Monday, March 31, 2014

Hobby Lobby – Secret Communist / Christian Cult ? – From Each According to Their Ability to Each According to their Food Stamps Qualifying Income

The trick with secret and strange religious cults like Hobby Lobby is to present themselves as just regular next door kind of guys.

As previously posted Hobby Lobby pays it full-time employees $14 an hour minimum wage. 

That sounds great but then you have to step back and realize that $14 an hour for a forty hour work week is enough for a family of four to qualify for Food Stamps. And just forget about the part time no benefit slobs with twenty-five hours at $9.50 an hour "Minimum" wage. 

Strange how the Corporate Global Spreadsheet throws government subsidies such as Food Stamps and Medicaid Qualification into the barest minimum to pay human beings while still claiming to have respect for them and making a huge profit off of their labor.

That Hobby Lobby is from what I can see just another lazy Republican Business needing welfare from the government to survive and at a profit to finance all its bizarre political cult stuff and the son Selling Home Schooling Supplies to the Ignorant.

That if you pay the same wage $14 an hour to half your work force (full timers) and there is no merit raises, then all the workers are merely Communist workers receiving the same equal pay for disproportionate amounts of work.

That is Communism and it is not far from Hobby Lobby and its racist policy to support China and its Genocidal Abortion policies for the Chinese which is okay and its Racial Purity policies in America of not aborting any white fetuses to increase the master race. Through in a little, very little, Christianity, and you have one really fucked up company founded by David Green and his hierarchy cult family still in charge in the front office.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Hobby Lobby Minimun Wage Part Time Employees Eligible for Food Stamps? Red GOP States Claiming Religious Liberty Exceptions on Refusing Federal Medicaid Aid?

I do not know what Medicaid requirements are for red states currently refusing Federal Medicaid subsidies, but if you look at one third of Hobby Lobby employees at 25 hours per week at a fantastic $9.50 minimum wage - $12,350 per annum – that puts them in range of Food Stamps qualification if they in fact are supporting children? That hey, you have one part time job, go out in a busted economy and land another. Yeah right.

And a family of four on a full time Hobby Lobby full time salary at a fantastic $14.00 (Link Bottom of Page) minimum wage  - $29,120 per annum still qualifies for Food Stamps?

Hobby Lobby like WalMart depends on federal food subsidies to support their work staff? Why not tax the corporations in accordance for Free Food to their workers???

That the red state refusal of Medicaid upgrades is in fact the states using Religious Liberty Exceptions to refuse medical treatment for women’s medicine related and women sexual organ - vagina care - related Healthcare?

War on Women

Aided by War on Part Time Employees rights and dignity???

SNAP Income Requirements


Dave Green Hobby Lobby Biblical Values – Screw Your Wage Slaves Good and then Screw the Dumb F*cks all over Again

Biblical Values = F*ck your Slaves (employees) Over and Over again!

Give with one Christian hand and Take away with the other “Christian” Hand! Oh Praise da Lord!

Hobby Lobby Raises Minimum Wage To $10/Hr (2009)

Recently I heard that David Green, the CEO of Hobby Lobby stores, decided to increase their minimum wage to $10/hour. The change will affect 9,200 of their full-time employees and will cost the company about $15 million dollars each year.

Spokeswoman Carol Troy said they took the action because, “they have had a profitable year and want to pass that on to their employees.” And David Green said, ““Our employees are the backbone of our company, and we believe that giving them the opportunity to share in our success is the right thing to do,”
Apparently David Green is a Christian and he runs the business with Biblical values in mind. What’s exciting is that you can see God’s hand on that business as it thrives in an economy that is putting many businesses under. Over the last year Hobby Lobby has actually had a significant increase in sales and they have plans for expanding in 2009, opening 25 new stores while creating another 1000 jobs.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

David Green – Hobby Lobby – Chattel Health Benefits to His Wage Slave Employees – Exodus 21:20-21

David Green has been blessed by his desert god after starting out on $600 and he did it himself and used his own children as child slave labor in those early salad days of business, gluing picture frames together for seven cents a frame.  Generous Christien man, no doubt.

His employees which he gives wages and benefits to and still owns them and must tell them how to use their health benefits in accordance with his mysterious and ancient desert god rules, because his employees are stupid and would be rich and blessed and Republicans if they too started their own business instead of depending on his generosity of his employment to their worthless chattel behinds (can’t say ass, being a proper Christien and all that, y’all).

