Sunday, January 22, 2017

Churchianity (Holy Card) - The New GOP Religion of the United States

"The world used to believe in the divine right of kings," Father Ducey said in one of his sermons. "Today we have a, substitute—Churchianity.

Churchianity today believes not much in kings but it does believe in a golden rule, the rule of gold in the church as well as in the state. It tries to influence the work of God and secures the passage of unjust laws—laws not for good, or freedom or liberty, but in the interests of injustice, oppression and wrong."

"Churchianity covers wealthy sin with the mantle of gold. With Churchianity money is king and the king can do no wrong. The poor unfortunate criminal, the creature of wretched circumstances is avoided, despised and outcast, and the depraved, malicious sinner is honored and received by Churchianity and society without any show on his part of repentance."

Daily Inner Mountain - Butte Montana March 18, 1899

Father Thomas J. Ducey 1846-1909