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World Trade Center One - Topping off with a Spire

220 feet to go on the spire under construction


World Trade Center Tower One - when complete

Cardinal O’Brien Fears for Life in Rome, His Name on Vatican Death List like Albino Luciani, John Paul I?

Between the Rigali wing of the Swiss Guard, the Opus Dei New Pope Lobby, the media is the last thing Cardinal O’Brien is worried about. 

The fear to set foot in Italy for O'Brien is now that the German Retires, an act of survival on O'Brien's part does not give Britain a vote, by veiled threat of death by parties within the Vatican Corporation? 

Is this papal election regarding Britain the first time since the Reformation under Henry VIII that Rome is doling out its unique brand of queered justice? 

The Laity in Britain don't mean Jack Shit to Rome? You bethca!

Whoever emerges as Benedict’s puppet pope in Rome in March, he will not have any validity in Great Britain. This kind of petty bitch politics of the Vatican is a sign of the end days of the Vatican I think. 

The Counter Counter Reformation against Vatican II is under full steam. The cliff over which the RCC finally jumps is within sight?

The Smoke of Satan blinds the vision of many these days in the soon to be late, great, Vatican City State.

O’Brien is not stupid. He knows that he is not welcome. The American pedophile protector enablers Cardinals Mahony and Rigali are embraced as true brothers of the Vatican twisted sister cult that runs the RCC these days.

O’Brien having alleged encounters with adult male clerics is like the most common thing in the Vatican City State or the church worldwide in a sexual sense I would imagine. As Catholic as Apple pie!

O’Brien is likely to be welcomed as a hero by the clerics in Rome Italy for being merely human. 

If he dared to place his vote in conclave, he would likely die under mysterious circumstances like the late Albino Luciani, aka John Paul I.  (Wink. Nod)

Here Today - Literally Gone Tomorrow - LOL


Monday, February 25, 2013

Benedict’s Demotion Back to High Priest of the Inquisition – March 1, 2013

Reading some progressive Catholic Blogs in the last few days, I get the sense that once Josef Ratzinger got promoted to pope, he found out how little real power a pope has in the Vatican.

That John Paul II made it look easy. That Joe thought that he too could be a rock star pope.

Truth is that JPII was only a media star and his role as conduit for cash through the Vatican and into the Eastern Bloc i.e. Poland for political intrigue fit into pro bono American East Coast media gold during the Cold War.

Well, along comes Joe the Pope and the first thing he does is he wants to show the world what a great scholar he thinks he is and then insults all of Islam with his scholarly Cliff Notes at Regensburg in September 2006.

The man clearly does not understand Islam or he thinks himself insulated in some small college delivering his cheesy little college work that nobody outside the college will know or care about.

No doubt Joe’s best moment came in May 2006 when he finally, after years of writing private secret memos about Maciel to General Wojtyla who never read them apparently, he pushed an aged Legion of Christ founder and general all around pervert and Madoff like crook Marcial Maciel Dellogado into a forced retirement. Not that hard to bring down an old toothless lion at the zoo.

All well and good. And like Henry VIII’s breaking up of the very corrupt obsolete Monastery system in England, the breakup and redistribution of wealth and serfs and seminarians and foot soldiers is still underway for that Legion of Christ empire.

Aside from that, the pope these days is little more than Mickey Mouse at Disneyland who must ride around in his ridiculous pope mobile and wave to the tourists, the majority of practicing Catholics in Rome on any given day of the week, that far outnumber the non-practicing natives etc. and then once a week arrive in Superstar Audience Hall and deliver a pithy little moral sounding message to inspire the rich tourists and justify their very expensive trip to Rome and the Vatican museum.

All this time, the thousands of folders on all the pedophile Priest and pedophile religious members of his church worldwide have been sitting on his old desk collecting dust at the Inquisition, toxic waste that nobody other than a good German clerk could deal with in terms of classifying, stamping and filing away for future reference and or possible authoritative action. Yeah right.

I think that Joe the Pope got bored, and worse than that, that pile of toxic files back in the Inquisition office were becoming his only legacy, a full floor's worth in acreage no doubt in the underground bombproof eternal Vatican Library.

Ratzinger’s, Benedict’s, recent obsessive ranting about homosexuality no doubt is from his long term memory both from his own personal past, the type of distorted sexuality of the average Roman cleric, and along with his past as John Paul’s chief clerk, gatekeeper and fire putter outer of the child abuse thing that got out of the Vatican Fire Brigade’s control both under John Paul II and the overlapping John Paul/Benedict united regime.

