Friday, January 1, 2010

Happey Pagan new year to you all!

this year i opted to watch times square online with CNN.

I felt a great energy watching youth and kissin and whatever.

Although I have never in over thirty years on and off in the big apple made it to Times Square on New Years Eve - I join the ranks of my maternal grandmother, metaphorically speaking, who lived her whole life in philly and never visited Independence Hall - whatever.

I noticed that the new global New World Order national anthem was played just before the real countdown to the new year - John Lennon - Imagine.

I see now what Obama has to recognize and reflect upon - the energy of the united states that is now that of a global world empire.

The question now is whether that Global Empire is Just or it is controlled by elements of the dark side aka Cheney NeoCon INC.

Anyway, stop your blathering son. I heard a song that really hit the "light" within for me played shortly after midnight in times square, and into the new year. I believe the artist and the song rendition is from the "light" side within our mortal existence.

happy first day of the next ten thousand years of the human race!