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Brit School Girl Martha Payne School Lunch Blog Ban Lifted

British School Lunch - Cheese Burger Deluxe  £2  

A controversial ban preventing a nine-year-old girl from photographing her school meals has been lifted following a storm of protest on the internet.
Martha Payne, from Argyll, has now recorded more than three million hits on her Never Seconds blog. 
Argyll and Bute Council said press coverage of the blog had led catering staff to fear for their jobs. 
But council leader Roddy McCuish later told the BBC he had instructed senior officials to lift the ban immediately. 
The schoolgirl's father, David Payne, who helped her set up the blog, welcomed the decision.
Martha began publishing photographs of her Lochgilphead Primary School lunches on 30 April.

Bill Keller wants Bill Donohue’s Job over at the Catholic League?

The Rottweiler’s Rottweiler by Bill Keller, NYT Op-Ed, June 17, 2012

I CAN’T believe I’m saying this, but Bill Donohue is right. Donohue, the chronically peeved president of the Catholic League, and I rarely see eye to eye, but he is right about one very big thing: how to resolve the crisis in Catholicism. My endorsement may horrify him as much as it surprises me. (Small world – strange bedfellows – Bill and Bill)

Donohue, for those of you without cable TV, (yeah that’s you, you poor f*cks on welfare) is the Vatican’s most vociferous American apologist. (I always thought he was Dolan’s exclusive bootlicker) Any time a critic — especially a Catholic critic — casts doubt on the wisdom of the Catholic hierarchy, Donohue fires off a press release attacking the attacker or otherwise changing the subject. Bring up pedophile priests and he’ll talk about pedophile public-school teachers or pedophile Orthodox Jews. That nun who is under a Vatican cloud lately for having written a book with decidedly liberal views on sexuality? Donohue’s response bypassed her arguments and focused on the fact that she sometimes cites Michel Foucault, the creepy French philosopher known as an acolyte of the Marquis de Sade and a darling of the radical left. (Guilt by footnote.) (Them vagina bearers, nuns, read fancy frenchie stuff! How dare they.)
Another ferocious defender of the faith, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, used to be known as “God’s Rottweiler.” (If the Hague ever gets their hands on him, he will be known as "prisoner 8846295".) Ratzinger is now Pope Benedict XVI, and Bill Donohue is the Rottweiler’s Rottweiler. (A senile old bugger’s blind junkyard dog is still just a senile old bugger’s blind junkyard dog.)
In person, Donohue — a big, 64-year-old Long Island Irishman, divorced father of two grown daughters — has the genial manner of the parish priest he almost became (A wail of Thank Gods from the world’s altar boys!). Instead he digressed to military school (reform school?), the Air Force (the military or prison?), and the sociology faculty of a Catholic college in Pennsylvania (Alabama north). He is more likable one-on-one than his notorious sound bites, which have an Ann Coulterish reductiveness: Hollywood is “controlled by secular Jews who hate Christianity.” President Obama “supports selective infanticide.” Progressive Catholics are “termites.” The title of his 2009 book catches the snarly Donohue: “Secular Sabotage: How Liberals Are Destroying Religion and Culture in America.”( blah, blah, blah, blah ) 
I picked up his new book — “Why Catholicism Matters” — expecting another fountain of invective (I didn’t pay for it, it was sent to me). But this is a mellower work, a believer’s portrait of the church he loves, built around the cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, temperance and fortitude. It dwells on Catholicism’s estimable contributions to scholarship, Western culture and humanitarianism, while airbrushing those episodes where the church came up short in the cardinal-virtue department. Thus the case of Galileo — who was branded a heretic for endorsing Copernicus’s theory that the Earth revolves around the Sun — does not merit our indignation, since Galileo spent his last years under house arrest (under threat of torture) rather than in a dungeon. “Why Catholicism Matters” gives us the defense counsel’s version of the Crusades (a natural response to Islamic jihad) (and greed to take over the trade ratline to the middle east held but the Eastern Church in Constantinople, which Rome broke away from in 1054 in the Great Schism) and the Inquisition (never mind the torture, secular authorities did the heretic-burning). He sums up the shameful cover-up of predatory priests with that weasel classic, “mistakes were made.” ( and sadly still being made )
By now some readers are wondering Why Donohue Matters ( The Bishops at the USCCB Atlanta annual meeting are embarrassed by him. There looking for a new spokesman.). Indeed, when he took charge of the Catholic League in 1993, Donohue could be dismissed as a conservative blowhard, one of those laymen who was, ahem, more Catholic than the pope. But the official church has moved far enough to the right that Donohue now speaks for its mainstream. (mainstream McMansion Long Island that is)
And what you learn if you listen to the Catholic Church in the plain language of Bill Donohue is that it is not about to change direction. Not in this century. The parishioners who hope for a kinder, more inclusive church, the nuns who are now being rebuked by the Vatican because they have doubts on subjects like gay marriage and the ordination of women — the church’s message to them is: Shut up or go. (Shut up and sign over your real estate holdings dears.)
