Friday, May 3, 2013

911 Museum WTC Now Officially Turned into Commodity/Circus/Freak Show - $25 Admission Fee - Corporate Disneyland Making a Buck Off Victims/Dead of 9-11-2001

911 Museum - Popcorn! Peanuts! Cotton Candy!

“It’s ridiculous,” said retired FDNY Deputy Chief Jim Riches of Dyker Heights, who lost his firefighter son Jimmy.

“We asked for a memorial and they’ve turned this into a P.T. Barnum production. These people are trying to make money off the worst day in American history.” 

Eileen Torres, whose firefighter cousin, Manuel Del Valle Jr., also perished on that unforgettable day, called the move “absolutely disrespectful.” 

“We were really hoping it wouldn’t come to that,” said Torres, who lives in Dutchess County. “From the beginning, they’ve been treating this like a business. It’s not a business — it’s a memorial.” 

Debra Burlingame, a 9/11 relative who took part in planning the museum, said “the idea of charging admission is not something we ever wanted to do.”

When Do We Celebrate Cinco de Mayo This Year?

President Benito Juarez of Mexico - Bryant Park New York 

Cinco de Mayo happens to fall on the Fifth of May this year. Lol

Most Americans only know of the Cinco de Mayo as a festival that Mexican Americans celebrate a little like St. Patrick’s Day.  It is a day to assert, defend and celebrate ethnic identity.

The actual date May 5, 1862 marks a surprise victory of Mexican Forces at the Battle of Puebla shortly after the French invaded and set up a puppet dictator in the form of a useless royal cousin of France’s Napoleon III.

Napoleon’s useless royal cousin, Maximilian I, was set up as Emperor of Mexico under power of a French Military force.

The French came into Mexico, within the U.S.A.’s realm of influence when the U.S. got involved in a Civil War and was not in a position to challenge the French colonial presence in the western hemisphere.

The French eventually left after being harassed in combat etc. by the legitimate Government Forces of Mexico under President Benito Juarez.

The new Emperor Maximilian I got shot by a firing squad in 1867 after being captured by the Mexicans.

Moral of the story to Maximilian. He should have gotten a real job and not been a dictator for some corporate banking thugs and gangsters who tried to steal the country of Mexico.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


Serial Pedophile Protector Newark NJ Archbishop Myer’s Resignation Demanded by New Jersey Legislators

I was just taken aback that the local New Jersey PBS news program spent close to eight minutes on the news story of Democratic State Legislators among others demanding resignation of what appears to be a Serial Pedophile Protector RC Bishop moved from diocese to diocese over the years who does not do anything to protect children from accused pedophile priests.

NJ Today also interviewed the mother of an abuse victim from Archbishop Myers former assignment and how he had threatened to take away the parents’ business of the abuse victim if they would not shut up and stop making trouble for the Bishop in Peoria.

Apparently the RC church besides sending pedophiles, priests from parish to parish and state to state does the same for the Pedophile Denying and Pedophile Protecting Hierarchy.

New Jersey is a Catholic state with close to 40 percent of the population listed as Catholic and it is the only religion to have a double digit membership in that statistical category.

No doubt Archbishop Myers' becoming a political football in the secular realm is indeed a different twist to the RC sacred tradition of secret clerical sexual perversion.