Friday, July 26, 2013

Azodi-carbonamide – Bread and Plastic Additive – GRAS Generally Regarded as Safe (Stupid) - Enjoy!

I have always been a little bit suspicious about the Martin's Potato Bread, my son's favorite, that stays fresh moist and mold free in the bread drawer for weeks at a time. 

Location. Location. Location. - Shelf life. Shelf life. Shelf life. - Twinkies Live!

Azodi-carbonamide generally recognized as safe (GRAS) additive to Bread – Used to make foam plastics etc. and extend shelf life of bread etc. 

Illegal in UK, EU, Australia and Singapore and thought to cause asthma by recent studies. Enjoy!


Ken Cuccinelli – Another Santorum Trying to Impose Catholic Sharia Law In Virginia? Virginia Should Change its Age of Consent Laws to Conform to Regional Standards

Ken Cuccinelli and Rick Santorum,
two sides of the same Sharia Coin

The church ladies in Virginia have the age of consent at 18 years of age. Virginia is surrounded by North Carolina, West Virginia and Maryland where the age of consent is 16.

The ancient definitions of sodomy is technically anything but straight missionary sex and inside a marriage.

Oral sex, Straight or Gay is Technically “Sodomy” by RC Church Sharia Law.

Cuccinelli is screaming about a 47 year old man propositioning a 17 year old girl for oral sex and states that if a struck down by a federal court Sodomy law is not reinstated that a bunch of children offenders (age 17? Children) will go free from prison and lose the stigma of being sex offenders etc.

Maybe Virginia should just lower the age of consent to 16 similar to other nearby Southern States and Ken Cuccinelli should get the F*** out of our pants and out of our bedrooms.

Boy these Republicans seem to want to watch too much porn – in our bedrooms! Free and at our expense?

Ken Cuccinelli and Rick Santorum, two sides of the same wooden nickel Coin.

Get a life Ken and get the Santorum out of our lives.