The modern world, democracy and communication technology brought perversion to the surface of the pond in the form of all the Bernard Laws of the Hierarchy, one state and one country at a time.

When I see somebody like Cardinal O’Brien finally getting some kind of payback from the Vatican, I see a man without a political party in the Vatican being picked off as road carrion for the sake of public example to all the incoming Cardinal’s about to rush in and crown Benedict’s hand-picked successor from a field of stooges hand-picked over three decades during the John Paul/Benedict Magisterium period of the church.

That and stabbing a Britain in the back fits well into the Wehrmacht training of his youth, a story that he has controlled all along his timeline btw.

That Mahony in Los Angeles carries the Gomez’s Opus Dei Vote to Rome. Rigali certainly knows the details of the Cedric Tornay Swiss Guard Murders and can vote because he has the blackmail power to do so. 

And no doubt there are a handful of Cardinals now who as younger men heard their older cardinal bosses discuss the results of the secret autopsy of John Paul I. Blackmail power there too I think.

John Paul II in his obsession with the dead, dare I call it necromancy, had the bones of some Polish saint, a national Polish hero examined and cat scanned, and also had the body of Celestine V, the last pope to voluntarily resign forensically examined, an object of obsession now for Benedict also.  

Also some sense of trying to make papal sense out of the bizarre way that popes fuck things over for the sake of personal power and prestige masked in a face of that strange bizarre truly unknown to them Christ creature.

John Paul II, and his obsession with dead papal royal bodies and Polish national heroes, in his role of also turning John XXIII’s body into another tourist thingy in St. Peter’s, a Vatican II trophy?, did not under his watch order an autopsy of John Paul I because he already knew the results or did not want to know those results that catapulted him into global power and fame. Believe it or not.

Now Joe’s only role left is to protect his niche in papal history, is to shred or misfile those thousands of pedo files in the Office of the Inquistion’s vaults, not to be refound in next thousand years by the average mediocre Vatican scholars of the future allowed to examine them.  LOL

“Wenn Sie einen Job richtig zu erledigen wollen, müssen Sie es selbst zu tun.”


Cardinal O’Brien of Scotland Resigns – Bishop Finn (Opus Dei) Still Untouchable with Kiddie Porn Associations

Benedict and American Favorite Finn

The biggest fish yet in the RC hierarchy resigned amidst accusations from adults and adult sexual encounters (alledged) from years ago.

No doubt the publicity and media attention would have been on O’Brien if he had made his way to Rome to vote for a new pope.

We salute you Cardinal O’Brien for falling on your sword for the sake of a good show in Rome.

The decades old accusations came out of the woodwork after Cardinal O'Brien mentioned the Celibacy thing as something that should change. A coincidence?

American Cardinals Mahony and Rigali, knee deep in the blood and guts associated with the Child Abuse scandal in the United States, will go to Rome to vote for the next Bishop of Rome.

Opus Dei Favorite Bishop Finn of Kansas City, the Teflon Bishop, is immune from any calls for resignation despite his association with and protection of convicted kiddie porn friend and priest Ratigan currently in prison. Yellow Ribbon for Shawn tied to an old oak tree outside Bobby Finn's Bishop's Residence? (True Love?)

The usual RC/GOP stuff on capitol hill and the local American chancery. Whatever.

LONDON — A day after a newspaper accused him of committing “inappropriate acts” in his relations with three priests and one former priest, Cardinal Keith O’Brien said on Monday that he had resigned as Britain’s most senior Roman Catholic cleric.

Bishop/Priest (a special kind of?) Love - Kansas City MO


Oscars Bomb with Vulgar Little Man Seth MacFarlane and Dummy/Mark Wahlberg Anti-Semitic Jokes

Seth MacFarlane - Poster Boy for Dumbed-Down Vulgar Americans

If you ever catch a few minutes of the offensive cartoon show Family Guy, you will understand what dumbed down American and Vulgar really mean in the form of a mouth full of porcelain and a toupee full of I am God’s Gift to Humanity Oscar host last night, what he Seth MacFarlane is all about. (Family Guy is of course produced by FOX TV – who else – the FOX NEWS Guys)

Well I watched other TV fare until 10:00 PM and turned the channel onto ABC to be bored to death with dinosaur entertainment, a bunch of Les Meserables songs from the stone age sung by a very chubby Russell Crowe and a very bored looking Hugh Jackman and ensemble singers in an arrangement no doubt written by Seth MacFarlane (boring).

