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Edgar “Yip” Harburg - Stamp - 2005

A wildly playful writer who penned antic verse (and choice romantic lyrics) for the musicals Bloomer Girl, Finian's Rainbow, Jamaica, The Happiest Girl in the World, Darling of the Day, Flahooley and the film "The Wizard of Oz," Harburg (1896-1981) was also fiercely supportive of liberal social causes. 

His political feelings often seeped into his shows, offering views on slavery, freedom, women's suffrage, class, the arms race, war and more.*

Fans know that in addition to standards such as "Paper Moon," "April in Paris" and "How Are Things in Glocca Morra?" he wrote socially-potent lyrics for "When the Idle Poor Become the Idle Rich" (about class distinction, from Finian's Rainbow), "Leave de Atom Alone" (about nuclear arms, from Jamaica), "Napoleon" (about the fleeting fame of celebrities, tyrants and politicians, from Jamaica ), "The Eagle and Me" (the expression of a runaway slave in Bloomer Girl)….

Finian's Rainbow was the first Broadway show in which black and white performers danced together.

The Yip Harburg- Harold Arlen classic "Over the Rainbow" was named the number one film song of all time by the American Film Institute; in 2001 it was chosen as the greatest song of the 20th century in a Recording Industry Association of America/National Endowment for the Arts poll….

*Blacklisted in Hollywood and TV from 1950-1962.


Tell the Christmas Myth a Trillion Times

Tell the Christmas Myth a Trillion Times

Listening to commentators on church services or even news reporters stating things of the Christ Myth like “Jesus was born in Bethlehem” matter of factly, which of course these days is an off limits place full of Arabs in Israel etc.

There is the old Doctor Goebbel’s line about telling a lie often enough that the lie becomes the truth at least in a fascist state setup.

But standing back and being looked down by Ph.D.’s in Theology by the mere fact that I can read, the new testament in particular, and see the gaping holes in facts and timelines etc., and the Doctors of Divinity merely and or mildly presenting tolerance of me in the presence of vested education degrees. 

Sheepskins do not necessarily represent intelligence, merely the assets to sit in class for so many number of years and being a certificate of attendance as an actual substitute for learning.

The real tragedy I see this Christmas is how lukewarm real Christians give to the devotion and reverence that used to be given as the fear of being in the presence of a warlord god ready to strike non-conformists for the least infractions of the army rule book of Christianity set up by the Emperor-god Constantine in the fourth century of this common era as a means to glue together a falling apart Roman Empire.

That if the Christian myth has been told a trillion times over the centuries, the myth more likely to the young at Christmas has been told at least three trillion times around some kindergarten table in the repeating the stories of surrogates of fairy pervert pedophile elfs, like Santa, who sees you every day and everything you do. 

And you as a child get rewarded for conformity to the army manual myth of who or what the commander in chief says Christ is that day, week or month. Love this day and then go to holy war for centuries in the name of the Prince of Peace.

I think the perversion of the story of Jesus and his human golden rule teachings starts at Christmas and progresses until the Spring with the sado-masochist torture of Jesus in time to be merged with the Easter Bunny myth. The Santa Claus thing is an almost human story. The Easter Bunny is pure animus.

And the lovely little baby in a manger morphing into a bloody corpse on a cross as the only means of war that a warlord mean desert god says is the only means for the rabble to salvation, to be drafted into the Empire’s army to save the Empire and the Emperor etc. is a story that Mel Gibson took from the Anti-Semitic boutique designer gospel of John used in producing his movie blockbuster Passion of the Christ (myth). 


Birth of Jesus Entertainment - TV - 2015

Christmas Shows on TV – 2015

What struck me as weird as I watched the first few minutes of the midnight at Christmas mass at the Vatican was that 90% of the faithful were snapping pics of the very long procession of deadweight bishops, cardinals and of course Pope Francis. In my day such a procession would have produced a lot of crossing of one’s self and return to kneeling after a blessing of holy water.

They had some green Hispanic priest narrating or I should say reading boiler plate propaganda and in a few phrases of Spanish as the pope seemed to have to smoke the immense altar at St. Peter’s, smiting evil spirits to go away – quite ironic in the presense of the hundreds of bishops and cardinals in the front row – you know evil spirits and all that. The whole thing a contractual NBC/USCCB production of liberal eastern media reinforcing the party line of rule of elites in the United States.

Then I watched a few minutes of that drunk Timothy Dolan do his Ralph Kramden common vulgar man imitation in yellow robes, floating through the newly refurbished 180 million dollar St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Would have been cheaper to tear it down and rebuild it right instead of every 20-30 years trying to reinforce the inferior stone inside and outside, supplied by Tammany Hall btw, and spend more tens of millions to clean the architectural mess that only is made to look like a true gothic cathedral - illusion, delusion(?). 

And of course, once off the ground at arm's length inside St. Patrick’s, the real stone disappears and the plaster and paint over chicken wire surfaces mask the inferior workmanship of a large parish church being used as the seat of the very large evil fat-assed archbishop who would rather spend large volumes of money on cathedrals than keep parishes open for the faithful. ...


