Friday, June 24, 2016

Winston Churchill's Ghost on Brexit.

On Brexit:

We saved Britain from the Nazis only to lose Her 71 years later to the dark dogs of Fear.  The greatest enemy always seems to come within. 


More Upheavals and Realignments - 2016 - Humanity's Declinging Fate?

The graphic is from my January 1, 2016 blog page not predicting but feeling the upcoming upheavals and realignments of 2016 and beyond.


The elites in Britain have used fear and xenophobia to convince the mob to act against their own best interests. This goes back to Margaret Thatcher destroying the British working class (jobs) heartland to make the greedy bankers in London even richer. One good thing is that once Scotland gets independence soon, Northern Ireland in desperation will ask to join the Irish Republic in the south. The royal family if it survives the guillotine (LOL) will be driving themselves around in Volvos and Buckingham Palace might one day become a world class museum to rival the Louvre.

You've got to try and look for the silver linings in global revolutions? Better than crying for humanity's declining fate.