Monday, March 24, 2014

The Human Touch and Purpose - 85 years Young and Still Going - Blasius Chocolates Harrowgate Philly

Bless the human spirit and the need to contribute to the productivity of the Community@!




Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen – Cardinal Burke Out of Fashion in Pope Francis’ New Vatican Season

He was yelling about being arrested by Obama in 2011, persecuted for his faith and expecting martyrdom. Little did he expect a shiv in the back from his own kind of the priestly class. His guy – Benedict XVI retires – and all his latest line of fashion rags are oh so no chic no more. 

Well maybe next season Ray for a comeback?

One of the most conservative voices in the American Catholic Church, and one of the least forgiving, Burke must have thought the world had turned upside down on the morning of December 16.

That day he learned he was losing his influential role in the appointment of bishops – in the same week that the nations most prominent gay rights magazine The Advocate was choosing Pope Francis as their Person of the Year.

It wasn't a coincidence. The new pope has said he wants to move away from the 'obsessive focus' on divisive social issues, and to do that he has begun to muzzle some of the most prominent conservative cultural warriors. So bye bye Cardinal Burke. You're going the way of shoulder pads and leg warmers….

But times change and so does fashion. The fashion under Pope Emeritus Benedict was to relentlessly hit hot button social issues and the people who promoted them. Benedict didn't tailor his conscience to the fabric of the times, but instead remained hopelessly, often hilariously anachronistic. He governed like it was 1406, not 2006. He was a man after Cardinal Burke's heart but in tone and substance, and especially in style, Benedict was a PR disaster for the Church.


Napoleonic Complex – How Tall Is Canadian Senator Ted Cruz? – 5’7” – 2 to 3 Inches Taller With Heels

I cannot help it. People come to me when they want real answers about the Canadian Citizen Currently from Texas Senator Rafael Cruz Jr.

Will all the bullshit on the Internet about Canadian Senator Ted Cruz, nothing about his short stature and standing next to the wee senator Lee from Utah to look taller, I pulled a number out of a hat to start the bidding war and historic cultural archive, probably all lies from FOX NEWS about how tall midget of a human being Ted Cruz really is.

A lot of wanna be Napoleons running around the planet lately.

God protect us from all these scrimp losers@!