There was an over the hill Babra Streisand singing a song thirty or forty years old in honor of Marvin Hamlisch. Back in your coffin Babra. Please!

…and the usual Oscar winners predicted in the press – Yawn!

The one thing I thought offensive by my obsolete old fashioned standards were the anti-Semitic jokes from a Teddy Bear robot with Mark Wahlberg chiming in as “straight” man – “I’m a Catholic”.

If Anti-Semitic is okay from a dummy, no doubt it is inspired by the whole dysfunction like the show Family Guy also known as the Oscars every year. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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Food – Not Bombs/Drones for the Future - Greenhouse that Feeds 600 for 30 Years

When NASA ended its space shuttle program in 2011, a lot of the engineers and systems technology staff ended up heading to defense industry contracting firms. But Douglas Mallette, founder and CEO of Cybernated Farm Systems, says he wanted to help feed the world rather than “figure out more ways to blow people up.”

 So he founded Cybernated Farm Systems with the idea of building a fully self-generating and sustainably-operating greenhouse growing system that could feed precisely 634 people for 30 years, leave a small carbon footprint and provide nutritious, organic, fresh food in a world of rising poverty and hunger.

 Sounds like a tall order, but Mallette is confident that his experiences figuring out the precise mechanical operations required for preparing a space shuttle pay load down to the minute square inch also prepared him for a humanitarian approach to making the world better.

 “In contour crafting, you’ve got a robot that can build a 2,000-square-foot house in 24 hours,” Mallette said. “With our current technology, there is no reason anyone in the world should go hungry. We have the capabilities to feed everyone, in an affordable way that doesn’t destroy the planet.”

His 5,000-square-foot, self-contained, climate-controlled model features a central court of fish tanks (“Tilapia is the most nutrient-friendly for aquaponic crops and can provide extra protein for the community,” Mallette said), banks of grow beds on the longer sides of the building, solar panels outside and wind turbines above to generate energy (with LED grow lights fueled by batteries on cloudy days), rain capture and storage devices, large container bins that precisely measure out seeding on a rotating basis and a NASCAR track-shaped conveyor belt to carry seed beds to harvest and back.


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Worlds Series - Braves vs. Athletics - Shibe Park Philadelphia - Oct 9, 1914

Overflow bleachers - World Series - October 9, 1914

Shibe Park, home of the Philadelphia Athletics, longer before Shibe Park became Connie Mack Stadium, home of the Phillies

Shibe Park - 1953


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Tourist in Venice - 1920

Parade - Main Street USA - 1920

The After Shocks of Benedict Sixteen's Papacy – Election of the Next Igor Clone as Pope

Pope Igor II (2013 -      )

There are turning points in the journey of life. I see this resignation of a power ranger, Benedict XVI, as just one after shock of Karol Wojtyla aka John Paul II. While the official view of JPII was one of media darling and or religious rock band like superstar, he was after all only a politician.

The office of pope and or bishop of Rome is a man-made position.  You just have to do some diligent and sincere research to find out that most of what exists today and aka as Christianity went through a Pagan filter and or sieve when Constantine followed through on Hadrian’s and many other Roman emperors' desire to have one homogenized Roman Religion to unite the Roman Empire over and above its roads, commerce and politics.

That much of what Catholicism is today is a surviving remnant of that Roman Pagan Religion thingy officially sanctioned by the Emperor/god Constantine the great.

Surprisingly, Catholicism did not die out with the Reformation. 

Successful businesses have a tendency to continue to stay in motion with cash flow and then stop or die with extinct cash flow. 

The Reformation in a small way resurrected something of the early Christian essence, pre-Constantine Catholic spin, in the form of some of the Protestant sects.

What Vatican II opened up in the way of a window was a thought or way of looking at what exactly Christianity was all about or could be. And maybe every region can its own traditions, can have a niche, but the overall product needs a unity to succeed. A unity yet to be invented by the many many sects of that old religion. 

Getting back to the media superstar John Paul II, he was without a doubt the premier Cold War Warrior or so his publicist sold him as.  And he did use money funneled, Laundered through his church to fund internal dissent in his native Poland.

Problem is that no man can serve two masters.  Render unto Caesar and Render unto God. I think that men who have immense power get confused as to who or what their original mission statement in life was when they started out on their journey through life, before they hit lotto and got power, power, power.

