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Emeli Sande - Hope


Deadbeat Romneys Mitt and Ann – ZERO TAXES PAID FOR 10 YEARS – Congressional Rumor

You People. You Little People.  You Stupid Taxpaying Little People.

Senator Harry Reid, Senate Minority Leader, is passing along this rumor from a fellow Bain mate of Mitt to say he paid ZERO taxes for ten years.


China Criticizes Romney’s Inept Dangerous Jerusalem Remarks

Romney’s silver foot in his mouth again threatens war in the Middle East per Chinese.

China says Romney comments calling Jerusalem capital of Israel could incite war in Middle East

China criticized Mitt Romney on Tuesday, saying that the United States­ presidential candidate's statement that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel could worsen an already tense Middle East situation, or even re-ignite a war between Palestinians and Israelis.
A commentary Tuesday by the official Xinhua News Agency said Romney's "hawkish remarks" ignored the sensitive nature of Jerusalem. It said the comments disregarded the Palestinians' claim to the war-won eastern sector of the city, which was annexed by Israel in 1967 in a move that is not internationally recognized.
Romney also suggested during a trip to Israel that he was open to move the U.S.­ Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, something the Israelis have long sought but the U.S. ­has refused to do because it would imply recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the entire city.
"Romney's remarks totally neglect historical facts and are actually irresponsible if he just meant to appeal to voters at home," Xinhua said

Cardinal George of Chicago Questions Rahm Emanuel’s Jewish Values – Chick-Fil-A

Cardinal George of Chicago, a Christian Evangelical Conservative has come down on the side of Dan Cathy’s conservative Christian hatred of gays and the funding of gay hate projects, some co-sponsored by the Catholics.

These days, the conservative Catholic Hierarchy have in all but exact word and deed negated the brotherhood and sisterhood generated towards other faiths out of Vatican II.

Along with forgetting Vatican II is the negation Pope Paul VI’s wrongful Catholic blame of the Jews for the mythical figure of Jesus and his death. Read Cardinal George's revised remarks below on that chestnut. RIP Paul VI.  RIP Vatican II.

So when I hear Heir George speak about Rahm Emanuel’s values I know what the coded anti-Semite message is (wink, nod).

Prove me wrong! Show me one photo of Cardinal George standing next to Mayor Emanuel, shaking hands and "smiling".

Cardinal George on Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ flick:

…There is a priest in the archdiocese who has a lot of experience in filmmaking, and he has sent out to the parishes all the information on the film and how to participate in viewing it. I have sent out the documents from Rome and the USCCB on how to read the Passion stories in the Gospels. I would encourage people to see the film. 

I would then say something else. We should see it not only as Christian believers; we should try to watch it with the eyes of the Jewish people. 

The history of anti-Semitism, a very sorrowful history, has made many Jews very sensitive to any recognition that even some Jews were involved in the death of Jesus. Obviously some Jews were involved in the death of Jesus. He had enemies among his own people. His apostle Judas betrayed him and some of the leaders of the people were against him. Read the Gospels. At the same time, all Jesus' friends were Jews, as were the first apostles and disciples - everybody was a Jew within this story, except the Romans who, in fact, killed him. They killed him in their own fashion - a terrible execution, torture. And all of that torture is attributed to the Romans in the film. 

But the push to have him condemned is attributed to some of the Jewish leaders, even though the Romans are primarily responsible. Jesus had enemies among his own people. He also had friends and disciples among his own people. Jesus was a Jew. And you can hardly tell the story of Jesus' life, certainly not the story of his death, without saying that some Jews did this and some Jews did that.
 – Cardinal George 13 February 2004 - St. Vincent Ferrer Parish, River Forest, Illlinois

NBC Censors Religion at Olympic Opening Ceremony

The seven minute tribute to the July 7 (7/7) terrorist bombing in London removed by NBC because of dumbed down “American tastes” and replaced with an interview with Michael Phelps was due more to the Christian Hymn “Abide with me” that accompanied the choreography of the tribute.

