Thursday, June 9, 2011

Search for Spirituality - Peter Kennedy

Thumbnail Sketch of Jesus

Perhaps in one of my long standing prayers to somehow meet Jesus, I think I briefly channeled into an image of him – sort of  – a thumbnail image – just before I awoke this morning.

The conversation was something like he needed a driver with a license to drive his pick up truck.  (Apparently he did not have a license? I am not sure.)

He needed to drive over to his aunt’s church (parish?) (aunt? What was his aunt’s name?) to help hand out food to the poor.

Before I realized who he was, had been, he had turned away from me and was walking over to some nearby spot. I was searching dream memory for an image of the person I had just been speaking to in a dream and I came up blank. (I did not see his face though I knew it was him.)

Walking away in jeans and a denim shirt he had almost shoulder length unkept hair.  He carried himself like some aging has been rock star who after being on a binge or two knew that he was needed elsewhere other than in his own present self pity.  

In a way, a human Jesus is all we aspire to meeting.  The gold, the glitz, the hype, the groupies of some long gone old day history tours was long faded. 

But the spark and the talent is still there.