From the Employee Handbook?:

Exodus 21:20-21
New International Version (NIV)

20 “Anyone who beats their male or female slave with a rod must be punished if the slave dies as a direct result, 21 but they are not to be punished if the slave recovers after a day or two, since the slave is their property.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hobbie Lobbie Blowout Sale - March 29 - Religious Liberty Brand Penis Pumps 40% Off - Get a Hard On For Christ

Hobbie Lobbie Blowout Sale - March 29 - 

Religious Liberty Brand Penis Pumps 40% Off -

Show your Religious Freedom Support - 

Get a Hard On For Christ - in the fight against the evils of all women's things like contraception.


They – Governor Tom Corbett – Mayor Michael Nutter – Archbishop Charles Chaput - Went to the Vatican and all they got was a Lousy Tee Shirt

Governor Who?

Going in much pomp and expectations to capture Pope Francis to honor Pope Benedict’s scheduled appointment to a $100 million Philly Catholic Family Fest in 2015, the delegation got 5-6 minutes in the rain with other pilgrims.

Francis is busy or does he not want to waste his valuable private time with corrupt Pennsylvania politicians?

We shall see how much time American Barry Obama gets later this week.

The local delegation had expected an extended private meeting Wednesday at which they would have urged Francis to visit the city when the Philadelphia Archdiocese hosts the Eighth World Meeting of Families, a Vatican-sponsored gathering expected to draw hundreds of thousands to the city in 2015.

But Meg Kane, communications coordinator for the much-ballyhooed trip to Rome, sent word out at about 11:30 p.m. Rome time that the delegation would not be meeting with Francis at his residence, as had been long planned.

(Thanks Dave)


Vogue Cover Malfunction – Kim And Kanye - " 'And so the crack-whore princess and her pimp lived happily ever after. …" *

Call me old fashioned but I kinda reject everyday vulgar street people types being held up as fine examples of humaniy in the American Town Square. 

And being held up by some Limey born white trash like Anna Wintour trying to further dumb down America…


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hobby Lobby Assholes Own The Earned Wages and Benefits of Der Slave Employees??? – Catholic Supreme Court to Look at Right to Destroy Womens’ Health Medicine

Employees Do Not Earn Wages or Benefits???

I do not see the logic of it.

You work for these Christian Assholes who do not believe in Abortion. Or any thing modern like Female Medicine (Needs).

They think they own your privacy once you have earned your Health Benefits along with your slave wages???

Like the Insurance Company is going to give a 1% discount/cash kickback on the Health Insurance Company Premiums to hold back birth control pills but not of course the Viagra Boner Pills or the Penis Pumps for the more important than female – Male (I have a Penis!) Employees.

What is with this Republican obsession, like Disney’s Scrooge McDuck, of tying a string onto the money they supposed pay to their employees and telling their employees who they can fuck and how they can fuck with others?

Packaged Approved Media Bullshit (Christ! – It’s CNN for God’s Sake!) Handout – FYI:


Monday, March 24, 2014

The Human Touch and Purpose - 85 years Young and Still Going - Blasius Chocolates Harrowgate Philly

Bless the human spirit and the need to contribute to the productivity of the Community@!




Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen – Cardinal Burke Out of Fashion in Pope Francis’ New Vatican Season

He was yelling about being arrested by Obama in 2011, persecuted for his faith and expecting martyrdom. Little did he expect a shiv in the back from his own kind of the priestly class. His guy – Benedict XVI retires – and all his latest line of fashion rags are oh so no chic no more. 

Well maybe next season Ray for a comeback?

One of the most conservative voices in the American Catholic Church, and one of the least forgiving, Burke must have thought the world had turned upside down on the morning of December 16.

That day he learned he was losing his influential role in the appointment of bishops – in the same week that the nations most prominent gay rights magazine The Advocate was choosing Pope Francis as their Person of the Year.

It wasn't a coincidence. The new pope has said he wants to move away from the 'obsessive focus' on divisive social issues, and to do that he has begun to muzzle some of the most prominent conservative cultural warriors. So bye bye Cardinal Burke. You're going the way of shoulder pads and leg warmers….

But times change and so does fashion. The fashion under Pope Emeritus Benedict was to relentlessly hit hot button social issues and the people who promoted them. Benedict didn't tailor his conscience to the fabric of the times, but instead remained hopelessly, often hilariously anachronistic. He governed like it was 1406, not 2006. He was a man after Cardinal Burke's heart but in tone and substance, and especially in style, Benedict was a PR disaster for the Church.