Here for you dumb Americans, some education:

Here is some of what you missed, not a perfect copy:


Jesus - Stoned at a Gay Wedding - Paolo Veronese 1563

The center of the largest painting in the Lourve, a personal favorite of Napoleon, is Jesus looking all stoned and dare I say it drunk like any normal guy on his wedding day. Next to him is his mom and his partner on his left, (holding hands?) looks to be a bit older, balding and with a beard, no doubt this is a second marriage for him I would think. Probably has got a good business and is well heeled, otherwise mom would look upset. Right?

No gay wedding cakes back then.

I count five seated women in a room including mom with at least a hundred guys all crawling over each other trying to score. There are three, maybe four, other females hanging off balconies? 

If this ain’t a gay wedding, I don’t know what is.

Enlarge the image and see for yourself on above link.

The happy couple is registered at Bed Bath and Camel.



Monday, July 30, 2012

Jack Phillips' Cupcakes Suck? – Lakewood Colorado, Buckle of the Denver Tighty Whitey Belt

I stand by Jack Phillips right to refuse service to anybody.

I am bothered by it. It reminds me of the days of civil rights in the sixties when Jim Crow Laws had stood unchallenged for decades both north and south.

It bothers me that a successful business man can actually think that he did it all by hisself “I built it myself” and nobody in the community bothered anywhere along the way, education, loans, roads, customer good will etc.

I begin to realize why the “tighty whitey” bubble burb atmosphere surrounding Denver builds mega churches and indirectly sponsors massacres like Columbine and Aurora.

This Facebook fuss is all about a gay couple wanting to exchange vows of love and commitment in an uncertain world to each other. And wanting to buy a wedding cake from Jack who refused the honor.

I have suffered my share of stares and discrimination over the decades because my wife was Hispanic.  I know that there are two Americas, one rich, one poor, one white, one all-others, and now it is one pure male hetero and one all-others including all women as well. The rich pure white male so-called heteros are a dying minority.  Let their legacy of hate covered in sickeningly sweet cake icing die out soon in my great diverse American county.

I hope Jack Phillips enjoys making cupcakes that only his Tighty Whitey minority neighbors enjoy. I wish him luck in his business and I pray one day before he dies, he becomes a human being.

Have a nice day Jack.  


Joe Paterno Tree Farm - Penn State

 “They ask me what I’d like written about me when I’m gone. I hope they write I made Penn State a better place, not just that I was a good football coach.” -- Joe Pa


Read more here: http://www.centredaily.com/2012/07/24/3271398/work-continues-at-the-penn-state.html#storylink=cpy

Vladimir Putin Hiding Behind Patriarch Kirill's Skirts at Russian "Pussy" Blasphemy Trial

New Czar of all the Russias - Patriarch Kirill

Dictator for Life Vladimir Putin hides behind Russian Orthodox Church to violate human rights! Rights of Free Speech.
The performance, a protest against the church's support for Putin, was part of a lively protest movement that at its peak saw 100,000 people turn out for rallies in Moscow, some of the largest in Russia since the Soviet Union's demise.

The plight of the three women, who have been held in a courtroom cage during pre-trial hearings, has also drawn attention in the West, where governments are closely watching how Putin will handle dissent.

Rights groups and musicians such as Sting and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have expressed concern about the trial, reflecting doubts that Putin - who could serve until 2024 if re-elected in six years - will become more tolerant.

In her opening statement, read out by defence lawyer Violetta Volkova, Samutsevich said she saw the prosecution as "the start of a campaign of authoritarian, repressive measures aimed to ... spread fear among politically active citizens."

Amnesty International has called for the release of the defendants, two of whom have young children, saying the charges are not a "justifiable response to the peaceful - if, to many, offensive - expression of their political beliefs."

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev dismissed criticism of the case in remarks published on Monday, saying the trial was a "serious ordeal" for the defendants and their families but that "one should be calm about it" and await the outcome.

Kill the Gays Bill – Cathy Family Funding – Chick-Fil-A

The Cathy Family is just so holier than thou. They have to prove that their southern white god is superior to all others. They have to brag about it (pride). They have to throw money at it.

To that extent, there is a surrogate killing, acting out on minorities in other countries, like a rogue big game hunting trip killing off endangered species. It is not right. It is not wrong. It is just hard. Hard-on.