While the Vatican has always been a political animal as much as a religious one over the centuries, John Paul II with his connections to the West and CIA etc. seemed to lock the water faucet on full with dollars and military and political decisions coming out of the stone talking Oracle at Delphi like mask of Christ, whoever or whatever he was two thousand years ago.

John Paul II and this faithful surviving servant Igor aka Benedict XVI burned out the religious motor of the Vatican religion thing and now the business of the Vatican is simply bu$ine$$ no matter what the press releases claim or say.

In a way too, Reagan merged conservative politics with conservative fundamentalism religion and the resulting GOP mess is neither political nor religious but something nobody can or wants to use in the modern global culture based on the sacred high technology of the moment.

No matter what clone a bunch of John Paul II or Benedict XVI appointed stooge bishops/cardinals elect as the next pope, he will not have any real agenda to fall back on except the present existing Bu$ine$$ Model.

As such, below is a except from a writer Garry Wills, on the Colbert Show acting as a person, one of the people of God, the Church, that does not need a Vatican or a priest to commune with the divine.

The soul and spirit of Vatican II lives on!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gated White Diocese in Knoxville Tennessee – New Wave of the Catholic Right’s Future? – Glory Hole of Corruption?

Bishop Stika / Cardinal Rigali of Knoxville Tennessee

This all started when I saw Cardinal Rigali getting good air time on some eyewitness news channel related article that gives good air time or print time to local human interest stories to children, animals at the zoo and or a OMG Real Live Cardinal Living in little old Knoxville Tennessee with all us hillbillies kind of media story. 
Rigali in my previous article was of course spouting what qualities a new pope should have. Whatever on that.
In my previous article, I thought that maybe the new Cathedral “Rectory” and or Bishop’s Palace had not yet been built in Knoxville. Further research thwarts me on finding any real news on the Internet regarding that matter.
So just giving a reread of some standard things like Wikipedia, one sees where Bishop Stika's career soared under the tutelage of Cardinal Rigali in St. Louis Missouri. Bishop Stika of course dealt with aspects of priests as personnel, Vicar General, and their sexual habits (alleged) with children.
It occurs to me that one of two things seems to be needed for promotion in the Roman Catholic Church IMHO. Cash for bribes and Sexual Blackmail and or knowing a lot about the secrets in the Diocesan Priests’ Personnel Files etc. Of course, that may not be the case in this matter. Bishop Stika came up through the ranks on pure merit. Yeah right. LOL
When Philly crime boss Justin “Big Frank” Rigali was forced to resign in July 2011, in the middle of the Local authorities, District Attorney’s Office in Philly having to take over, intervene, clean up the mess of decades long child abuse and child rape in the Philly Archdiocese, exasperated by Rigali being a part time Philly bishop when not in Rome and hanging with the Swiss Guards etc., I quoted in another article at the time that Rigali was retiring to Knoxville:
Rigali is expected to head to Knoxville, Tenn., to visit his best friend, Bishop Richard Stika, who has "built a home for him to get away from it all," said Michael Sean Winters, a blogger for the National Catholic Reporter. Additionally, Rigali will be making trips to Rome as he is still a member of the Congregation of Bishops.
Apparently Michael Sean Winters quoted correctly or incorrectly in the Philly Press was doing his usual fawning Catholic half-assed PR propaganda best. Cheers, Mikey!
Apparently, Rigali was already looking for retirement digs even before his forced resignation in Philly as mentioned in a blog dated June 2010. Knoxville was “delighted” to have a retired red hat coming to Tennessee?
Do read all the many links attached to above article. Makes very good reading about the Knoxville Diocese.
Well looking into how Opus Dei Archbishop Gomez is no doubt giving retired Cardinal Mahony grief in retirement, hoping to suggest a vote, Mahony’s vote, in the papal election in exchange for friendly prison privileges in his L.A. retirement hell. Etc. -
Looking for the mythical Michael Sean Winter’s memorial Rigali retirement home in Knoxville, I see some shuffling around of funds, funding, Cathedral plans, non-plans, rectory shuffling, convent shuffling, new Bishop’s palace architectural plans in Knoxville, - Justin Rigali is or is not somewhat homeless except for digs in Rome and the occasional sleepover in Stika’s bailiwick to save Justin from the wrath of Charlie Chaput in Philly who should have the upper hand here in asking, suggesting who Justin should vote for as pope/ceo of the Vatican Inc..
Somewhere in there is a grant to build the new bishop’s house for Stika/Rigali in Knoxville from a Dan Murphy Religious Foundation in Los Angeles with a lawsuit from a former board member listed below regarding disputed reporting and or value of assets…
Getting back to the previous link above, it would seem that Former Bishop Kurtz of Knoxville may have been involved in middle of a shell game of funding with an archdiocese loan of $11million to build a great medieval church worthy of being a cathedral in the middle of the rich white western suburbs of Farragut Tenn.  The Cathedral Church of St. John Neumann is on a 42 acre campus and is ready for perhaps a college and or seminaries, convents to sprout in the shadow of the Cathedral church.
Saint John Neumann - Farragut Tennessee