Napoleonic Complex – How Tall Is Canadian Senator Ted Cruz? – 5’7” – 2 to 3 Inches Taller With Heels

I cannot help it. People come to me when they want real answers about the Canadian Citizen Currently from Texas Senator Rafael Cruz Jr.

Will all the bullshit on the Internet about Canadian Senator Ted Cruz, nothing about his short stature and standing next to the wee senator Lee from Utah to look taller, I pulled a number out of a hat to start the bidding war and historic cultural archive, probably all lies from FOX NEWS about how tall midget of a human being Ted Cruz really is.

A lot of wanna be Napoleons running around the planet lately.

God protect us from all these scrimp losers@!


Friday, March 21, 2014

James “Diamond Jim” Buchanan Brady – Interiors – 7 West 86th Street Brownstone Residence

Jean-Léon Gérôme
“Fortune Crowning the Winning Horse” Bronze – Sold for $1,600 at Estate Auction


Summer Cottage, Shore Road, Bay Ridge Brooklyn, Bought 1895


Atlah Brownstone Storefront Church Harlem Offers to Stone all Lesbians and Gays In Name of Jesus – Free

Atlah Brownstone? Storefront? Church?, 36 West 123 Street in Harlem, is offering free stonings to sinners in keeping with its literal bible tax free religious right to hate others.

Rumor has it that the congregation will vote Sunday in favor of renaming the storefront enterprise - the Fred Phelps Memorial Temple of True Christian Love.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Alien Abduction? – Malaysia Flight MH370 Harvesting Jet Airliner Spare Parts and Human Organs?

Cosmic Fast Food? Cheap

Based on a dream I had nine days ago, at least a third of the passengers of Malaysia flight MH370 were being held in an unused building in a desert like landscape outside the building.

As good as these other theories that the High Technology fails miserably to explain at this point in time.

Of course maybe the used parts on a $260 million jetliner would bring in maybe $25-50 million in a good black market.

But probably less than harvesting the body parts of 250 people on the used body part - black market.  

It that theory political as in terrorist or merely capitalist as in free market capitalism?

That or the Aliens have read the infamous Rod Serling Cookbook – To Serve Man. LOL


Polite Conversation - Noah's Ark - Funda/Mental/ism - Darwin - Evolution - Evolutionary Throw Backs


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ted Cruz / Sal Cordileone – Strange Political Bedfellows Redefining the Size of States’ Power over COTUS

I won't lie to you BFF Sal, it is this big.

State’s Rights – the failed but never repealed Articles of Confederation are superior to the COTUS (Constitution of the United States) per Representative Randy Weber’s H.R.3829 and Senator Ted Cruz’s S. 2024 legislature bills in the U.S. Congress.

Archbishop Sal Cordileone is Orgasmic in finding a BFF in Sen. Ted Cruz and States to define redefine delusions of marriage, slavery, tax breaks and discrimination rights for religions etc.

“Your bill would remedy this problem by requiring the federal government … to defer to the marriage law of the state in which people actually reside when determining whether they are married for purposes of federal law,” added the prelate, who endorsed similar House legislation in January.


Heineken Beer Pulls Sponsorship on NYC – Boycotts Bigoted St. Patrick’s Day Parade

In an statement to CNBC on Friday, Heineken said it would not participate in New York's upcoming St. Patrick's Day celebration.

 "We believe in equality for all. We are no longer a sponsor of Monday's parade," the company said.

 Representatives of the New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade committee declined to comment.

Mosaic - Teenage Image of Christ - Church of the Intercession of Our Lady of Oreanda Church - Yalta - Crimea - Ukraine

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

7 West 46th Street New York City - Former Residence of Diamond Jim Brady

7 West 46th Street - Google Maps

Many, many, years ago I passed this building and there was a plaque next to the front door that “Diamond Jim Brady” had lived here. The main floor shortly thereafter was turned into a Japanese Restaurant and the plaque disappeared somewhere along the way. I think also that the present façade is colored faux-stone designed stucco and not the original brownstone.

It is amazing sometimes the buildings that manage to survive in NYC.

3/17/14 Urban Legend Alert –

Have been informed that Diamond Jim Brady did not live here by a reliable source. A typo in a 1952 New York Times article had a typo regarding 7 West 86th Street NYC etc.