Tuesday, September 1, 2015

DAESCH / ISIS / ISIL Prove To Be Trashy Neighbors in Palmyra Syria

The assholes over at ISIS / ISIL /DAESCH are worshipping their mean desert god Allah by pissing on and blowing up Roman ruins in Syria at a place called Palmyra. Looking at shots of these ruins, they are quite interesting and would have been a great tourist destination for myself in the future before the Assholes of the Islamic State blew up their future tourist revenue without any thought to the future.

I can see now that those pages in the Koran in England have been carbon-dated and pre-date General Mohammed’s reign of terror in the Middle East of 14 hundred years ago. Plagiarism is no crime especially if you can’t read and write like that Mo guy.

These monotheistic, one penis god religions of Generals Moses, Constantine and Mohammed come crashing together sharing the same mean desert god who some drunken goatherd had delusions about in 140 degree deserts. Alcohol dehydrates and destroys the brains in such environments.

As for Palmyra, it is not like the place has not been picked over for close to two thousand years by looters and whatnot. There are other ruins elsewhere and if you can’t find the cash to restore the ruined ruins at Palmyra, there always is Disney Land or Las Vegas to get that clean tourist feel for the late great roman ruins of Palmyra in Syria. Like sucks and then you die. Whatever. (Or - life is too short to worry about the ruining of "ruins" in some far away place. - People of the Species are far more important than ancient R/E and carved stone.)

One as in Monotheism if a finite concept, like its creator Man.


Young's Pier - Atlantic City - 1898