A new very richly appointed rectory was supposed to be ready for construction in 2010 at St John’s of a similar rumored budget, later quoted as a misprint, as the new rectory going up next to the old sixty year old modern Vatican II era Cathedral more centrally located to the center of Knoxville. 
Vatican II Era Sacred Heart Cathedral Knoxville
And here is why I used the word shell game for Bishop Kurtz in that the whole thing reminded me of the story I did on Phoenix and the delicate diplomatic long term switching of cathedrals from old urban inner city space from the 1950s and in minority territory to the raging flavor of the month “Rich White Suburb” geographical goal of the Catholic Church in many places in America to replace that old city stuff, that old Vatican II stuff and be on top as a city on a hill in the burbs. (Phoenix's game plan slightly different.)
I have to wonder too with the South involved that the new St. John Neumann Cathedral in Farragut/Knoxville will not be unlike the big plantation house with its colleges and seminaries and nunneries, missionary convents already arrived from Uganda, will receive tithes and adoration from all the brown and Hispanic parishes down the hill and in the valley so to speak. 

                                                                                                                                         (Google maps)

A gated Diocese and or Cathedral – I.D. required to enter the segregated whites only house of God?
That art and or religion imitates politics and the GOP goal to loot the national treasury and build economic fortresses and gated white castle communities is not unlike how the Diocese of Knoxville may be going.
I also wonder too that how maybe Bishop Morlino of Madison Wisconsin thwarted in his attempts to outright build a new cathedral or skim funds off for personal (bribes?) and secret Vatican projects, may in fact be making a large diocese loan at this very minute to build a new mega parish in the middle of some cow pie pasture in Wisconsin that one day will be the new Madison Cathedral.
Without transparency, with tax exempt and tax free status, with religious barriers to civil and secular review of the books let alone review by the peasant laity in the obedient ranks, how much money laundering and cash flows and what not rival the teachings of Jesus, discount those teachings into zero and less than zero in the hearts of the RC hierarchy these days?

Etc. Links and Quoted Material:

Rigali also put Stika in charge of Pope John Paul II's visit to St. Louis in 1999. Marti Aboussie was on the St. Louis Board of Alderman at the time and worked closely with Stika on the planning process. "He'll be a good administrator," said Aboussie, "but more importantly, he'll make an excellent bishop without compromising the pastoral skills that made him a great priest." In 2004, Burke named Stika to be the director of the archdiocese's Office of Child and Youth Protection and delegate to the archdiocese's review board and chairman of its Child Safety Committee. "With the exception of proven, admitted or credibly accused pedophiles, there is perhaps no priest in the archdiocese less qualified, in our view, to be a bishop than Richard Stika," the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests said in a statement Monday. "In his dealings with child sex abuse and cover up cases here, he has repeatedly shown a penchant for secrecy, reckless and half-truths."

Donovan v. Dan Murphy Foundation (2012) 204 Cal.App.4th 1500.  A former director of a non-profit charitable organization sued the organization and its current directors alleging that he was wrongfully removed after he had raised concerns about financial oversight and governance.

2   Roupp and Rewinski were elected as directors after Donovan was removed from the board of directors of the Foundation (Board).

According to the complaint, Donovan first began expressing his concerns in 2008, after the Foundation’s assets had dropped approximately $65 million in value from the previous valuation of $250 million. Donovan’s concerns were shared by two of the seven directors at that time, Julia Schwartz and Rosemary E. Donohue, but were rejected by three other directors, Edward Landry, Richard Grant, and Maria Grant.