Face it, even at the high-water mark of contemporary church reform, the Vatican II council, issues like the stained-glass ceiling and intolerance of gays were not really on the table. And that tide was been receding for nearly 50 years. Indeed, the church’s 1960s effort to engage the modern world is now regarded in the current Curia as part of an era of degenerate individualism — Woodstock, Stonewall, Vatican II — that is blamed for all kinds of deviant outcomes, including the scandal of priests who can’t keep it in their cassocks. (Democracy was such a terrible modern mistake, let’s bow to a Catholic King in Rome.)
Donohue notes that roughly a quarter of Americans identify themselves as Catholic (No the church claims numbers beyond reality in that department). He reckons maybe half of those, the more conservative half, attend church regularly and contribute. “They’re the ones who pay the bills,” he said. “Can we afford to ignore the other half? I think we can.” (The Nazis in WWII Germany were the regular church goers and the resistance Christians were too busy to go to church fighting for human rights in Europe) And as for the unsettled religious orders, the nuns and priests who vowed allegiance and now preach dissent, why should the church put up with insubordination? (What dissent? They are not lobotomized. They can’t have any opinions. Wow.)
“Do we have more than a handful of nuns who have totally lost their moorings?” Donohue mused. “Oh, yeah.” (Wow again!)
His point: “Quite frankly I believe, as Pope Benedict the XVIth said just before he became pope, that maybe a smaller church would be a better church.”  (What the hell ever happened to the good shepherd and going out of the way for the lost sheep. Segregated exclusive racist white gated community of God?)
Much as I wish I could encourage the discontented, the Catholics of open minds and open hearts, to stay put and fight the good fight, this is a lost cause. (Yeah we know, the church lasts for centuries or it used to.) Donohue is right (Gag!). Summon your fortitude, and just go. (Fuck you…) If you are not getting the spiritual sustenance you need, if you are uneasy being part of an institution out of step with your conscience — then go (…and your mother). The restive nuns who are planning a field trip to Rome for a bit of dialogue? Be assured, unless you plan to grovel, no one will be listening. Sisters, just go. Bill Donohue will hold the door for you. (Bill is already out the door Bill.  You applying for his job?)
Go where? Well, the history of Christianity is filled with schisms and offshoots. Last spring I attended Sunday Mass at a breakaway church called Spiritus Christi in Rochester, a congregation that describes itself as “Catholic, not Roman Catholic.” Spiritus Christi has a female pastor and began performing gay marriages long before the State of New York legalized them. Mass was packed with as joyous a crowd of worshipers as I have ever seen. I could imagine hundreds of Spiritus Christis — and leave it to the theologians to debate whether the Vatican or these defectors have the stronger claim to being the authentic heirs of St. Peter. (Defectors? Deserters? Wehrmacht terminology?)
This is, admittedly, easy for me to say. I have not spent my life in a religious order, embracing vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. So I called someone who speaks with more authority about what it costs to leave the church. Sister Margie Henninger was expelled from the Order of St. Joseph and excommunicated for affiliating with those not-Roman Catholics in Rochester. She now runs a recovery house for the drug- and alcohol-afflicted (yeah more poor minority f*cks on welfare).
“It was certainly painful, after 42 years,” she told me. “I lost my community. I lost my home. I lost so much. But, God being God, I gained much more.”
At 71, Sister Margie feels deeply Catholic, very much in harmony with her conscience, and happy. And of the Roman church she left behind, she says: “It almost has to completely come apart before something new and beautiful can spring up.”
There are many nuns who hold fast to the church out of genuine devotion. But there are others who stay out of fear — fear that they will grow old alone, fear of penury and homelessness, fear of losing purpose.
Thankfully, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York has offered us one possible remedy for this problem. As Laurie Goodstein documented in The Times recently, when he was archbishop of Milwaukee Dolan authorized payments of up to $20,000 to predator priests if they agreed to leave the clergy without resisting. He described this as “an act of charity.” Bill Donohue calls it “a severance package.” (Now I get it Bill Keller, this whole article has been sarcasm. Right? I am so dumb at times. Mea Culpa.)
I suggest that any long-serving nun who has come to find church teachings incompatible with her conscience should be offered a generous severance. We could call these acts of charity “Dolan Grants.” Surely a church that offers a lifeline to men who brought disgrace on the institution can offer a living stipend to women who brought it honor at great sacrifice. (the floor of hell I hear is paved in “Dolan Grants” LOL)
Great article Bill.  (Sarcasm)

