Monday, June 6, 2011

The Gospels and Sarah Palin

Lame Stream Media grifter Sarah Palin got caught the other day by a reporter who asked her what she thought of her tour of Paul Revere’s House in Boston.  She then went on in casual campaign chit chat to describe how Paul Revere had warned the British with shots and bells or something to that effect.  Her fans then went into Wikipedia to hack the story of Paul Revere to match Saint Sarah’s view of what I believe is sacred American History. 

Well anyway her boss, Roger Ailes, inventor of Lame Stream Media Fox News, in his bulletproof, bombproof office, in fear of gays and or blacks, has sent her on a Vacation to Nowhere on a bus leaving a huge carbon footprint in perhaps the hope that one of her insane stalkers gets off a few rounds of sacred second amendment sacramentals, that she of course survives, wonder woman, saint, and he can have Cheney’s old office during Sarah’s first term as Prez.

This is not the America I grew up in.  The nuts are running the insane asylum. 

I have to think, wonder, how the gospels possibly got distorted in similar fashion after they were verbally transmitted and then in writing transcribed to suit the decade and or the ego of the current saint in charge of the Jesus cult. 

“and on this nitwit (Sarah Palin) I will build my whats-sha-ma-call-it”.(Roger Ailes)


Have a nice day.