The complaint detailed Donovan’s disputes with his fellow directors. First, during a proposed transfer of management of the Foundation’s assets, Donovan sought a review of the transfer by the full Board. Landry and Richard Grant opposed Donovan’s request, and the management of the Foundation’s assets was transferred without a review by the Board. Second, Donovan “demanded” that the Board exercise its responsibilities under the Probate Code to oversee the management of the Foundation’s assets.

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Cardinal Rigali States Requirements of a Good Pope – Pot Calling Kettle Black?

Justin "Big Frank" Rigali - Philly Crime Boss (Retired)

Cardinal Regali is not under the rule of Archbishop Chaput the same way Cardinal Mahony in under the fat thumb of Archbishop Gomez in Los Angeles and being criticized for past performances. 

Mahony is being pulled through the mud in the Italian Press regarding his dirty bloody hands voting for a new Pope.
No such media mucking about for fellow retired reprobate Rigali. Both Mohony and Rigali are under 80 and as Cardinals are still eligible to vote.

No doubt Opus Dei wants to influence Mahony’s vote since OD Archbishop Gomez had not yet gotten his red hat.

Rigali will no doubt be selling his vote for a promotion for his portege Ambrose St. John Richard Stika to get out a shithole assignment of Knoxville Tennessee. 

Young Richard has yet to spend the money, build a new Bishop’s palace for his old boss now that he smells promotion in the air. Maybe even Chicago at this point. Anything is possible in papal elections.

The American Media is eating up the Cardinal Emeritus of Philadelphia’s fatherly advice on picking a new pope.  It is good to have your old protégé give you protection from mean old Charlie Chaput in the form of Bishop Stika of Knoxville Tennessee still planning and trying to fund a new Bishop’s palace for his old Philly crime boss Justin “Big Frank” Rigali (retired – yeah right).

Cardinal Rigali, in retirement and in shabby digs, when not in Rome, with his former Protégé Bishop Stika when not in Rome, from former glory days and exile in St Louis (wink, nod), states what the new Pope needs:





What? Nothing about Kids Justin????????????

“He is first of all, going to be the Bishop of Rome. He is going to be pastor of the Universal Church with all that entails, so just imagine the qualities that are needed.”

Among the qualities he listed are compassion, and “he has to have experience, he has to have understanding.”

Also, “the question of languages is not without consideration. Since the pope is pastor of the Universal Church he has to communicate with people. Pope Benedict certainly was very good at languages and Pope John Paul II was even more so; he had an extraordinary capacity to speak languages.”


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Northeast Catholic High School for Boys Philadelphia 1926 - 2010


Chapter Two - The Long Dark Corridor – The Sounds of Silence - “222”

Chapter Two - The Long Dark Corridor – “222”

The thought comes to you sometimes. That things do and do not matter.

I had the occasion with the abundance of information floating around the Internet to see the stories of two former high school teachers’ end run of career and retirements.

The first teacher had been a been a very well groomed and interesting Spanish teacher who I had been in freshman and sophomore classes with. Through a childhood grade school friend or some similar connection, the retirement of “S.” had been shown in a two minute You Tube clip. The teacher had survived all the way to the age of sixty-five just as the last class of an inner city high school was deemed obsolete by the Archdiocese.

"S." had given up Spanish classes, and had become the disciplinarian, no doubt for job security, at that Catholic High School. The You Tube saw him making the rounds and being surprised by a group of former students cheering and applauding him as he entered the school auditorium.

Of course, there were arguments that a school that had graduated many successful men, it was an all boys school, had an alumni base willing to subsidize the losses listed on the books of keeping a great institution going for another year or two.  That the successful white alumni loved their Alma Mater and did not care that the student body was not now one hundred percent, or even fifty percent, white as in olden days. That the Archdiocese’s game plan looked to a future model of new Catholic High Schools to be built in the rich white suburbs.

In any case, there was talk of a Jesuit high school to purchase the property but in the end the Public School System forked over the cash to start one of those so-called “Charter” High School things using the bones of existing buildings as the base of a new education operation in the inner city.

Getting back to "S.", he had studied Spanish in Mexico in his junior year in college. So besides the grammar of that language was a bag full of stories of his experiences relating and interrelating to that foreign culture.  In retrospect, it is strange how Americans can be so ignorant of a culture right next door and over the next border.

The friend from childhood that had told me or wrote to me or maybe just posted the You Tube on Facebook had been passing along some info. Much appreciated. And another grade school chum had sought me out to become part of that social network after another childhood friend had died. The dead classmate had in fact lived just two doors down from me back then. 