(I read the quote about telling everybody in the Church "to go" first over at the right wing rag Catholic Culture.org pimping that quote out of context etc...whatever.)

Have a nice day.

Iconic Philly Photo - City Hall Courtyard North Archway Corridor to North Broad Street - 1968

Iconic Philly - Woman in silhouette walking from City Hall (Center Square) Courtyard through North Archway to North Broad Street (14th Street), the main traffic artery of the city. She has just walked passed the "Four Columns of the Continents" directly below the behemoth Clock Tower, symbol of Philadelphia.


Christian Vampire Preacher Steve Newlin still Preaching Je$u$ - Amen - True Blood

It is amazing to live long enough and see all the con artist televangelists like Jimmy Swaggart, Jim and Tammy Baker, Pat Robertson and the Graham boys, father and son act, get away with so much fraud regarding the real Jesus and hundreds of millions raked in annually from a bunch of dumb rubes in the tent.  

And of course there is that over 50 RC female demographic that continues to fund the bishops and keeps their child rape rings going, that is so disheartening.

I have found the perfect offset recently or comic relief in the televangelist character Steve Newlin on the HBO Vampire soap series True Blood.

In case you never watch, "Tru Blood" is a chemical cocktail, invented by the Japanese, that is a perfect substitute for human blood. As such there is a coming out of the closet and or coffin of vampires trying to mainstream themselves into everyday humanity.

Steve Newlin is an evangelist bent on ridding humanity of the newly uncloseted uncasketed vampire minority. His parents were killed by vampires.  He wants to destroy this struggling minority before they gain full legal recognition in the eyes of the law.  He even runs a paramilitary anti-vampire training group that conducts guerilla warfare on the vampire community.

Now the vampire community is not all innocence and love.  It is all PR as they try to mask centuries of bloodshed and killings that have resourced their particular lifestyle.

Jason "Born Again" Stackhouse
Into Reverend Newlin’s anti-vampire boot camp wanders the aimless soul/stud of Jason Stackhouse, brother of the main character of the show Sookie Stackhouse.  Jason is looking for more than the run of the mill Jesus stuff.  He eventually finds his way into the Rev. Newlin’s wife’s bed but that is Jason, who is rarely not naked, rarely not in coitus in this HBO soap. This all takes place in the south in Louisiana. Where else.

Well the new season for a twist has Rev. Steve Newlin now turned into a Vampire and as an added bonus is out of his sexual closet and hot on the trail of Jason Stackhouse’s usually naked ass.


Steve Newlin is a former reverend of the Fellowship of the Sun and recently turned vampire. The son of anti-vampire advocate Theodore Newlin, he initially continued his father's work after the murder of his entire family. He was a fanatic and a firm believer that vampires were 'ungodly creatures' who knew no 'humanity'. However, after becoming a vampire himself, he seems to relish his new undead status, rather joyfully remarking how humans should be treated like cattle. 
Newlin is first presented as somewhat of a well-spoken man with a friendly disposition that, while a little odd at times, is altogether cheerful. However, as the series progresses, we see that most of this is a front for his hatred for what happened to him and his family. He is shown to be unstable and unhinged beneath his amiable facade. As a vampire, this tendency seems even more pronounced.

And worse than all that, Revered Steve Newlin cannot give up his calling to Jesus.

He still has his meal ticket TV ministry and not surprisingly his Jesus is in favor the eternal life of vampires.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…


(Warning: Don’t invite any vampires or televangelists into your homes!)



The Great White Hope – the Face of American Hate? – George and Shellie Zimmerman of Florida

No doubt the Great White Hope in politics is embodied in a non-empath Mitt Romney and his plastic white burb icon family. 

