Thursday, August 8, 2013

Peace - Stained Glass (B&W Photo) - Artist Nicola D'Ascenzo - Trenton Court House - 1905


First Amendment Rights Crushed – Email Provider Lavabit Shut Down by Government

If we keep lowering our Ethical Standards - the Moral Bar towards People, towards one another, we end up with this!

Not Hiroshima or Nagasaki but Berlin 1945

If we keep lowering our Moral Standards towards People, towards one another, we ultimately end up with this!


Welcome to the Russian Winter Olympics - 2014


Mika Brzezinski's Professionalism Trashed by GOP Chairman Reince Priebus on Morning Joe Show – Joe gives Fulsome Praise of Mika’s Abilities at MSNBC

Mika Brzezinski Does Not Match Reince Priebus's GOP Hack Standards

Just watched the unprofessional head (emphasis on Head) Reinse Priebus of the GOP trash Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC cable morning entertainment talk show Morning Joe.  

Morning Joe is where Joe Scarborough, an Upper West Side (Manhattan) limousine liberal "conservative" regularly walks out the RNC/Drudge Daily Talking points. 

Mika is token female / "liberal" tall legged blonde in “fuck me” high heels who gives token “Oh Joe” moans to Scarborough’s endless droning of the RNC talking points for Republican Conservatives who apparently cannot read and need to find out about things on the boob tube.

This asshole Reince Priebus, the GOP Chairman can only have certified ideologues moderate any GOP Primary Debates, Hundreds of them expected in 2015-2016.

Any journalists at NBC or MSNBC, their shit stinks too much for Reince. Mika as part of the cattle call talking head “journalists" at the NBC family need not apply.

FOX NEWS morons only welcome at the GOP “debates”?

DUH! (Drool!)


Weird Reference to Boys Taking Showers in YMCA in Rambling Campaign Speech of Rick Santorum (Hide your Kids!)

“They focus on everything they do, and every aspect of their lives. They make it uncomfortable for students who come to Austin to shower at a Young Men’s Christian Association, YMCA gym, because they live it. Because they live it. They’re passionate, they’re willing to do and say uncomfortable things in mixed company. They’re willing to make the sacrifice at their business because they care enough.”