That the social network thing can keep old acquaintances alive in indirect contact and act in a manner that word of mouth, neighborhoods or hardcopy local newspapers had acted as in the recent past before the coming of this in some way mysterious new global culture thing.

The story about a Spanish teacher, though perhaps long winded was an intro to the another part of my story here and my reaction of sorts to an English teacher in high school.

I had related the story of Father Ed in The Long Dark CorridorI had touched upon some matters perhaps delicate and now long gone of the sexual orientation of some of the priests that taught in that high school. But I cannot let go of things sometimes. 

I also read recently of a retirement of an English teacher that went on to much higher things in the front office education bureaucracy of the archdiocese in the chancery downtown, sharing space with the hierarchy in that strange little office building, prefab, and hastily risen close to forty years ago.

“E.” was no doubt a very ambitious teacher. He no doubt was filled with many innovative ideas to modernize education in my high school and beyond to other schools in the archdiocese. Considering that I knew him in his salad days. I did not like him from day one. His loud high pitched boisterous way of talking and acting out the role of teacher as if on a stage and in a large auditorium without a sound system, in retrospect, speaks to me of a self-taught orator or one that did not adjust from the larger stage as in a college debating club to that of a classroom with about forty students.

In a way I did not seek to be put into his showcase “honors” English class.  And from day one, he made it clear that this was a showcase program and the whole world, meaning the Principal’s office and the archdiocese was looking to see how this pilot program would produce great students and great writing from the inner city turds that populated this high school's hallways.

They did segregate all us white male students according to the entrance test to the high school that we took in eighth grade into perhaps A, B, C tiers. With tiers overlapping.  And as I think back I was at the bottom of “A” or more likely the top of “B”. That people you sat next to in homeroom, you never saw again during the day except maybe at lunchtime. You were grouped according to your academic scores. Small bubbles within bubbles in an education system, wheels within wheels.

I had done very well in freshman year in terms of test scores in the English course. One of the strange things was that in this new elite English class in sophomore year, I saw no familiar faces except one. And as I think back, my freshman English class was something of hodge podge of kids of various levels of achievement. 

The teacher had been a Reverend Mister, a seminarian in his fifth year in seminary study who had just accomplished a four year degree and was being farmed out into the field for teaching experience in a religious order famed for its education status as a teaching order of priests and brothers.

On a side note, at the end of my junior year in high school, I was in the school band, marching on Memorial Day.  We stopped for a quick break and pit stop somewhere along the way.  That Reverend Mister came up to me in civilian clothes, tee shirt, shorts, and sneakers to say hi.  I could not but help notice that he was with a young lady.  He had not been in the school in my junior year.  He briefly explained that he was no longer in the seminary and wanted to know how I was doing etc. No doubt his hetero ways made him decide on a change in career etc. Never saw or heard of him again btw.

And speaking of the teacher base in a religious teaching facility, a high school run by the archdiocese, the religious still outnumbered the male lay teachers back then. The lay teachers for the most part were under 26 years of age. It was the age of Vietnam and the draft and they gave deferments to teachers. When they turned 27, most of them departed. Bolted in fact!

Two projects of that freshman English class stand out in my mind. One was the reading of the English translation of The Iliad by Homer and the almost chapter by chapter, blow by blow, bloody naked carcass by bloody naked carcass description of the carnage of war of that piece of ancient literature in more like a history lesson than an English class.

Second was a study of Mythology by Edith Hamilton. There had been a twenty question test on the names of all the gods and goddesses and lower categories of Mt. Olympus family members. I got a 100 on the test, being the only one in class to do so. Many had got a 95 but for some reason, I had memorized the secondary name of the moon goddess and I cannot remember now what that name was but no doubt I did well in that freshman class to be sent on to the honors English class in sophomore year.

Now here is where a lot of conflict happened for me. One, I did not know of any honors class in freshman year. Nor had anybody asked if I wanted to join such a club as it termed out to be.

In retrospect, I think that maybe my freshman year in high school and the different path that led me to sophomore honors English was my freshman schedule that I know was different that most of the others who ended up in sophomore honors English. I think that my Spanish class with “S.” had had me end up in a last minute put together freshman class with the reverend mister, a miscellaneous overthrow class to put people whose other courses such as language or math put them in schedule conflicts elsewhere. 