The fact that "White" will be a minority in America by 2050 is embodied in the White Trailer Trash Couple, “white” George Zimmerman and his sweet lovely wife Shellie both pictured above.

The parallels between the Romneys and the Zimmermans are outstanding.  Non-Empaths of people without empathy to their fellows in community or planet are also in some quarters labeled as socio-paths.

The Romneys and children, grandchildren, show horses and automobile elevators and McPalaces nationwide made a big profit off of tens of thousands of redundant workers tossed into the street.

George and Shellie have made a big profit off the death of a black child, a man in body but not yet a 18 year old legal adult, killed on or near the street of a Florida middle class gated (white ghetto) community.

The Romneys have PR people to paste over the economic bloodshed on their hands.

"Steal a silver teapot and they'll send you up for life. Steal a hundred million and they'll call you sir..."

The Zimmermans do seem a bit too tacky perhaps with their unpolished glee at new found wealth over the killing of Travon Martin.

The calls also reveal a softer side of Zimmerman, and a few details about his life, temperament and marriage. 
Neither he nor his wife say anything angry, ugly or racist. They make no direct reference to Trayvon Martin or to the criminal charge Zimmerman faces. He also does not complain about being in jail or its conditions. 
In a call April 12, the day after his arrest, Zimmerman says he is thrilled by all the money and support his website has generated. 
"Oh, man, that feels good," he tells his wife, "… that there are people in America that care." 
"Yeah they do," she answers. So many tried to log onto his website the day of his arrest, she says, it kept crashing. 
A few moments later, she says, "After all this is over, you're going to be able to have a great life."
"We will," he corrects her. 
In a call April 16, Shellie Zimmerman told her husband he is a "special and amazing role model to people," to which he replied, "I wish, I wish I were." 
The couple also talks about their safety. They make references to a "safety counsel," someone who's apparently giving them advice on how to stay hidden and safe. 
They also discuss how to get Zimmerman safely out of jail. Shellie says one possibility is having someone drive him to an airport parking garage. 
"We could have two cars, we could have two rented cars," George Zimmerman replies. 
As for hiding him inside the vehicle, "Well, I have my hoodie," he chortled, a possible reference to the hooded sweatshirt Trayvon wore the night Zimmerman shot him. 
During one conversation, Zimmerman asks his wife to get a vest for him, herself and O'Mara, a likely reference to bullet-proof vests....

Monday, June 18, 2012

Vatican II Now a Code Word for Heresy and Heterosexuality Amongst Catholic Bishops?

I know this sounds bizarre but a light bulb went on regarding the Prince Bishop of New York City Cardinal Timothy Dolan sticking his nose up the ass, into the affairs of the Irish Seminary in Rome, on behalf of Benedict the German, Bishop of Rome.

Dolan is pulling a Bill Morris or a Charlie Chaput style hatchet job on the Irish Seminary staff that seems too V2 to the Vatican in their ways. 

Of course all this happened over a year ago and the results are only now coming to the forefront and insult of the nation of Ireland as retaliation of the Vatican to not only the politicians of Ireland that want the Child Abuse swept out to sea in the Irish Catholic Church and her institutions but to the people of Ireland, the lay people, the victims of sexual abuse by the RCC and its celibate clergy.

The light bulb had to do with the former flaming Queen, Princess Bishop of New York, Cardinal Spellman and his “Vatican II will get no further than the Statue of Liberty” in his gay bishop’s balliwick where promotions to monsignor in NYC rested solely on a priest’s height and good looks. (yum yum)  LMAO

Timmy Dolan technically should not have gotten his red hat last year because the previous Prince Bishop of New York, Edward Egan, had not reached the age of 80 and ineligibility in Papal Election voting. No problem, the more the merrier, birds of a feather and all that. Early reward for a drunk Mick to garrote his own kind. How so very WWII and German. 

The problem with the Irish Seminary and the staff of long standing that are being thrown into the very dirty corrupt streets of Rome is that usually the charges against the accused always flows back to charges related to humanity or the laity or the heresy preached by Vatican II.

The heresy of Vatican II is not really heresy but the only way the closeted gay bishops can steal the RCC out from under the People of God or the real church so sullenly trod into the dirt lately by the likes of Bertone, Ratzinger, Chaput, Lori and laughing cow Timmy the "Mick" Dolan.

