Friday, April 13, 2012

Ann Romney – not your typical stay at home Welfare Queen

Some Moms just don't need to work.

What is the difference between Ann Romney and a welfare queen?
A welfare queen can only afford one Cadillac.

Mitt Romney – not your typical job creating business man.

What is the difference between Mitt Romney and a real GOP Presidential candidate?

Good Question.

Fill the tank up with premium boy.
I am in a hurry.
We're re-baptizing Atilla the Hun today.


Catholic League's Position on Male Body Waxing

Bill Donohue aka the Catholic League over at his local He-Man Women Hater's Irish Pub, his drinking buddies don't go in for body waxing or bikini waxes for guys.  Oh well.  Where does he stand or wax on this critical modern church matter?

Catholic League aka Bill Donohue now tweets on Twitter.

His eminence Dr. William A. Donohue speaks Canon Law for the Archbishop (?) in tweet:

Catholic League – NYT says Bikini wax for men is the new rave. Not with the Irish pub guys I hang out with. Bet I know who’s loving it.

LMAO – Does Bill have a heart shaped pube for you know who?  Business as usual at 452 Madison Ave.  Get out the umbrella!  Uncle Franny Spellman in heaven is pissing himself laughing on that one Donohue!

You're a funny guy Bill. Yes you are.