Thursday, June 25, 2015

Baseball Ticket Line - Shibe Park Philadelphia - 1911

Bain Collection - Library of Congress

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Consolidated National Bank Tucson Arizona - 1915

Architectural Terra Cotta - 1915


Confederate Flags Don’t Kill; People Kill

Confederate Flags Don’t Kill; People Kill

Todd Starnes is the whipping boy of the day on the left, the butt of all secular jokes. But to be honest, the confederate flag does not kill, did not kill those 9 victims of gun violence in Charleston SC. While that flag has become a loose code word/symbol for some people’s racism, it always was that symbol to them throughout time. 

The South has a heritage and a tradition and perhaps the three stripes, red, white, red of the original flag, stars and bars, would be a better display of Southern history in public for a flag.

But to suddenly see that they are going for remove, censor, all scenes for the Dukes of Hazzard TV show of the flag is just downright ridiculous and “PC” (like Pravda) – politically correct – without humor and or a sense that some things are forever grandfathered into the culture of the Southern United States - and in tune with the new Corporate Sharia of say a Walmart to turn on a dime and agree to this “cultural cleansing” as Todd Stark phrases it. 

In other words Corporate Sharia just threw the culture of the South under the bus for business and or business/political reasons. Does Walmart sell bibles? If they do, when will Corporate and or Secular Sharia demand that bible no longer be sold in America?

This stuff about the Confederate Flag is a diversion. It has to do with a failed education system, a failed economy and a failed Congress.



Monday, June 22, 2015

Ted Cruz’s Senior Hating On the Jews and Catholics in Northeast USA

Ted Cruz’s Senior Hating On the Jews and Catholics in Northeast USA and Fucking JFK in the Grave too while his little wetback ass from Cuba and Canada is at it. 

East Coast Jews and Catholics inferior to Western Jews and Catholics.

"Unfortunately, in the northeast, the Jews are Democrats first and Jews second," he said at an event on Saturday held by the Palm Beach County Tea Party. "This is what has happened to a great many in the Catholic church. They are Democrats first and Catholics second."

Rafael Cruz said that Americans "need to put principle above tradition."

"There are people voting Democrat because, 'My grandfather or my father voted Democrat.’ Let me tell you something. The Democratic party today is not the Democratic party of John Kennedy. John Kennedy would be a Republican today," he said.

He made the comments in response to a remark from an audience member lamenting that leaders in the Catholic church have not helped the Republican cause. The comments were flagged by the Democratic group American Bridge.


Old Broad Street Terminal Station - Train Shed - Pennsylvania Railroad - Philadelphia - 1912

Friday, June 19, 2015

Uppity Charleston Church Pastor Dead Because He Packed No Heat – Knuckle Dragger Charles Cotton NRA

This is too disgusting to be respectful about. This asshole at the NRA knows it all. People in Churches without guns deserve to die at the hands of domestic terrorists???

NRA Board Member Charles Cotton says that Rev. Pinckney deserved to die because he voted against concealed carry in church.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Franklin Institute in Philadelphia to Close Soon – In Desperate Need of Tourist Bucks to Survive – Cultural Rape Cash Fire Sale

Franklin wept!
(Massive Enormity Blog)

Franklin Institute is Morally Bankrupt – Premier American Secular Science Institution Co-opted into Superstition Display of Roman Catholic Church Objects and Black Magic emanating from across the way at 222 North 17th Street, Satan’s Local HQ in Philly. (Too late in Philly to hide your children. btw)

Using the excuse of a big papal crowd in September with a papal visit to reinforce Duggar Family Values and the need to welcome the dripping ice cream tourist / faithful mob from across the Square from the ugliest Cathedral in America, The Franklin Institute, once America’s first and foremost institution for science learning among young adults has opted into the dark side of the force and will display many evil and superstitious objects and relics of the Roman Catholic Church to get cash from that crowd.

I am sorry to hear of the Institute’s financial woes. Better to die a good simple Quaker death as an institution in Philadelphia instead of becoming a minor whore in the great Whore of Babylon’s Royal progress in September 2015.

No doubt the demons and black magic and or “inquisition” era prayers of the “good” cardinal Charles Chaput across the street has led to this cultural rape and soon total demise of a once great civil secular American institution.

Visitors coming to Philadelphia to see the pope this September will also be able to view treasured art from the Vatican.
“Vatican Splendors” opens Sept. 19 at the Franklin Institute. It will include artwork by Michelangelo, embroidered silk vestments, religious relics, and bone fragments of Saints Peter and Paul, and a touchable cast of Pope John Paul II’s hand.
The exhibit traces the evolution of the Roman Catholic Church over 2,000 years through 11 galleries that include objects such as mosaics, frescoes, maps, and documents. Galleries aim to recreate environments such as catacombs and the papal chambers. Organizers say they want the exhibits to be a multisensory experience.



Circle Jerk Pizza by Pizza Hut a Winner - Says Jon Stewart on the Nightly Show 16 June 2015

Pizza Hut's latest orgasmic treat:

"looks like a circle jerk of uncircumcised Italian men jacking off on a pizza"


Jeb! 2016 -"W"Squared - "W"2 - Bush Fourth Term

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Gustav and William Dentzel Carousell Factory – 3635-41 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia

3635-41 Germantown Ave. Phila. 
(Google Street View Map)

Phila. Geo History 1910 Bromley Map

Property in back is now a parking lot on Elder Street.

