Friday, July 2, 2010

Joe the Pope's Fading Star

In the all boy’s club of the Vatican and the need to protect the Party Line to the last female body, comes word of a shuffle up in some Vatican jobs of importance.

Cardinal Rino Fisichella who tried to infuse a dram of humanity into the child rape, abortion, excommunication fiasco in Brazil last year is no longer fit to appoint or make recommendations for the worldwide appointments of bishops – he is out. Rino gets to head up a new department that is supposed to fight secularization in Europe – a no win, possibly no show job just created by the fading Joe the Pope administration.

He is to be replaced by Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet, a man whose meteoric star rises of late, and who shows no mercy to the female body in quotes below:

This year, Ouellet provoked what the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation termed a "firestorm of criticism" when he told an anti-abortion conference in Quebec City that terminating a pregnancy was a "moral crime" even in rape cases. He said he understood that a sexually assaulted woman should be helped and her attacker held accountable. "But there is already a victim," he said. "Must there be another one?" – Guardian June 30
First a Pole, then a German, and the next pope will be a French Speaking Canadian? I thought the church was supposed to be universal as opposed to being “European”? When are we going to get that first African pope - 2087 A.D.???

Stylistically, visually, the pope’s pose on camera lately seems to be with the pope’s back to the camera- Time Magazine June 7, 2010 -a pose that suits what appears to be a very mediocre or failed pontificate totally out of touch with reality.

So it goes.