Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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One Man’s Art is Another Man’s Blasphemy – St. Matt’s in the City Auckland – C.I.N.O. – Christian in Name Only – the “New Evangelization”

Me pregnant? Can't be. I'm unmarried. Should I call Planned Parenthood?

Some news from parts down under.  The above billboard poster outside St. Matthew’s in the City Anglican Church in Auckland New Zealand got defaced recently.  Some Catholic group took credit for the vandalism proudly in the energy and spirit of the Ratzinger USCCB knuckle dragging, club wielding, Volksmiliz enforced “New Evangelism” .

No doubt Ratzinger’s limited German vision sees the perfect German town square where like-minded German people are welcome to share only one state approved vision of things like the Virgin Mary, pregnancy, etc. and in the total abstinence of thought of petty matters that women should not concern themselves with like birth control or pregnancy testing devices like the one the Virgin Mary is holding above.

Church defends controversial billboard

St. Matt’s is no doubt an intelligent progressive type of congregation and no doubt gets its kicks out of insulting the intellectual mechanics of the average New Zealander Archie Bunker types.  St. Matt’s says it wants to provoke thought and possible discussion and debate with its “controversial” church billboards.

One man’s art or starting point on debate can in fact be another person’s blasphemy. 

Two points. 

-It must be a bore to be above average in intelligence in a backwater of the planet like Auckland and thus the need to poke sticks at the superstitious beliefs of others.  

-In the modern virtual global town square, be careful what tools you use to address matters and try to live with your neighbors on the other side of the town square. 

No doubt Auckland is pretty much still a small real town square that still exists in our common English speaking heritage and traditions.  The Virtual Town Square is virgin turf for the hearts of minds of the Internet and the planet.  

They came out of their side streets, off the town square, forty years ago, trying to impose Catholic Sharia, Humanae Vitae, on the planet in the Real Town Square of old days.  The fight for freedom of thought on this planet is now taking place in the Virtual Global Town Square of the Present.

Beware of the “New Evangelization” in the real and virtual worlds financed and administered by people’s militia types, thugs. Beware of idea campaigns, thoughts (marching orders) like those advocated by Ratzinger, Dolan and Lori, and acted upon in ugly reality fashion in Auckland. 

Such new evangelizations are I fear IMHO - C.I.N.O. – Christian and or Catholic – In Name Only.

Have a nice day.  And don’t commit any violent or non-violent hate crimes in the name of your god, whoever or whatever that is.