Sunday, June 1, 2014

Six years on – this cultural” Christian” is still wandering around in the dark (but with a better sense of direction perhaps than six years ago)

Just because man invented the concept of god, (it) does mean that god does not exist.

After six years of this blog I have many times, in describing my perceptions of things, that in terms of people trying to find some spiritual satisfaction in the old religions, I am content to report that they, along with myself included, have many times come away empty from this search.

That many times these old religions are obsolete because the god and or gods on which these old religions are based – the god-base is obsolete as well. Obscure gods giving obscure directions to even obscurer and or dim-witted souls (“humans”).

Obsolete because they, she, he, it, do not presently fully integrate with the new definitions needed to co-exist with the new virtual global reality. Clear vision for the faithful - reading the myth once more to remain in perfect harmony with the “sacred” message born out of the ancient oral sounds and or written text? Yeah right.

I have stated many times that the old definition of god ( in the context of my cultural corner of the universe) in this modern global culture needs a new definition to be relevant in the repeating of the myth - for the ten trillionth and one time.

Today – I believe that not only the definition of god is obsolete but for sake of a better thing to say – god too is obsolete as well in our growing robot dependent culture.  Obsolete - and irrelevant as well? (God, or its new definition, is a thing evolving that we now at present do not recognize and I fear - is right in front of us as well.)

Man as a monkey evolved with hands to make tools and make daily bread / food and or shelter. God at some points of the timeline got defined by the monkeys. GOD of the future is presently being designed (redesigned?) and is I think, by true definition, literally a logarithm?

Today, technology and toys are the tools not to create anything real, but dependency, so much a virtual stop gap measure, but something shiny to occupy the monkey masses while the robots, ATMs, credit cards, I-pods, I-phones, goog-L-glasses, games etc. take hold invading the ancient body politic, home, culture. The old hand of power slipping silently, gently into a newer glove of power?

Does that make me an atheist – at least for one day? No. Not really. It all depends on what your definition of atheist is – is.

And quite frankly what I see of all these I.V. league dis-educated trust fund elite types on both sides of the English speaking pond - all shouting at each other in alpha male posturing to be the head of the heap of this new atheist religion thing masquerading as an anti-religion/anti-god thing – I don’t see much. A corner street fight, not a major world religion contender.

Nothing in a major way from that side of the court except for a few small voices drowned out in that local street fight thing for power on a small turf thing but one with the ability to grow and franchise, cashing in on the new “None” of the above religious beliefs – Nones – and their growing footprint of - by default “religious” and or “non-religious” POVs.

Replacing god and or religion with your new non-definitions or more accurately, these non-definitions of god and religion are many times mixed with secular politics. In a way, and for some time, the ruling elites like the atheist Koch Brothers / George Soros types have been maneuvering within their greedy anti-human capitalism religion to downgrade the old Christ religion in favor of the new Capitalist religion – where the magic hands of high priests of capitalism make the magic bread of a “perfect” (man-made) economic model.  “Perfect” is god. Therefore capitalism must be “god”. Etc.


That dependence on electricity, clean water, calories, fossil fuel based heat and energy, communication electronics, games, entertainment, time killing drugs, drone office cubicle “work” etc. The old religions are dead. The old gods are dead. The new religion, the new god, is injected into the dependent veins of the present race addicted to convenience and the ignorance tagged along with it.

The old economics are dead as well but let’s not go there. The forensics of dissecting that dead old economic dinosaur of ages past is beyond my mere blogging spot. LMAO

I can well imagine myself being a Roman in the last days of Rome and not believing in the old gods and here comes along the mean desert god male army penis religion of Constantine to tell me what to believe and when to march and when to worship the emperor etc. = Constantine’s “Christ”-inanity.

The story of Constantine’s Roman “Christ” myth as the basis of his new Roman Empire State Religion have been told a couple of trillion of times by now on the timeline of human history and a couple hundred thousand times in my personal timeline at least as well.

A lie told once is still a lie. A lie and or myth told a trillion times is still a lie and or a myth - and or the basic cultural myth (shit mixed with dirt at our feet) of all - like it or not...

That there are those minor conflicts of the myth of original Jewish rabbi “Jesus” (“Jesus Christ minus the Constantine Christ) – conflicts many times within the dumbed down media exercise to kill intelligence (old time) and more importantly kill time as the clock runs out toward the designed future of the minority elites living in space (bubble) pods here and on other planets and the voids of space off-planet.

More and more the extremes in politics and its many masks (in and of religion and or economics) - reminds me of religious and or satanic cults of the past = brainwashing by any other name = not reality by my personal definition of it.

And so it goes.