Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The White Cocoon – Farewell to the White Baby Boomer Majority

It is difficult to get a handle on anything sane or regular in the present inane Presidential brand of election year politics. 

Some thoughts came together listening to a liberal radio talk show host, Stephanie Miller, which has the radio show televised to make visual time on the pathetic Al Gore Current cable channel.

Stephanie was quoting the rantings and ravings of Jan Brewer and company who drink Colorado River ditch water and still consider themselves sane under a 120 degree Fahrenheit Arizona summer day sun. 

Jan Brewer is the Governor of Arizona who so rudely points her finger in the face of Negro Presidents and signs, without reading, paranoid redneck anti-immigrant stuff coming out of the Mormon dominated Arizona state legislature.  

The Supreme Court shot down some of the hot air (dry hot air) of some of that legislation stuff this week.

While all this is going on, I am thinking about where a once great superpower and its culture should be on a timeline in a global economy and emerging global culture.

Well the thought occurred to me how all the boomers are aging and may be thinking about how all the white boomers, a majority now, live largely in segregated white gated communities or white heartland towns. Where exactly are they in terms of the aging mental thought process in that the white boomers, with a prime example like Jan Brewer, seem to be living in a bubble fantasy world on some different planet from you and me?

And to protect the majority, John Birch, uber-white culture of their youth, as they grow old and begin to die off, all this hate towards Obama and all this dysfunction in government to throw that negro out of the White House, that perhaps the bubble they are living in is really better described as a white cocoon.

Creationism has not yet destroyed high school Biology 101.  I am probably way off in what gets taught to kids these days and at what level in their education about the sex or mating and reproductive acts of insects such as butterflies.

Since this is sex education I am probably violating all Catholics and their religious liberty but from what I know or remember of the subject, ugly little worms like caterpillars get to a certain age not unlike the boomers and weave a cocoon into which they escape reality and where they basically die, restructure remold themselves out of all the chemicals in that cocoon life support system and are resurrected into butterflies out of that cocoon.

I just looked it up this morning to reaffirm what the process is.  The butterflies, usually multi-colored, mate and produce eggs that result in little bugs that eventually morph through their ugly worm stage and into butterflies after walling themselves up into a cocoon.

Well you know I see a parallel and or a metaphor here.  White boomer America is dying off and slipping from majority status of the population into minority status, day after day after day.

This election year cycle is ugly. The dysfunction of the white boomer Congress is pathetic.  It all reminds me of ugly little worms building a cocoon and waiting be reborn again in prime color, function and majority status. That’s the plan I think.  They will emerge from the wreckage of the economy and destroyed civil discourse that they are causing right now and they will somehow make a Hollywood type comeback in their careers just like Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard. Yeah, right.

Well, nature throws fits, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis etc.  Nature and or God likes to play tricks.

The thought occurs to me that evolution is indeed real and I am reminded about something I saw on some nature TV show that stated some statistic about how in England in the nineteenth century, a beautiful orange colored butterfly morphed into a brown color in order to use camouflage as a defense mechanism against predators.

You see the orange butterflies used to exist in a lush green valley until the industrial revolution with its soot and smokestacks had turned everything in the valley more brown than green. 

So the orange butterfly could no longer blend in with flowers where there were no longer flowers.  As a result the orange butterfly morphed out of survival necessity into a brown butterfly. True story.

In a way, the growing global culture is upon us, the white boomers are going into a cocoon stage of their existence.  In order to survive in the future, they will have to morph into common frames of color of the majority landscape. A little bit of irony perhaps will be evident then, there when history looks back at this time from that different landscape of the future.

That a beautiful creature mates. Eggs are produced and larvae hatched. A creature grows and survives and builds a spaceship to the future and what comes out of the spaceship after some time is anybody’s guess.