Monday, July 22, 2013

Prince “Baby Boy” of Cambridge – Another Royal Mouth to Feed on the Public Dole – Are there no Prisons? Are there no Work Houses?

Where’s my free Royal Lunch?

The Chow Line at Buckingham Palace is getting rather crowded. The Queen will live to a hundred and there will how many people in line to succeed the Figurehead of the Monarch of the former British Empire?

Buckingham Palace will make a great Louvre type museum when the Brits go Republic – whenever.

Charles is talking about being George VII when he gets to pry the crown out of mummsy’s dead cold hands about 2028 when he is 80, Queen Camilla will be a youthful 81 and Wills will be 46. Etc.

That’s an awful lot of royals on the dole getting free rent at Kensington Palace etc. 


"Joy she gave, Joy she has found." – Epitaph - Kathleen Kennedy Cavendish 1920-1948

On some travelogue some reference to JFK making a secret visit to his sister’s grave in June 1963 in Britain.

Amazing that 50 years ago the Catholic vote in the upcoming expected 1964 election mattered to Jack Kennedy.

Amazing that he had to hide his visit from his uber-Catholic parents who had disowned their daughter Kathleen. 

Better than a kick in the ass and or a lobotomy given to older sister Rosemary for wanting to be an independent human being/woman.