I guess when female ordination is mentioned as in the case of the late deposed Bishop of Toowoomba Australia, William Morris, anything Vatican II or anything on the heterosexual line of thought, females that is, is anathema to the HE-MAN Women Haters Boys Only Club of the USCCB, United States Catholic Conference of Bishops and the boys in Rome and the Vatican.  Whatever.

That being a real celibate is not being kind in thoughts to women or gays but a real celibate must install fellow closeted gays in positions of "Celibate" power into order to loot the Church. 

The Holy Spirit watches and waits to strike down this evil dressed in purple and red and white. 


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Selected Quotes - Charles Darwin

A moral being is one who is capable of reflecting on his past actions and their motives - of approving of some and disapproving of others.


In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.



Sharing a Smoke in the Park - 1925 - Philly


Father’s Day theme, it only occurred to me this morning that the boys in the above photo were of an age to match my late father when this photo was taken.  It also fits in the hanging on the street corner theme I believe even if it is in a mini-park. 

The smoking end of the photo reminds me of my dad’s lifetime two pack a day habit of Lucky Strikes.  Of note I can remember being four or five and going down to the corner grocery store in the late fifties with $.26 to buy him a pack of cigarettes and they did not card me. Ha Ha.

On the fashion theme I see these young men in the photo are wearing short pants or knickers. I don’t know which term was correct in Philly at the time.  The short pants were I believe a carryover of when men wore breeches as in the case of George Washington etc.

Also of note, I see one of the boys wearing a sleeve garter.  I can remember my dad mentioning that in the old days, the white shirts were wool and would shrink with every washing. So shirts were bought with many sizes too large to accommodate long term wear before  passing them along as a hand me down to a younger sibling or cousin (recycling) and the sleeve garters helped to keep your cuffs from going down to your knees.  Then again, when sleeves got too short or too tight, there were always scissors and short sleeve shirts. 


Happy Father’s Day Ray Gricar – Penn (Pedo) State – MIA April 2005

Ray Gricar - Penn Pedo State Victim? - MIA April 2005

Our heartfelt prayers and wishes go out to Ray's family on this Father's Day. Ray, one of the probably silenced victims of the Penn (Pedo) State Child Trafficking Ring Scandal, with a tiny slice of the total crimes now being prosecuted in the Jerry Sandusky Pervert Trial in PennSoilvania. …
(...missing April 15, 2005, declared legally dead July 25, 2011) was an American attorney who served as the district attorney of Centre County, Pennsylvania, from 1985–2005. On April 15, 2005, Gricar went missing under mysterious circumstances and has not been heard from since… 
After the revelations about the Penn State sex abuse scandal in which it was revealed that Gricar had declined to prosecute Jerry Sandusky, the well-known forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht said that "I believe that his disappearance is almost certainly related to this Penn State debacle."

Happy Father's Day Pedo State Admin and Joe Paterno in Hell

On this Father’s Day, Penn State should be ashamed

Posted on June 17, 2012

This is supposed to be a day when we honor the men who take care of their children, the men who nurture and teach their kids the difference between right and wrong and shelter and protect them from the evil and ugliness of the outside world.

