Saturday, November 10, 2012

Karl Rove’s 2012 Election Train Wreck or "Karl Rove Jumps the Shark"

It was downright amusing to see Karl Rove trying to tell Fox News on election night that some phantom votes in Ohio were yet to be reported and that Fox News could not call the election.

No doubt Karl was blacked out on liquor and reliving Ohio 2004.

In any case they say he personally made 30-50 million commission off of the rich billionaires 400 million invested with his consulting firm and dedicated to swaying the 2012 elections on every level with expensive negative ads and contributions to tea baggers. 

The lame excuse by Karl post-election that Obama had somehow “suppressed” the vote was pure icing on the cake of GOP delusional bullshit.

The one trick monkey Rove who has been getting monkeys elected to office for close to twenty years has finally Jumped the Shark – a TV term when a program can longer get any good ratings even if the star like “Fonzie” goes all the way to Los Angeles in the TV sitcom Happy Days to water ski and literally jump the shark. Thumbs down.

The Karl Rove Show starring Karl Rove I think has finally been cancelled. LOL
Will somebody please tell him. And escort him out of the building.