Saturday, November 26, 2011

Coriolanus - Shakespeare

Penn State Independent Cover Up Begins - Louis Freeh on Scene - Pedo State No More - Nittany Jitbags No More!

Louis Freeh, Former misDirector of the FBI, famous for mediocrity, missing files, and letting key witnesses disappear or merely walk away in the Waco Inferno Mess or the Oklahoma City Bombing, has been brought in to cover up this Catholic Pedo Scandal conduct an impartial independent investigation for Penn State of the Jerry Sandusky incident which may or may not have involved a mere handful of kids.

Even before Director Freeh has unpacked the decorative chotskies for his desk in a hallway at Old Main, a major theme has emerged.

The Lone Magic Rapist Theory will be the final meme proved beyond a shadow of a doubt in the soon to be infamous Freeh Report at Penn State. This theory, with proven roots in bullshit and government propaganda and mimics the Magic Bullet theory, handcrafted for the Warren Commission in the JFK Conspiracy cover up, has emerged. Hell Pennsylvanian Arlen Spector sold his soul and made a whole lifetime career of public service mooching on the government dole off of making something out of nothing - magic.

The American Public will buy.  They bought Arlen for close to forty years. Poor saps.

Anyway, the fact that all these lay Catholics are allegedly involved in the alledged crimes and now cover up, w/uber-Catholic Freeh, makes one wonder if this is merely a laity plot or the Catholic bishops shared, share, in any of the profits?  

The PC answer is that Sandusky should not be persecuted because of his devoutness to his faith in his singular, acting alone, in alledgedly buggering little kids, left and right, on Campus.  Otherwise the Catholic bishops will be yelling anti-catholicism and rightfully so.  

That Joe Paterno, a pillar of his church, could not have looked away while dozens or hundreds of needy kids got passed around campus, to sports announcers, corporate board rooms and the very halls of Congress and let’s not forget the White House or Supreme Court (wink-nod) (;*). (that’s two wink-nods on catholic majority scotus, that is)

End of story on the Catholic theory of child traffickng.  Good Catholics could not possible look the other way while child abuse was evident in their very midst and community.  Yeah right. How do you spell Cardinal Bernard Law?

So the fault lay with the staff of Penn State.  Existing rules have been reviewed.  They are inadequate.  Sorry.  They will be changed. 

( Campus Police were exempted from this academic investigation. )

End of Investigation.

Well done Louis.  I smell a Knighthood of Malta in all this for you!

Our thoughts and prayers to the one or two possible real victims of these alledged crimes by a great coach at Penn State who we believe was merely horseing around etc. He’s just a big kid himself ya know.

(How was that Arlen? Think the moron public will buy this lone mad man, magic bullet, coverup bullshit one more time???)

Back to Business as usual at Penn State’s multi billions of dollars business diploma factory enterprise.
Excitement over. Go to the book store and buy your $400 textbook without fear of being attacked.

Have a nice day. 

($3,850,000 bill to Penn State for professional cover up services to be wired to Vatican Bank account xxx xxxx xxxx x.) (send via Knights of Columbus worldwide money wire services)


To the Victims - Everywhere - Always