Monday, February 6, 2012

Self Hating Immigrant Pete Hoekstra's Racist TV Ad

What are all we blue collar unemployed types supposed to do? Throw our bananas up against the walls of the unemployment office where we sit around doing dope wondering where all you inbred idiot country club types have sent the jobs?

For an immigrant that presumes white racial superiority by your commercial, one has to wonder which side your parents were on in WWII in the Netherlands? Hail Victory y'all! Know what I mean?

Kindly throw, project your self loathing, mean spirited, small penis, racial inferiority mentality elsewhere Pete. (and get a life)



Queen Elizabeth II - 60 Years - Zadok the Priest


Crime Boss “Big Tony” Bevilacqua Now Officially in Hell

They wanted “uncle Junior Soprano” to testify at the upcoming clerical abuse and rape ring trial in the Spring even though he claimed to be senile.

Alas, Satan had other plans for the man who so non-chalantly destroyed Saint John Neumann's vision and betrayed the millions of living and dead Catholic Philadelphians that once built and maintained the greatest private education system on the planet.

That they, these outsiders now under Cardinal Chaput, cannot break it up and sell it fast enough before RICO laws once again are enforced in this country.

Non-Commitment to the inner city poor and the prices of prime inner city real estate corrupted an outsider like Big Tony.  That and frat house sex among all ranks of the clergy. 

And Child Abuse – you Bastard!  Enabling and covering it up!!!

You sold your soul for the red hat.  All red hats do the same (poor excuse).

Blame the sixties. Don’t blame the clergy.  Yeah right.  Pass the doobie.

His big mafia like staged funeral along with paid criers will be tomorrow and televised on Catholic  cable TV.

In a religion where all is show and hypocrisy, Bevilacqua is way up there with all godfathers in crime and all the neo-con bitchops that now serve mammon rather than God.

I don’t wish him or his soul Hell for all eternity.  And quite frankly, Satan probably doesn’t want him. Too much integrity to be seen with the likes of him – give hell a bad name.  Etc. 


Catholic Misogyny - Embezzlement at 222 - Philly

I have to say that the cookie jar was open to all in the recent Justin “Big Frank” Rigali crime family that ran the Archdiocese of Philadelphia into the ground and out of the education business for the inner city poor in particular.

I have to say that being witness to embezzlement situations both in publicly owned and privately owned corporations, that when you need an outside auditor to catch embezzlement in your organization, you do not run a tight organization.

That this accused woman in the senior staff of the archdiocese at 222 N. 17th Street could write archdiocese checks for gambling debts in Atlantic City Casinos is no shock.

What I find shocking is that only a woman is guilty of public disgrace and accused of embezzlement.

In an organization as loose as “Big Frank” Rigali’s, believe me, more than one person in that organization is probably guilty of embezzlement.
If the culprits were male and clerical, the archdiocese would have ate the loss and not applied for insurance protection.
In the same light, it is the supposed victim, such as the archdiocese that has to press charges in the District Attorney’s office.

A female non-clerical thief is the alleged culprit here, but not alone in crime I am certain.

The world is misogyny.  The word is hate of women that motivates partial disclosure and partial prosecution to some at “222” in Philly.


Comedian Maher De-Mormonizes Romney's Father in law