Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Salsa Chihuahua


Beit Shemesh – Israel – Child Abuse - Misogyny – Human Rights – Mashugana (strange desert god/religion)

G*d only speaks to me - not y*u!

I don’t know how to approach this story.  I am reluctant to touch anything Jewish for fear of being labeled an anti-Semite, the most abused label on the planet after the term “nazi”.

But I have seen this story on various blogs and expressing its opinions as it slowly makes its way out of Israel to the real world and light of reason.

To make a long story short, there are a bunch of ultra-orthhodox Jews living in the town of Beit Shemesh near Tel-Aviv that are coming up again uber-orthodox Jews who spit on an eight year old girl on the way to school.  She was not wearing the Jewish Sharia equivalent of a Burkha, to keep these horny uber-dudes from being temped and getting hard-ons in the presence of female flesh.

It sounds like a page out of Iran Sharia etc. and the standard hatred of women by the gay (one superior sex) mean desert god than many Jews, Christians and Muslims worship.  Worship a bit too much and a bit too hard.

Of course the fundamentalist Jews in Israel are the beard for the secular state of Israel and all that Jewish religious stuff that the crazy fundy Christians go in for like Bachmann, Perry, Hagee etc.

There is also an underlying hatred among secular Jews in Israel against the Fundy Jews that do no military services and apparently pay no taxes either etc. and they have more say in this town about how inferior women should or should not get an education and whether these satans in dresses sit in the back of the bus or not so to speak.  But like I said there is a method to the madness with the religious beard thing and a reason a so-called state of Israel exists.

This fundamentalist takeover of the public square and in favor of the closeted gay monotheistic desert god seems to be a disease among the ignorant amongst the Jews, Christians and Muslims worldwide.

Church and state should be separate and god help the Palestinians waiting for some humanity from all these Mashuganas who cannot help but abuse a girl child in the name of their strange desert god.