Wednesday, October 26, 2011

American Education Ain’t Worth Jack Shit

The way the godless money men and women have commoditized education in this country, it is now out of reach of the common man, even with a gazillion student loans.  Considering all the college grads that I have trained over the years, the youngest ones that have spent the most money on their education seem to be the stupidest.

I say stupid because somewhere along the timeline the myth that college taught truth and or knowledge got wrapped up with the value of bundled mortgage securities and the like.

My most cynical line over the years has been that if Harvard could teach you anything worth knowing in life, they could charge you $250,000 a credit.  Well they still cannot teach common sense, Jack Shit to be honest, but the academic whores at Harvard are close to charging that $250,000 a credit for their stamp, imprimatur class of ediocation.

It is not to say than some kids with college degrees these days are not intelligent.  But do they know where Belgium is? Do they know who engaged in the American Civil War?  Or more importantly why? Do they know if blue is green?  Huh?

I have seen my son’s college text books.  The books, the paperbacks cost hundreds of dollars.  The shit in them is changed every six months like a 1990s personal computer.  The flavor of the month history, political science (they don’t call it that anymore) and literature is more geared toward some as yet to be revealed unknown political agenda. 

Is it actually an education agenda intertwined with the Publishing Industrial Complex that gets their bribes and inflated kickbacks from the Universities to enslave these poor kids in eternal debt. And worse than that, the books are printed in freakin China no less.

Of course, colleges can teach professions.  Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants to name a few. But all this other stuff seems more like bullshit than education.

And the little tin gods who run departments with triple degrees in bullshit are the morons in charge of the top end of this education morass.

I don’t like the thought of home schooling mostly because on that end of the spectrum, they only seem to just want to teach Jesus and dinosaur husbandry.  But looking at the idiots, the educationists, I have had to deal with through the years trying to get a learning disabled child to conform to their totalitarian world view for testing and learning conformity and turning young minds into cookie cutter robots in life, I can see why this country is so fucked up across the board.

There was a time when college was for people who wanted to be ministers or doctors or chemists.  And the son of the factory owner killed time there on his way to inheriting the factory - the only true formula to American success.  Back then on a small scale it was a necessary evil.

But who has ever proven that a college degree from an Ivy League college meant anything in terms of intelligence.  Look at George Bush as a sad example of how money can buy a degree at Yale and Harvard and not produce an improvement in personal intelligence or incremental increase in benefit to society.

To all the baby boomers that sat in classrooms and conformed and got a sheepskin on a wall to get an above average salaried job, those glory hole days are over.  If these young kids want to make a living, they've
got to hustle the old fashioned way, show some sweat, and not sit around running up student loan debt hoping the jobs are going to magically reappear from India or China.

In other words, get a life.  Start a factory, sell something, and create something other than a video game.  The future belongs to the people with common sense, old fashioned horse sense or as I sometimes call it Farm Sense.

Farm Sense means that if you don’t make the hay, don’t feed the cow or the pig, you starve to death.  That is where America is headed I fear.

I know Obama looks good in his $3500 suits and I saw him on Leno last night. He has all the right degrees etc.  But he won the lottery in life a long time ago.  He was the right poise, the right perfect PC brain dead language that sounds like a perfect delivery of a Ronny Reagan news conference script written by his keepers. 

His recent pandering to help students with student loan debt makes him just another tool of the Man.  Don’t be fooled.  A used car salesman in a $3500 suit is still just a used car salesman.  (Look under the hood.)

Don’t believe the myth that you can buy into the privileged silver spoon class with the right education.  Some can win that lottery, like one in a million.  Truth is - only the children of the rich who go to Ivy League schools, whose parents and grandparents went there as well, are guaranteed a country club crony place on the board room table of a bank or a brokerage house or partnership in a Wall Street law firm.
The rest of you are just education fodder ground up and spit out by the Education/Publishing Industrial (For Profit only) Industrial Complex and charged an arm, a leg and an asshole for the privilege.

Get a life.  Create your own job. Don’t waste time instutionalized in an American university where your intelligence and ambition will get turned into, useless in real life, educated mush.

If you must get a higher education – learn some languages - go overseas or abroad.  America’s time has come and gone.  Good luck.