This collapse of old Christianity into ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia started after the collapse of the secular communist state. Old religion like sour old wine is the only vintage in town.

The Theological Cleansing slash Ethnic Cleansing by Proxy by rich Evangelical Christians goes on in real time places like Uganda where officials are being bribed with Chik-Fil-A profits and from many other corporations, think tanks and American non-profit hate groups, with millions of dollars, to do harm to humanity at arms length. 

Theological/Ethnic Cleansing is so clean and seemingly bloodless from the Cathy Family Sunday Parlor game POV of reading the Bible and keeping Sabbath.

It is the new American Evangelical pastime. A-men.


Emeli Sande – Abide with me – London Olympics Tribute Victims of 7/7


Abide with me; fast falls the eventide;
The darkness deepens; Lord with me abide.
When other helpers fail and comforts flee,
Help of the helpless, O abide with me.
Hold Thou Thy cross before my closing eyes;
Shine through the gloom and point me to the skies.
Heaven’s morning breaks, and earth’s vain shadows flee;
In life, in death, O Lord, abide with me.
In life, in death, O Lord, abide with me.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Eat More Beef - Chick-Fil-A

Have you Eaten Your PC Portion of Hate Today? Chick-Fil-A


Sarah and Todd have had their daily dose of right wing hate. Yum. Yum. 

(*nickel a portion hate tax used to fund worthy hate projects)

Ann Romney – Horsey Team – London Olympics

Rafalca, a 15-year-old Oldenburg mare owned in part by the Romneys, qualified as a member of the U.S. Olympic team and will be competing in London in the dressage competition — a form of ballet for horses and their riders in which the animals do pirouettes, serpentines and Piaffes, which, according to the International Equestrian Federation, is a “highly collected, cadenced, elevated diagonal movement” in which “the haunches with active hocks are well engaged.” Rafalca, after qualifying, flew across the Atlantic on a FedEx jet (no, they didn’t strap her to the roof) and reportedly dined on an in-flight meal of watermelon.

Understandably, Romney was wary about discussing dressage when NBC’s Brian Williams asked him in London Wednesday about his equine Olympian. “You actually have a horse in the race. What’s that gonna be like?”
“Well,” Romney replied. “It’s — a big — exciting experience for my wife and — and for the person that she’s worked with, the trainer of the horse who’s riding the horse. And — obviously, it’s fun to be part of the Olympics in any way you can be part of them."

Williams followed up: “When is the event, and for those of us who don’t follow the sport, what happens? Are there rounds that — of competition? Is there just one chance? What happens?”
Romney pleaded ignorance. “I have to tell you. This is Ann’s sport. I’m not even sure which day the sport goes on. She will get the chance to see it, I will not — be — watching — the event. I hope — her horse does well.”

Archbishop Sally Cordileone and his Imaginary Friend - The Evil One

Jimmy Stewart in the movie "Harvey" has an imaginary friend, a rabbit.

Newly appointed San Francisco Archbishop Sally Cordileone has an imaginary friend too.  I say friend because he has brought so much material success and power to Sally.

Sally's imaginary friend is called "the evil one". Species unknown.

Jimmy played a crazy in the movie.  What is your excuse Sally?


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jerusalem - Wm. Blake


Thomas Monson LDS - Benedict XVI RCC - Money Men in Charge of the New Christian Church

Money Money Money

Too many light weights in spirit and intellect seem to be getting very cushy crony positions in the church. Sally's (Cordileone) resume from Wikipedia is rather flat and almost made up like an inexperienced in life writer's first novel. Four years as a pastor in Calexico, one of the human trafficking centers on the southern border, and not a single Ave Maria regarding conditions there in a paper or even a column or two before blogs. Auxiliary bishop to the vampire Bishop Brom in San Diego who is rumored to like his sex with boys in coffins. An assignment across the bay, on the wrong side of the bay in Oakland, another hot spot of the human condition and no comments on the wittle people below his bishop palace's window. I believe he was just a paper front for the real money people like Niederauer and Monson on Prop 8 etc. The USCCB I thought was supposed to be a forum of true equals to discuss national matters. These days it is merely a barracks, another seminary setting to weed out the true Christians left scattered and hiding in the ranks, and promoting the worst of the worst up the Roman Catholic/Mormon corporate ladder.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Anita Bryant Humanitarian Award to Dan Cathy of Chick-Fil-A



