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Catholic Moral Majority is not the Catholic Left – As Kafkaesque Dolan/Donohue Explains - Catholic Moral Majority Offended by Continuing Obscene Presence of Bishop Finn in K.C.MO

The Election is barely over but President of the USCCB’s personal mouthpiece Bill Donohue over at the Catholic League is going with the Kafkaesque labeling of the Moral Majority of Catholics as the “Left” which is a political term.  The GOP lost the White House Tim and Bill. 

People who disagree with your corrupt interpretation of all this Catholic Hierarchical Stuff count it as something personal and publicly offensive as in the case of the aiding and abetting of a Sexual Offender, Bishop Finn of Kansas City Missouri continuing in office with tacit consent of the American Bishops and the overwhelming support of the corrupt regime presently in power in the Vatican.

Bill Donohue who is now labeling Finn’s many enemies as the “left” seems to have insiders knowledge of porn content and claims, implies, that only “One Nude Crotch Photo” of a little girl is not pornographic and that Father Ratigan, a personal buddy of Bobby Finn, was a victim of a miscarriage of American Judgment in his Kiddie Porn Conviction.

If that drunk and moral retard Bill Donohue is not playing bad cop to your "good" cop Cardinal Dolan and does not speak for you or your Church regarding Bishop Finn, please state so on this matter! Thank you.


But it also needs to be said that crotch shots are not pornographic. Moreover, the diocese described the “single photo” of a naked girl to a police officer who served on the diocesan sexual review board, and he said it did not constitute pornography. So why would the Times say that “hundreds of pornographic pictures” were found two years ago this month? The record shows that it was not until after the diocese called the cops in May 2011 that porn pictures were found on Ratigan’s computer. 
Under Bishop Finn, the review board was contacted, the authorities were notified, and an independent investigation was ordered (the Graves Report). In short, Bishop Finn deserves better. The attack on him, coming exclusively from the Catholic Left, smacks of an agenda.

Unable to establish “morality” in the American Town Square as in the case of the Dolan/Donohue corrupt RC Hierarchy dynamic dual in New York City, the New York Times, the sometimes “Moral Authority” of the secular American Public Square has published an article, an editorial of sorts, to stir up the flies and maggots in the horse shit pile aka the Bishop Finn situation in Kansas City Missouri.

Missouri Bishop’s Conviction Leaves Clergy Divided

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In the three months since Bishop Robert W. Finn became the first American prelate convicted of failing to report a pedophile priest, lay people and victims’ advocates have repeatedly called for his resignation… 
“I think it would be easier for us to move forward without Bishop Finn as our bishop,” the Rev. Michael Clary, the pastor at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Lee’s Summit, Mo., which is part of Bishop Finn’s diocese, said in an interview. He added, however, that the bishop’s resignation may not be the only way forward. 
Such sentiments raise the question of whether Bishop Finn can successfully continue to oversee a diocese of 87 parishes and more than 130,000 people, or whether he will go the way of Cardinal Bernard F. Law, who gave up his post in Boston a decade ago after an outcry over his practice of reassigning priests accused of abuse to new parishes. A national online petition calling for Bishop Finn’s resignation has collected nearly 110,000 signatures… 
Festering anger and mistrust throughout the diocese present huge challenges in persuading parishioners to open their wallets. Priests critical of Bishop Finn said that for that to happen, he needed to admit wrongdoing and ask for forgiveness. 
“Some say he has made that apology, he has said he’s sorry, but he hasn’t told us what he’s sorry for,” said the Rev. Matthew Brumleve, pastor at Holy Family in Kansas City and another 20-year veteran of the diocese. 
“Is he sorry he got caught? Is he sorry we don’t see things the way he sees them? Or is he truly sorry for letting down the children of this diocese?” But Father Brumleve said he believed that Bishop Finn did not see the necessity of offering a more robust apology. 
“That’s going to be the millstone around our neck until that happens,” he said.