As such I was out of a social loop, and came into a sophomore class many of whom were already acquainted with each other in English in freshman year with schedules arraigned around French and German classes. I only knew one guy from freshman English in that sophomore class and he ironically was someone who had my exact duplicate schedule that first year. He was also someone out sick a great deal of the time, so I never really got to know him very well.

This is where another unpleasant memory pops into mind. Eighth grade and the elitist nun, with her nose raised in the air because she had been assigned to some poor Irish parish in the inner city, she went into such a stink when I submitted my desired optional courses on a piece of paper submitted to the high school. “Spanish”! It’s a mongrel language! You won’t be able to get into a decent college with Spanish on your high school record! You need French or German to get into college etc.

I had in fact took the course because my order sister had taken Spanish and I was hoping for some home tutoring regarding that course on language. 

Anyway, day one of sophomore honors English and the speech about us being the crème de la crème, the pilot program that was going to breakout of all expectations. There was also going to be a college style course load of a book a week to be read, analyzed and tested on and of course only the best writing possible was to be sought for as a targeted goal.  Under no circumstance was anyone ever going to get the coveted A+++ on any assigned essay etc.

Well, the fawning of the troops over this new messiah like teacher started from day one. And the many of them who talked so highly of “E.” outside of class.  Many in his regular English classes had more than enough to say about the crazy sophomore English teacher who no doubt gave the same or similar workloads to them.

I in retrospect have read some points of people not happy with “E.”, in recent years on the Internet, in this academic rule in later years in the Archdiocese head office, and these points seem to confirm to me that unless you joined his cult of adoration of his ideas and his vision regarding education, your careers in education were on shaky ground. Enough said about that because what I have seen on the Internet no doubt only represents a small margin view of the abilities and or accomplishments of this person.

I do remember in Senior Year, many of his prized Sophomore English honor students were in charge of putting together the Senior Yearbook that there were something like thirteen picture of “E.” from still adoring students from his personal and or English honors cult.

I am not a joiner. Perhaps I am loner. Just a few weeks into “E’s” sophomore class we had to write an essay on “The Sounds of Silence” and we were supposed to be creative because there were no guidelines besides the title of the essay.

Well, I can remember getting into this essay for some reason. I got very abstract and perhaps even spiritual. I can only remember the inspiration of a quiet moment in an early morning hour one summer’s day that I happened to be up just before dawn and how beautiful and magical the silence and lack of the presence of any automobiles or trucks in an otherwise very crowded and busy street intersection near where I lived, before the days of the nearby Interstate that became the present main artery of all that north south city traffic.

“E” hands out the essays with marks on them to most.  He holds back a few of the essays and begins to read them and praise them and criticize them as he went along. He then handed them back one by one to the authors. He continued to read. Then one begins to see the marks on the papers A+++ and one realizes that he does hand out A+++ marks and I was so filled with an internal glee that I had made the cut. I was going to get a A+++ and he was going to read it out loud in class. Such an honor.

My paper seemed to be on the bottom of his pile. Was he saving the best for last? I would never know.

The bell rang. Class was over. He handed my paper to me without comment and it did in fact have the A+++ rating but nobody in the class would hear my words aloud from the performing orator on the stage of the class.  My heart sank in total disappointment. Did he leave the best for last? Did time run out unnoticed to him? Or did he time it all by eyeing the clock. I can be so paranoid sometimes. 

But I got the A+++.  Been there.  Done that.  Time to move on. Etc.

I decided then and there. I would drop his course. So much of what he had fed this class so far was his own personal bullshit full of his ambitious plan to one day run the school system downtown which he in fact did one day. I have since read many things about cults and brainwashing and such and “E.” would have made a great Jim Jones in the secular world etc. IMHO.

I also as I have written this blog for many years have to wonder how ambitious church lady types with penises, how they rise to the top of their professions being perhaps tops and not giving a shit about who gets ground into sausage along the way, especially children.

I also have  to wonder how “E.” built his great education system as the archdiocese, one by one, shut down their inner city schools and high schools.  That glory sometimes is a story, a press release, as the world and or institution dies from attrition. 

Will the last person in the Archdiocese Education Office at “222” kindly turn off the lights as they leave the building forever.

I also have to wonder how many times how the elites of the Education Department rubbed elbows with the Elites of the hierarchy at board meetings or gatherings over cocktails and how polite church talk and education talk never got mixed with the very real talk of child abuse and criminal cover up emanating from the Cardinal’s penthouse office suite on the top floor above?

So it goes.