Dan Cathy - "I built it myself" - Coded Hate Message - Chick-fil-a

Bottom line - gay bashing is still fairly legal in places and any pronouncement from Dan Cathy and his wonderful Family is code.
Dan Cathy would probably like to refuse service to African Americans as well but that would bring his holier than thou house of cards, chicken shacks down on him like a tower of babel.
Dan Cathy takes encouragement from the far right, the Baptists, Mormons and RC hierarchy in his direct and coded hate message on humanity.
Bottom line - the new global secular culture is many times more moral, humane than the old guard represented by "I Built It Myself" Dan Cathy types and friends.


Is Romney a Pitcher or a Catcher's Mitt - Top or Bottom in Leadership Skills ?

Utah - The Middle of Nowhere - Brit PM David Cameron

Got that one right Dave.

Thanks Mitt!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Barclays Employees Give Romney Campaign $207,500

Libor cheats at Barclays London have given old Mitt money for his campaign.

Is that legal to takes bribes from foreigners?

They won't want favors regarding fixing worldwide loan Libor rates? Will they?


The meetings come a day after the Daily Telegraph newspaper published a story quoting an unidentified Romney campaign adviser saying the Republican believes the US relationship with Britain is special because of shared "Anglo-Saxon heritage" and the White House doesn't appreciate that shared history.
Romney quickly distanced himself from any such view.
"I don't agree with whoever that adviser might be," Romney told NBC News, "but do agree that we have a very common bond between ourselves and Great Britain."
Later Thursday, Romney planned to hold a high-dollar fundraiser. One of the hosts, former Barclays CEO Bob Diamond, withdrew from the event after he resigned in the wake of a rate-rigging scandal involving British banks.
Diamond had already sent a check for $US2500 ($A2430). So have 82 others who listed their employer as Barclays or Barclays Capital on US Federal Election Commission records.


Romney Trashes London Olympics - He Could Have Staged Them Better

Romney meets in London with somebody supposed to be important. 

Mitt Willard Romney put his silver foot in his mouth again when he compared his 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics with the behemoth British effort for a "full English" style Summer Olympics. 

Put away your earmuffs Mitt. There ain't no snow in London today. 


US presidential candidate Mitt Romney has predicted a "very successful" Olympics, hours after talking of "disconcerting" signs in London.
He backtracked while meeting PM David Cameron, after telling US TV Britain may not be ready to stage the Games.
He said all Games saw "small" mistakes and he had seen "great progress" in the UK. But his remarks were later seized on by London Mayor Boris Johnson.
The Republican contender will take on Barack Obama in November's election.
In the contest for the Republican nomination, Mr Romney made much of the fact that he delivered a successful Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City in 2002, when he was chief executive of the event.
Speaking to reporters outside 10 Downing Street, he said he had been impressed by the enthusiasm of "millions of people across Great Britain" who had turned out for the torch relay.
Mr Romney said he "applauded the work of the organising committee in bringing the Olympic experience right into the heart of London".
Hours later, London Mayor Boris Johnson played on Mr Romney's earlier comments while revving up a crowd of thousands of people in London's Hyde Park.
Calling London "the greatest city on earth," Mr Johnson told the crowd: "I hear there's a guy called Mitt Romney who wants to know whether we're ready. Are we ready?"

Censorship at the London Olympics

Is this 2012 or 1936?
Rich man oligarch rules in place in London for one of their own – Willard Romney.
An ad from the pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA has been pulled off YouTube at the request of the International Olympic Committee on copyright violation grounds, and the group has voluntarily taken the ad offline and will not be running it on television. 
The ad used footage of Mitt Romney from the 2002 Salt Lake City Games’ opening ceremony to suggest that the former Massachusetts governor loves sending jobs and money to other countries. 
Priorities USA is not protesting the decision, because the United States Olympic Committee is asking that Games footage not be used in any political ads.


