Friday, May 11, 2012

Time Magazine Breastfeeding Cover is Disturbing

I don't know what this article is about other than breastfeeding. Common decency might dictate that the image be inside the cover.  

Is this child abuse?

What next Time?  John Travolta masturbating on the cover?

This rag's time I think has passed.  Time (no pun intended) to shut down operations I think. 


Mitt Romney - Hair Care Specialist

"I have no recollection of having cut Seamus' hair." - - Mitt Romney

Huh? Did that moron say hair cut?


Santa Karmita - Patron Saint of Karma

Santa Kamita is the patron saint of Karma.

What goes around come around. 

Quod vadit circa venit circa.

And Karma can sometimes be a bitch!

Prayer request here (                                                  ).