But on this Father’s Day, the most important story in sports is about a man and a football program that are the antithesis of what this day represents. Jerry Sandusky and Penn State University not only failed to protect hopeless, helpless children, Sandusky stands accused of sexually abusing them and Penn State of shamefully turning a blind eye to it.
One after another, the alleged victims took the witness stand in recent days and tragically provided the sad, searing, grim, grotesque testimony of how Sandusky raped them — anally, orally, spiritually and psychologically. In all, Sandusky is on trial for 52 criminal counts of sexual abuse involving 10 alleged victims during a 15-year period.
If you haven’t already lost all respect for Penn State, its administration and its iconic former coach Joe Paterno, I suggest you read the gut-wrenching, stomach-turning accounts of what Sandusky allegedly did to these young boys.
Essentially, according to prosecutors, Sandusky started his Second Mile charity for troubled youths and set himself up as a father figure for lost boys from broken homes who desperately needed a male role model in their lives. Sandusky was the man who pretended to be their sworn protector but instead turned out to be their sexual predator.
One skinny 18-year-old, identified as Victim 9, took the stand and told his sad, sickening story. He grew up in a trailer park; his mother worked in a pub, and his father was who knows where. He was typical of the type of kid Sandusky’s charity was supposed to rescue.
He testified that when he was younger, his mother kept sending him to Sandusky’s house because she thought he needed a father figure in his life. Little did she know that while her son slept in the basement of Sandusky’s home, the former Penn State assistant coach allegedly forced him into oral and anal sex.
The kid was 12 years old and weighed just 67 pounds then. He testified that he would sometimes scream, but nobody could hear him. He would sometimes resist, but nobody could help him.
“There was no fighting against him,” Victim 9 told the jury. “Look at him. He’s a big guy. He’s way bigger than me. What was I supposed to do?”
The saddest part of all is that this could have been stopped long ago if Paterno and Penn State had done something when they first learned Sandusky might be abusing boys. Former Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary testified that he told Paterno and other Penn State officials about an incident in 2001 when he walked into the Penn State locker room and saw Sandusky having sex in the shower with a prepubescent boy. “In hindsight,” Paterno told The Washington Post before he died a few months ago, “I wish I had done more.”
Paterno, of course, did nothing except tell his athletic director, who then proceeded to also do nothing. Sandusky, even though he mysteriously resigned as Paterno’s defensive coordinator years ago, was even allowed to keep an office in the athletic complex until police started investigating him last year.
And what we have now is the most disgusting, despicable scandal in the history of college athletics, the college-football equivalent of the Catholic Church for decades covering up for clergymen who were sexually abusing children.
How could this ever happen?
How could this possibly be?
Aren’t college-football coaches such as Paterno and Sandusky supposed to be the ultimate father figures?
But on this day, Sandusky stands accused of raping young boys, while Paterno and his superiors are all accomplices.


Cardinal Dolan’s Decimation of Irish Seminary in Rome Goes Ignored In American Media

The Laughing Cow Prince Bishop of New York City

The American Main Stream Media are no doubt waiting like a bunch of hungry hounds for gifts and PR handouts of boxes of Cuban Cigars and cases of Jameson Whiskey to keep writing good things about the laughing cow Prince Bishop of New York City.  All you need to succeed in Benedict’s vengeful retaliatory gestures to the Irish Politicians who hate him and want him in a docket at the world court for crimes against humanity for his decades of support and cover up of clerical child abuse is send in a drunk fat stooge with a smile and a free pass from the world press to install a new set of no doubt hand picked closeted homosexual stooges, hand picked by Ratzinger and Bertone themselves, to run the Irish Seminary in Rome and all is right with the world.
MSM enablers of RC world wide child abuse for decades.  MSM enabling of decimation of the Irish Seminary in Rome. Same thing.
Irish Archbishops slam Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s report on Rome Irish college 
Cardinal Timothy Dolan has been attacked by four Irish archbishops for a misleading report which had led to major changes at the Irish College in Rome. 
The Irish Times reports that the four archbishops are heavily critical of Cardinal Dolan’s role in a visitation and review of the College ordered by the Pope. 
The four archbishops, Cardinal Seán Brady, Archbishop of Armagh; the Archbishop of Dublin, Dr Diarmuid Martin; the Archbishop of Tuam, Dr Michael Neary, and the Archbishop of Cashel, Dr Dermot Clifford, were sent a copy of the visitation report by the Vatican. 
They say Cardinal Dolan’s report, which has resulted in the college hierarchy being sent back to Ireland and may see it close down, is riddled with errors.Under orders from Pope Benedict, Cardinal Dolan led a root and branch review of all structures and processes at the famous Irish seminary in the Vatican. 
His report expressed concern about ‘the atmosphere, structure, staffing and guiding philosophy of the Irish College in Rome’. 
But now four of Ireland’s leading clerics have hit out at the report.In a statement to the Irish Times, they said: “As part of the process involved in the visitation to the Irish College, Rome, the trustees were given an initial report by the Holy See. 
“This initial report contained some serious errors of fact, including named individuals. Attentive to the importance of applying due process, and respecting the rights of those named in this initial report, the trustees made a detailed and considered response to the Holy See.” 
Cardinal Dolan was still an Archbishop when he led the apostolic visitation to the Irish College in Rome last year. 
He was assisted in the visitation report by the then Archbishop of Baltimore in the US and now Cardinal Edwin O’Brien, Msgr Francis Kelly of the Northern American College in Rome and others.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jewish / Jesus View on Abortion vs. Fairytale Catholic Bishops View

