Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pottery - Water Serpent

Water Serpent by Anna & Fidel Archuleta


Ozzie Guillen Totally Correct on the Greatness of the Fidel Castro Myth

 J'ai vécu ("I survived") -- Tallyrand

Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen is suffering from his candid first amendment rights in praise of Fidel Castro.

The Castro myth and respect in the whole Spanish speaking world from Spain to Argentina is greater than the power of the bitchiness of the privileged Cuban American entitled immigrant community in Miami Florida.

Guillen was stupid to praise Castro in that holier than thou my shit does not stink Cuban Miami ghetto enclave.

I am hoping Romney picks Rubio as VP as the token Hispanic. Only after Romney loses will the GOP or the MSM realize how diverse Hispanics in American are and how many of the exclusive communities can’t stand each other or are even capable of setting aside their individual prejudices temporarily for the sake of some stupid Gringo election.

In reality, Castro is a criminal long term typical tin pot dictator.

His fame and love in the Spanish speaking world is born of his defiance and survival over the wishes of the American global empire for sixty years.

In his recent audience with the pope Benedict the German, Castro admitted to being a monster for jailing tens of thousands of his fellow countrymen over the decades.

Benedict laughed and told Castro – “that’s nothing” compared to fucking up the lives of tens of thousands of catholic children every year in the worldwide RCC. 

Los pájaros del mismo plumaje se peguen.
Birds of a feather...