Sunday, September 11, 2011

World Peace Fountains 4-4-73 = 9-11-11

I had what I think was a prophetic dream in the seventies. Although I never quite understood all the images and voices in that singular vision, I wrote about them and put them away for decades.  I begin to understand some of them now, after parts of the dream seem to unfold before all the rest of us.

While I can’t date that vision, I now date it 4-4-73, April 4, 1973, which is the official dedication date of the old World Trade Center.

I ran into the sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick some few weeks ago for the first time through his fascination and biblical like vision(s) related to all things labeled 3-4-74 which in his case relates to March through April 1974. 

In any case I somehow feel that if the whole world kept meticulous diaries in the past maybe we could see a similar vein of prophecy all over the planet on similar dates everywhere.

Which makes me think that the Internet may in fact be a critical stepping stone in our species' progress into the future, when in a scientific format, we will be able to document John of Patmos type visions and have a wider range of interpretations everywhere in every culture and all belief systems. 

On that day perhaps we will perhaps begin a dialogue with the creator on this plane of existence with the first few true universal words through a man-made universal translator.

In my own case, the vision of a great destruction was right in front of me but did not recognize it until it happened.  Which leads me to repeat my distrust of all things in the Book of Revelation. One interpretation for seven billions of people's perceptions is wholly inadequate if in fact it was a true vision.

We won’t see any of it coming until it hits us four-square between the eyes in our third eye/chakra. Period.

The above image of a father Robert Peraza paying loving homage to his dead son sparks into focus some of the last lines of my small personal vision of the future.

When “the beginning and the end are equal…”, “when the more is the less.”, when “the water of life flows to all nations from one source…”...

Albeit to say that the black stone surrounding the present Memorial Fountains at the WTC represents markers and gravestone remembrances of those who died there, and have no other official grave sites.

With that said and without revealing all of my own treasured wordings or images of my particular vision of the World Trade Center 4-4-73, I can say this.

While you can say that these two fountains represent a perception of a deceased north tower and deceased south tower, if you look on the map, you can see and perceive the present a little bit differently – you might see two fountains – one orientated east and one orientated west with a common north south axis.

Perhaps the Memorial Fountains will in time be renamed in another age, the future, and be called the World Peace Fountains.

“…Here marks the beginning of a new human race which God did see fit to begin here in this place.”