There is the lost Hunting Park Carousel, something I rode on as a child, that the city sold off in 1967 rather than preserve a unique part of Philly industrial history.

The people who write history books say that the factory was in Germantown.  Just south of Erie and Broad and above W Venango, not too sure if that is Germantown.  Germantown Avenue starts way near downtown and not everywhere along that street is Germantown. Whatever.

Portable Fair Carrousell by Dentzel circa 1895

Entertainment in America used to be seasonal in many aspects of the some industries.  Gustav Dentzel took his portable carousell out on the road to street fairs and state fairs as a cash flow asset to carry the factory business back in Philly. 

Advertisement - Billboard - April 1910


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Monday, June 8, 2015

Religion Alert: Shireen Baratheon on Game of Thrones Burned at the Stake to Appease God of Light.

They’ve been killing off a lot of characters on the HBO fantasy soap opera Game of Thrones set in some sort of game of dungeons and dragons past tense, this in order to not write good scripts.

Season Five has been a bust what with a Rape Wedding of Eddard Stark’s daughter Sansa to some loser Marat like S/M creep Ramsey Snow Bolton.

People named Snow are bastards but Ramsey managed to kill and torture his way into dad’s heart to be named legitimate for the sake of succession of the rising House Bolton. (minor plot line with even more minor acting and or actors.)

The real star of the show is John Snow, bastard son of Eddard Stark stuck away on duty until death as part of the Night’s Watch on a large Wall of China like structure protecting the south from the Scots people on the other side of the wall.  (It is a place most nobles send their bastard sons to get rid of them btw.) John Snow not at top of family tree in link below btw, but way down at the bottom as a footnote so to speak.

Game of Throne family tree rapidly depleted since first season below.

Well, Shireen Baratheon (actress Kerry Ingram) is a child in remission of some leprosy like disease that covers your body in scales before you die. Her father Stannis Baratheon who is laying a claim to the Iron Throne once held by his fat drunkard brother Robert, who got killed off in the first few episodes only to be replaced by Queen Cersai’s and her brother Jamie’s incestuous offspring King Joffrey, a real loser and or monster in terms of human potential that Queen Cersai had to keep in check by manipulation until somebody poisoned the bastard at his wedding – poisoned by his Grandmother-in-law. In-laws, can’t live them in Joffrey’s case. LOL

Eddard Stark, played by Sean Bean, who dies in almost every movie he makes, played the right hand man of his friend King Robert Baratheon, only to discover that Robert’s royal bloodline was tainted by the House Lannister incest of Queen Cersai and brother Jamie, and loses his head for his curiosity.

So the whole show is really about a civil war of sorts starting up amongst the various houses of power that once served the king on the Iron Throne. Rather bloody and now the religion, magic and superstition is setting into the plot with the torching of a little girl to appease some sky god etc. Only going to prove that all religion sucks. 


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Secretariat’s Triple Crown Prize

The Triple Crown Trophy is a modern three sided metal affair giving the particulars of the three races won to achieve the award: The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness, the Belmont Stakes.

On a lazy Sunday drive south of Tucson in the early 1990s, we ran into a one building shopping mall in a barn shaped building off of highway AZ82. 

Google Maps

The nearby intersection in the middle of nowhere and surprisingly Arizona Wine Country in Elgin Arizona, is a pit stop, a gas station, and a strip mall with a café to get a burger and fries for lunch and the then barn shaped tourist trap on the side of the road. 

Google Maps

In there in a plexi-glass box mounted on the wall was the Triple Crown Trophy of Secretariat. A rather curious setting for that very famous but elusive prize. Found a story below to back up my tale of surprise in the very big sky county of Arizona.

The building I understand has been converted into an INN and I don’t know where the trophy is housed these days, but for a few minutes I was inches away from it and admiring it. Such is life sometimes, full of little surprises.

Google Maps

One day, Margaret told me of a unique shopping mall she once saw in Connecticut. It was a large barn converted into a group of shops. She wanted to build one like it in Sonoita. So we did. She described it, and I sketched it out for the architect.

Karl Eggers of Five Star Construction in Nogales was selected to build it. It was a shopping mall, first El Prado, then La Pradera, until Margaret died in November 1993. I managed the building, and many locals, including Wilma with her Lazy G Western Wear” store were tenants. 

Then Mike Wystrach bought it for an inn. So, that’s the true story of Secretariat, Margaret Carmichael and Sonoita, as Dr. Oates and a good many others requested.

There was never any intention of the barn being a retirement home for Secretariat, not ever.

I close on a tender note. Shortly after the word was released that Secretariat had been, put down, three lovely young ladies came into La Pradera , walked to the glass case on the south wall that held Secretariat's Triple Crown trophy, laid three red roses on top of the case, stood in silence a few moments, then turned and walked out.


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Not a Nice Thing-the Rafael Cruz Father/Son Act. One Playing the Politics Con - the Other the Religion Con

“You know the nice thing? You don’t need a punch line.” Rafael “Ted” Cruz, Howell Michigan, 3 June 2015.

Senator's Cruz's lack of empathy and decorum resulting in his use of boilerplate political remarks regarding Vice President Joe Biden in the middle of mourning the loss of his son Beau, made Ted apologize on Facebook, written no doubt by an unpaid intern.  If you want to make fun of people as old, senile and stupid, you don't have to look too far Teddy from your own feathered roost in Texas.

You know from a buffoon like Ted Cruz from Canada you get a concrete social example about how you can’t buy class or learn sensitivity from Princeton.