Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Counter Reformation Failed – Proof - Study - USCCB

Just as a twat like Stephen Hawking is battling Dawkins and Hitchens for legal regal  title to Atheist Pope over the new global Atheist religion, the dumb f**** over at comedy central (USCCB) come out with a  new report:

WASHINGTON – Researchers commissioned by the nation's Roman Catholic bishops to analyze the pattern of clergy sex abuse have concluded that homosexuality, celibacy and an all-male priesthood did not cause the scandal.

The study by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York instead said that the problem was largely the result of poor seminary training and insufficient emotional support for men ordained in the 1940s and 1950s, who were not able to withstand the social upheaval they confronted as pastors in the 1960s. Crime and other deviant behavior increased overall in the United States during this period, when the rate of abuse by priests was climbing.

"The rise in abuse cases in the 1960s and 1970s was influenced by social factors in society generally," the report's authors said. "Factors that were invariant during the time period addressed, such as celibacy, were not responsible for the increase or decline in abuse cases over this time."

Victims' groups dismissed the report as an attempt to focus blame for the scandal on priests, instead of on bishops who allowed offenders to stay in ministry without warning parents or police. "They want us to fixate on abusive priests, not callous bishops," the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests said in a statement.
In other words, the Council of Trent, the Counter Reformation, and the 613 odd pages of the Tridentine Catechism, the training manual for all RC priests, fell apart and proved a failure in the face of “Modernity”, an instrument of democracy, humanism and of course Satan.

The Devil and or Modernity made them do it – the sexual abuse thing.

If the modern world continues, the Vatican hierarchy, the spiritual sons of Borgia, cannot save us all from Hell.

Or the Bullshit of the Council of Trent just ran out of official steam in the mission statement of whatever it is these days - real estate, banking money laundering, anti-human sexuality (birth control), anti-heterosexuality (as in the case of Father Cutie), anti-homosexuality that the RC church thingy has in reality become today.

What the hell ever happened to Jesus? 

Jesus H Christ! ( damn these a-holes make me angry in the name of ... )


Of course this BS study is all backtracking. Trying recently to blame the gays in the priesthood for the failure in the seventeenth century mission statement does have a potential backlash. If ninety percent of your males only clergy walk, the corporation is a shell and technically out of business. (Amen) (Hallelujah)

(Can’t let that happen yet - not until the last parish property in North America has been sold, assets desposited offshore and hopefully forgotten and not prosecuted - cross your fingers.)

Have a nice day.