Rep. Lisa Brown in the Michigan State House voted against a draconian anti-choice Abortion Bill.  She used a word “Vagina”, forbidden, censored to be used in that legislative body and the cunt Legislature censured her for expressing her first amendment right to freedom of expression.
Below her words and the curious Jewish view of Abortion, a view that a Jew like Jesus might have held considering the interpretation of Jewish Law it is based on. Curiously, it is 180 degrees opposite of what the Fairy-tale Bishops of the RCC church said it should be.
Jesus was no fairy, he was a real man. Real too were his beliefs in humanity and the rights of a mother over the unborn in cases of life crisis, unlike many in so-called shady moral authority in these end days of western civilization.
I'm Jewish. I keep kosher in my home. I have two sets of dishes. One for meat and one for dairy, and another two sets of dishes on top of that for Passover. Judaism believes that therapeutic abortions, namely abortions performed in order to preserve the life of the mother are not only permissable but mandatory. The stage of pregnancy does not matter. Wherever there is a question of the life of the mother or that of the unborn child, Jewish law rules in favor of preserving the life of the mother. The status of the fetus as human life does not equal that of the mother. I have not asked you to adopt and adhere to my religious beliefs. Why are you asking me to adopt yours?
Michigan is now in Catholic Sharia Law territory?

USCCB Atlanta Meeting – Bill Donohue Catholic League Out – Don Draper types In

The Catholic Bishops got together in Atlanta in the American bishops boys club, USCCB, and the alpha bishops talked some of the lesser bishop types into the extreme need of an alpha Doctor Goebbels type spokesperson propaganda guru to get the word out for the ambitious alphas in their election year campaign commitments to the daily GOP talking points list etc. Need to save the whole, LOL, present USCCB set up and function under the ever glorious and wise beyond wise direction of its present elected leader, Cardinal Timmy Dolan of Gotham City. 
Apparently the baseball bat under the bar next to the bath house in the seminary basement approach of Mad Bill Donohue over at the Catholic League is more of an embarrassment to the Catholic Bishops than they care to admit.  While Laughing Timmy the Cow Dolan of New York will always be BFF and a former drinking buddy of Mad Bill, Mad Bill has been talking about retirement in his role as official spokesman for the RCC in the United States lately.  Right Bill? In either case, the well ($) is about to run dry on Bill.  Happy retirement Bill.
Looking for - Somebody young, sexy, male, a Don Draper Mad Men type, in a PR role to further his career and resume. Eye candy for the bishops. (yum, yum) Wink. Nod.
Maybe even a younger nicer female version of a Phyllis Schlafly type to aggressively uphold church standards and the anti-female, anti-gay agenda against the tidal wave of modernernism will do the bishops, the top bishops at lease, give them a little more PR clout in the media in this election year cycle. The Schlafly type will certainly help with the over 50 female crowd who currently bankroll the church from the pews and look the other way when yet another altar boy bites the dust and disappears from view on the Tridentine altar etc.
Local bishops, long comfortable with mimeographed PR hand out statements and ten second sound bite pronouncements on the local TV stations by the local bishop without any questions is like so old hat. The days of ranting Bishop Martino types formerly in Scranton, those days are surely over.  Whatever.
BTW, Captain Smith on the Titanic’s last official act as captain was appointing a new PR spokesperson.  LOL
Resumes to President of the USCCB Tim Dolan, 452 Madison Ave., NYC
Have a nice day.



Friday, June 15, 2012

30 Years of American Economic Stagnation – Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush/Obama Economy in the Toilet

"Success" you morons, its in the script. Wink, Nod.

While Obama is a short term holder of the Executive Branch, it was decided long ago that Deregulation and the Rape of the American Worker was the quickest way for a few to become robber baron billionaires.
Like the Great Soviet stagnation under a handful of incompetent leaders, America’s decline, stagnation and future disintegration is in the works.
And to quote myself from at least decade or more now:
The Soviet System merely Collapsed First!
And from Clinton signing away American Financial Security with the death of Glass-Steagall http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glass%E2%80%93Steagall_Act  in a special secret plea bargain with Special Republican Prosecutor Kenneth Starr, the die was cast.
In any case, it is crying over spilled milk.  Sunday’s election in Greece may finally push over the dead economic cadaver and bring about the official death certificate signing for the economic collapse of the West, Europe First, USA next. It will kind of be like watching all the debris of the Johnstown Flood, 1889, floating passed us on its way down stream.
Have a nice day.

