Saturday, January 19, 2013

Agnostic Spoken Here

Agnostic is spoken here.

It is not the only language. I welcome differing points of view. But after something like a quarter century search for meaning and life and purpose of being, I have come to the conclusion that nobody really knows when it comes to the concept of “God” – who or what that three letter word really represents or means.

As you may have noticed I did a visual change on the blog cover overhead.

The dragon is not demonic, merely my Chinese Zodiac sign in green, a life color.  My image concession to the growing global culture of the human race.

I have also included a phrase I have used for many years.

“Just because man invented God does not mean that God does not exist.”

Hardly McShea’s Law or Logic formula on Agnosticism but a start.

I do not think that Agnosticism is half-assed Atheism because once an Atheist declares “there is not God”, he or she is not proclaiming it in a vacuum but in a functioning multi-dimensional world that needs some explaining sometime, somewhere from a scientific point of view at least.

And to explain God in terms of centuries old myth and superstitions is moot in the Twenty-first century of a common global era of the human race.

Also, I do not like a lot of the Atheists out there in the public square who seem so loud and vulgar in their defense of something that is both of a quasi-religious and secular nature.

Most Atheists I perceive to be first and foremost anti-religion perhaps due to bad past religious life experiences. The issue of God or Creator gets caught up many times entangled in that personal experience thing.

Atheism per se has gotten a bad rap through the centuries because it has always been a political term to quash any political dissent within the ruling theocracies which I think have been a majority throughout human history, both helping and hurting human history along the road to evolution of the species to bigger and better things.

That an extension of the tribe or clan has been the city state and the official party line, the official religion and or god has always been the local glue that holds the whole mess together at any given time locally along the human race timeline. 

That God for a lack of a better word is a metaphor, real at least to me, matching reality to a point and not unlike that of my childhood imaginary friend.

I think that when people say they believe in God, they are really saying that they conform to the local standards and enjoy the myth coming off of stained glass or the printed page and not necessarily in relation to total reality.

That looking at Dawkins Atheist Forum dissolve into chaos and dogmatic warfare says to me that Atheism is too on a certain level just another religion full of useless dogma.

As I have stated here on more than one occasion, I am Areligionist first, without religion and or dogma, before I am second Agnostic, with doubt about all popular religious cultural myths. I simply do not know.

That if anything, I am a closeted Quaker, not an official member of that party, but believe in the specialness of my own personal being and or personal God within aka the divine spark within.

Seeing the political scape descend into madness is seeing too much money and too much religion in politics these days.

That must change. Theologies do not work in the face of technology. Reality and myth conflict and reality is probable in most cases as opposed to any myth.

I remain a Cultural Christian because I believe in the basic teachings of Jesus. I do not however believe in his so-called divinity. 



Dave said...

OK Mike..I can dig it. It fits like a well worn glove. Just keep telling like it is and no sugar on top. Cool..

M.McShea said...

Thx. You're a long time fan Dave. I am just refining the message and trying to remind myself again what I think is what. I also want others, other than yourself, I want to remind them where I am coming from.

Agnikan said...

What sort of God are you not sure exists?

M.McShea said...

I grew up with a well-defined and or local God in a cultural American backwater. The God I am not sure exists is the well-defined God that the present political / PR religious leaders say is theirs to define.

While I have changed my definition of God over the decades, the public in general in America is still locked onto some centuries old Icon. I have since moved onto an uncomfortable Deist POV mixed with a Theist loophole.

That for myself to embrace the concept of the Quakers divine spark within, I see a real temporary here and now Deity but the mythology of the global perception or the afterlife myths don’t gel with me and my feelings and or perceptions.

God is indefinable. God is real but I cannot attach dogma to my belief of such (Areligionist).