Face of the 1% - Mitt "Gordon Gekko" Romney


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Paisley Bishop Tartaglia states that - Gayness causes Pancreatic Disease

Cardinal Ray Burke sponsored protégé bishop Philip Tartaglia of Paisley Scotland, soon to be Archbishop of Glasgow (poor bloody funking Glasgow), has jumped into the medicine science realm and questioned why nobody has questioned why British MP David Cairns died suddenly at age 44.  It was not the disease of Acute Pancreatitis but his Gayness?
Anger as archbishop suggests MP who died from organ failure at age 44 perished 'because he was GAY'
One of Britain’s most senior Roman Catholics has sparked fury by suggesting an MP and former minister died because he was gay.

The new Archbishop of Glasgow, Philip Tartaglia, said society had kept ‘very quiet’ about the death of Labour MP and former Scotland Office minister David Cairns.

Mr Cairns, a former Catholic priest himself, died in May last year at the age of 44 from acute pancreatitis.

But Bishop Tartaglia questioned why his body ‘just shut down’.

(Bishop Tartaglia’s office refused to offer the bishop’s opinion on other world events like the pending outcome of the Galileo Trial in Rome.)


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In the Loop with Archbishops Dolan, Chaput and Ross Douthat of the New York Times (wink, nod)

Archbishop Charles Chaput (left) evangelizing the faith.

The best of the best New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan has quoted the best of the best wordsmith Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia declaring Philly to now be “Mission Territory” after decades of crime and coverup under the Cardinals Krol, Bevilacqua and Rigali crime regimes.

Timmy, in typical alpha male mode for the USCCB has volunteered the Archdiocese of New York as “Mission Territory” as well and is likely petitioning the Congress at this very moment for tens of thousands guest worker visas for Catholic missionaries from South America, Africa and South Asia to swarm over North America and save it and or offer it up to the oligarchs on a silver platter for a good price or place at the table in the new world order of things.

There was a time when Rome used to send the best of the best of Europe to missionary territories in the New World and up against the dominant Protestant Christian Culture of the young United States.

What have you done to my (Philly) church?

Bishop (Saint) John Neumann, a Sudetenland German, as fourth bishop of Philadelphia missionary territory laid the foundation vision that built the largest, superior Catholic education system in the United States, perhaps the world, that stood for almost a hundred years until the Krol, Bevilacqua, Rigali regimes started to strip the wealth of the Philly church, shipping cash over to Solidarity in Poland for General Wojtyla to oppose the Russkies etc. along side CIA allies and Ronald Reagan (bow your head).

These problems kill a Christian love of poverty and zeal. They choke off a real life of faith. They create the shadows that hide institutional and personal sins. And they encourage a paralysis that can burrow itself into every heart and every layer of the Church, right down to individual Catholics in the pews. The result is that Philadelphia, like so much of the Church in the rest of our country, is now really mission territory–again; for the second time...  
First, religious freedom is a cornerstone of the American experience. This is so obvious that once upon a time, nobody needed to say it. But times have changed. So it’s worth recalling that Madison, Adams, Washington, Hamilton, Franklin, Jefferson–in fact, nearly all the American founders–saw religious faith as vital to the life of a free people. Liberty and happiness grow organically out of virtue. And virtue needs grounding in religious faith... 
We’re becoming a nation where, as Ross Douthat describes it, “a growing number [of us] are inventing [our] own versions of what Christianity means, abandoning the nuances of traditional theology in favor of religions that stroke [our] egos and indulge, or even celebrate, [our] own worst impulses.” And it’s happening at a time when the Church is compromised by her own leaders and people from within, and pushed to the margins or attacked by critics without... 


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Romney Denial, Rmoney Denial, Romney Denial - News of the Day!

Photo-Op May 1, 2012 - Cold Pizza For NYC Firefighters -  
"Thanks Boys!"

The opposite of Flip - is not Flop.

It is Romney Denial!

Have a nice news cycle.