Cash from China Funding Romney Bid - China First for Jobs ?

Mitt Romney - Macau Candidate - China First

Newt Gingrich's former sugar daddy Sheldon Adelson with his empire of gambling in Las Vegas as a mere front to the global gambling without transparency or accountability, is now fueling the Mormon Prez candidate with money that probably originates in China, China, China.

China First! All those hundreds of thousands of jobs destroyed by Bain Capital, those Jobs have found a decent home, respected jobs by Chinese workers and not jobs direpected by American employees and taken away from them by Romney/Bain, are now in China thanks to lobbying efforts and money, money, money from Sheldon Adelson of Macau China.

Romney, the Manchurian Candidate, or more accurately the "Macau Candidate" now has unlimited slave generated cash from China being put into one of his many PACs to air propaganda in his Plutocrat bid for the White House.

Senator McCain in Arizona was making these points of corruption and takeover of the American Electoral Process open to the highest global bidder in the news.

In Sheldon Adelson We Trust


Restore Our Future, which is run by a handful of former Romney aides and confidantes, raised and spent more than $41 million during the Republican presidential primary season — money spent largely on negative television ads that went after the likes of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum. 
During the primary, Adelson and his family gave more than $20 million to a super PAC supporting Gingrich. But even then, sources close to the billionaire said he was comfortable with Romney as the eventual nominee. 
Adelson is the eighth-richest man in the world with an estimated net worth of about $25 billion dollars. 
A college dropout raised in Boston by poor Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe, Adelson pursued various business ventures before striking gold in the computer trade show industry. He used that money to revive the Sands Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. He helped turn the Strip into a major convention destination and now owns resorts in Macao and Singapore. 
Adelson started out life as a Democrat. But in the 80s and 90s, as his wealth grew and he clashed with unionized hotel workers, he became a loyal Republican. He also supports conservative politicians and causes in Israel, where he owns the newspaper Israel Hayom. He also donates millions to charity, in particular medical research. 
He told the Las Vegas Sun in May that he would  was “going to give one more small donation — you might not think it's that small — to a super PAC and then if I give it will be to a C4.” (A 501c4 group does not have to disclose its donors; the GOP-backing Crossroads GPS is a likely beneficiary of Adelson’s funds.) 
“I’m against very wealthy ­people attempting to or influencing elections,” he said in a March Forbes interview. “But as long as it’s doable I’m going to do it.”
China First - Romney Bain Exported New Jobs Foreign Policy Proposal?


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Awakening - Primeaux & Mike

Sic Semper Tyrannis? - George W. Bush

A little artsy effigy thing in the news.
Some (yawn) protests from the church lady nanny state Republicans because of a look alike decapitated head, stage prop, on a spike in the HBO series Game of Thrones.
Doesn't look anything like him.  The stage prop looks noble, intelligent. 
Must be lonely in retirement for George W. Bush.  What have you not done for your country lately Junior?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vatican Bank IOR Under Investigation as Mafia Front for Money Laundering

The Vatican Bank is under media fire as reports emerge that Italian prosecutors suspect it of laundering Sicilian mafia bosses’ riches. 
The Institute for Works of Religion, commonly known as the Vatican Bank, has so far refused to disclose details of an account held by a priest in connection with a money laundering and fraud investigation. 
Father Ninni Treppiedi was sacked from serving as a priest after a series of church funds transactions made by his parish came to anti-mafia prosecutors’ attention this spring. The dealings, involving millions of euro, date back to 2007-2009. 
Prosecutors suspect Treppiedi was involved in money-laundering operations linked to Matteo Messina Denaro, a Mafia Godfather on the run. The cleric’s former post in Aclamo, near Trapani, is said to be the richest parish in the Mafia stronghold of Sicily. 
Trapani prosecutor Marcello Viola made the request to disclose Treppiedi’s account details over six weeks ago. But the Vatican, though confirming the request has been received, maintains the issue is not mafia-related.The first reports on the scandal emerged in the Italian media two weeks after the head of the Vatican Bank, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, was ousted after receiving a unanimous vote of no-confidence from bank overseers.
The banker is under investigation for another case of alleged money laundering. But there is speculation that the actual reason behind the no-confidence vote is that Tedeschi was aware of possible mafia links and leaked names and accounts details to police.