Christian thing does not bother her in her “WHEN IS LUNCH!?” work ethic pea brain - but does not want Da Gays to marry because her lord and savior bible says that Da Gay Guy Jesus never married to prove a point about staying single amongst the unmarried population I guess.

Defying the law, several county clerks around Kentucky said they won't issue marriage licenses to anyone because of the U.S. Supreme Court's 5-to-4 ruling Friday in favor of a nationwide right to same-sex marriage.

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis said Monday that her Christian beliefs make it impossible for her to give marriage licenses to gay men or lesbians seeking to marry a member of the same sex. Rather than face claims of discrimination, Davis said, her office in Morehead is refusing marriage licenses to all couples until further notice.

"We've not had any applicants yet, but we've had several calls," said Davis, 49, a Democrat who took office in January.

"It's hard, I will tell you that," Davis said. "What has happened is that five lawyers have imposed their personal view of what the definition of marriage should be on the rest of us. And I, as a Christian, have strong views, too. And I know I don't stand alone."

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Garden Pier - Atlantic City - off S New Jersey Avenue - 1914

Source: Atlantic Terra Cotta – V.1  1913 (copyright expired, public domain)              

1920 Advertising

Circle Building - Columbus Circle NYC - Atlantic Terra Corra - Hearst - James C Green Architect - 1915 (Copyright Expired - Public Domain - Photos)

The Imperishable Presence of Citizen Hearst


Two years after its (Maine Monument, Columbus Circle) dedication, Hearst began building the American Circle Building on the site now occupied by the Trump International Hotel and Tower. It was to be 30 stories but never got farther than two. Yet it contained a great secret, which came to light during demolition in 1966. 

Tucked inside the courtyard, invisible from surrounding streets and sidewalks, was another structure altogether — “a cameo Gothic cathedral,” The New York Times called it. Unable to solve the mystery, The Times passed on speculation that it might have been intended as Hearst’s own office; or as a suite for the editors of The American, one of his papers; or even that it had been fitted up as a private chapel for Davies. Who knows?

Hearst was a man who got everything he wanted and then lost it. Maybe the chapel was something he couldn’t get or something he lost. Anyway, it wouldn’t have explained anything. I don’t think any room can explain a man’s life. No, I guess the chapel is just a piece in a jigsaw puzzle, a missing piece.

(Copyright Expired - Public Domain - Atlantic Terra Cotta Photos above) Source: Atlantic Terra Cotta – V.2 1914


May the "al dente" be with you all - Except in Oklahoma


What is wrong with the rednecks in Oklahoma?

They are taking down the gravestone monument to the "ten commandments" of those other religions. 

The Supreme Court there is banning the Judeo-Christian myth rules (10) in order not to give equal time to the master - The Great One True Flying Spaghetti Monster" - to be given proper monument and respect in equal time to the obsolete Mono-theist religion thingy on the Capital Building grounds. 

Shame on the Supreme Court of Oklahoma. I hope that their next restaurant served dish of pasta is spit-free.