Bain Capital – Phony Crony Capital – Putting Lipstick on a Pig

What is coming to light in the political spotlight of Mitt Romney’s quest for the White House is the manner in which his company sought capital and made money, profits by sacking existing companies and their assets, pension funds, repackaged the company’s spreadsheet image, sold the companies for huge returns on junk bond capital and turned around and did the same thing on the next victim company acquisition of Bain Capital.
One of the causes of the stock market crash of October 1987 was a market floating on inflated junk bond capital raised by Michael Milken at Drexel Burham Lambert and similar imitators.
The market bubble that burst in 1987 was a bubble that fueled the Savings and Loan bubble that burst shortly thereafter. This invented high risk money fueled speculative building in office buildings, shopping malls, golf courses and housing all over the west. Because of the junk bond model pretty much invented by Milken at Drexel Burnham and used in speculative investments funded in loans by banks, savings and loans, guaranteed by the federal government, the S & L debacle got dumped on the American taxpayer during the Bush 41 regime.  700 to 800 billion back then, now about a trillion and a half of the present national debt with over twenty years interest added on.
The only big fish punished back then was Charles Keating, heavily into the newly deregulated S & L industry, separated from regular commercial banking in that their base was savings used almost exclusively in financing housing real estate and not necessarily commercial building, office buildings, malls and apartment complexes that fed on easy junk bond funding once deregulation went into effect.
Bain used Drexel Burnham junk bond capital to fund its early vulture capitalism projects.
Michael Milken and Charles Keating were eventually tried and jailed for fraud among other things like conspiracy cooking the books and breaking existing laws.  They are now out of jail and back in business. Keating in real estate in Arizona and Milken is a philanthropist giving away some on the money he made from fraud and is now a key player in the next financial racket bubble to burst – EMOs – Education Management Organizations into education for profit, charter schools etc. feasting on the public dime.
Romney did not break any laws that we know of at Bain.  Indeed, the government swallowed up the losses caused by the Savings and Loan Fraud.  If Bush 41’s admin had prosecuted more smaller fish than just Keating instead of sweeping it all under the rug, maybe the housing bubble burst in the 2008 financial meltdown under Bush 43 might not have been allowed to happen if deregulation of the American banking industry had learned any serious lessons from the Bush 41 Savings and Loan Junk Bond meltdown.
Sadly, so much of what happened in 2008 with the banks was not illegal as stated by Obama.
Things like junk bonds in their time and derivatives and hedge funds today are little understood let alone regulated by realistic laws to protect the public.
Mitt Romney and Bain Capital did not break any laws that we know of.  But taking, looting pension funds from employees, taking other benefits away like healthcare  and outsourcing old jobs to China and India is the way American business operates these days.  Not very Christian by my definition of such.  But Mitt has a Mormon bible besides the Judeo Christian bible by which to live his life.
No doubt the 21 trillion dollars worldwide hiding out in offshore tax havens is part of the reason Mitt refuses to reveal his recent tax returns, that and the 10% of his income donated to his church and their related hate projects ongoing as holy on Temple Square, Salt Lake City.
Putting lipstick on a pig like with Bain Capital operating methods or Mitt’s “humanity” is a metaphor Jesus would understand and be amused by. 


Paterno Statue Taken Down at Penn State

Enough said on the matter.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie Favors Obsolete Gay Hate Law – Queensland Australia

Apparently Australia has its own version of a “Stand your Ground” right to murder law. In Oz, all you have to claim is that a supposedly gay person grabbed or propositioned you to justify beating that person to death.  The “gay-panic” defense claims that the mere exposure to gayness causes temporary insanity that lead to justified homoside.
I smell the stench on this one of Cardinal Pell’s foul black robes regarding Jarrod Bleijie’s pussying out, backing down on ridding Queensland of this gay hate law.

Maryborough priest Paul Kelly, who was one of the first on the scene when Mr Ruks died, was so affected by the man's death that he launched an online petition to remove the defence, that has since gathered signatures from all over the world.

In January this year, in what was hailed as "a victory for common sense", the former state government decided the Criminal Code would be altered to ensure that unwanted sexual advances could not be used to claim provocation, unless in exceptional circumstances.

Following the election, new Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie said he had requested a brief from the department on the issue and would consider the recommendations made by the former Labor government.

But the Attorney-General announced this week that he would not be making the planned changes to the code, and the defence would still be available in violent crimes.

Fr Kelly and Ms Kujala have criticised the decision, saying it was out of touch with the community's expectations.

"This is not a matter of gay rights, it's a matter of human rights," Ms Kujala said.