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Cecil Rhodes being erased from Oxford - No longer PC in revised Educational History

The nineteenth century robber baron Cecil Rhodes who controlled Africa and dictated Africa foreign policy for the British Empire, gold, goods, exploited workers is being airbrushed out of Oxford per the morning Bloomberg News.  Flaming Cecil as they called him behind his back (don’t ask, don’t tell) is no longer PC at Oxford University where four statues of the once great man are being removed to warehouses for the moment. Rhodes scholars such as Bill Clinton will no doubt have to rewrite their resumes with a footnote of a Congressional Scholarship to Oxford? Something out of George Orwell's 1984 where the members of the party no longer in power and or alive are erased from official history. Oxford does not think that a real racist past of the university or country is conducive to minorities going into deep debt to get a sheepskin from just another college diploma factory in Britain. 


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Tax Free Bigotry Belt of New Wave Fascist Christianity Seeking Right to Discriminate on the Taxpayer’s Dime

Campus Pride Shame List - Rated XXX in Hate - Toxic to Humanity GOP Based KKKristianity Taught Here:

“Religion-based bigotry is careless and life-threatening,” said Shane Windmeyer, Executive Director of Campus Pride. “LGBTQ young people face high rates of harassment and violence, especially our trans youth and LGBTQ youth of color. The schools on this list have requested Title IX exemption based on religion-based bigotry targeting LGBQ and transgender people for no other purpose than to discriminate, expel and ban them from campus. It is shameful and wrong.”

37 Campuses received Title IX Exemption to discriminate against LGBTQ Youth


Anderson University – Anderson, South Carolina
Belmont Abbey College – Belmont, North Carolina
Bethel College – Mishawaka, Indiana
Blue Mountain College – Blue Mountain, Mississippi
Carson-Newman University – Jefferson City, Tennessee
Charleston Southern University – North Charleston, South Carolina
Covenant College – Lookout Mountain, Georgia
East Texas Baptist University – Marshall, Texas
Franciscan University of Steubenville – Steubenville, Ohio
Fresno Pacific University – Fresno, California
Geneva College – Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
George Fox University – Newberg, Oregon
Hannibal-LaGrange University – Hannibal, Missouri
Howard Payne University – Brownwood, Texas
Judson College – Marion, Alabama
Liberty University – Lynchburg, Virginia
Louisiana College – Pineville, Louisiana
Maranatha Baptist Bible College – Watertown, Wisconsin
Mississippi College – Clinton, Mississippi
North Greenville University – Tigerville, South Carolina
Northwest Nazarene University – Nampa, Idaho
Oklahoma Baptist University – Shawnee, Oklahoma
Oklahoma Christian University – Edmond, Oklahoma
Oklahoma Wesleyan Univeristy – Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Simpson University – Redding, California
Southern Wesleyan University – Central, South Carolina
Southwest Baptist University – Bolivar, Missouri
Spring Arbor University – Spring Arbor, Michigan
St. Gregory’s University – Shawnee, Oklahoma
Tabor College – Hillsboro, Kansas
The Baptist College of Florida – Graceville, Florida
Toccoa Falls College – Toccoa Falls, Georgia
Union University – Jackson, Tennessee
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor – Belton, Texas
University of Mobile – Eight Mile, Alabama
University of the Cumberlands – Williamsburg, Kentucky
Williams Baptist College – Walnut Ridge, Arkansas


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Hope Hope Comedy Specials in Heaven

Bob Hope
Library of Congress
(Public Domain)

Hope Hope Comedy Specials in Heaven

When I die and go straight to heaven, I am going to reserve some time there to watch the 10 DVDs of the Time-Life Bob Hope Collection of Bob Hope TV Specials on NBC.

I won’t have to pay 5 easy payments of $19.99 each because everything in Heaven is free just like the Democrats promise or so I am told.

And don’t forget the free 11th DVD of the Dean Martin Roasts.

As 98% of the people I see on the 30 minute long infomercial advertisement are already there in heaven and I can just look them up in person as well - that's why they call it heaven.

That and there is no point to watch them now at home – because as my millennial son says “Who is Bob Hope?” (That and what's a DVD?) LOL


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Guns Guns Guns - Bat Shit Crazy in Tucson Arizona - Shoplifter shot in parking lot by customer packing a gun.

Customer follows alleged shoplifter out of store and shoots suspect.  SMH

I used to buy gas here in the nineties. So the idea that somebody would take the law into their own hands – that owning or holding a gun is somehow some sacred tome of righteousness is an offshoot of the worship of the vague right to hold arms in the Second Amendment and the NRA’s lobbying efforts to sell guns to fill fear needs created by the gun industry in America through evil twat’s like Susan and Wayne LaPierre – Roman Catholics in good standing in Great Falls, Virginia.

Below comments better than I can write.

TUCSON- A shoplifting suspect is in the hospital Sunday afternoon after a citizen shot him.

Around 2:30 p.m., the male suspect entered the Circle K near Grant Road and Oracle Road. Tucson Police believes he shoplifted then fled the scene.

A citizen followed after him. Both were involved in an altercation and the citizen shot the suspect.

The suspect was transported to Banner UMC with life threatening injuries.


Monday, November 30, 2015

Timor-Cultus-Sedes-Cruz -- Ted Cruz’s fear of encountering toilet seat used by Transgenders in public restroom

Timor-Cultus-Sedes-Cruz  -- Ted Cruz’s fear of encountering toilet seat used by Transgenders in public restroom.  #PlannedParenthood #LGBT #Bias #Sexism #DomesticTerrorism




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Send All Refugees Home. Taking American Jobs!


How many hundreds of Trump Tower Resident Muslims Cheering 911 Attacks in NYC?

If the truth be told Donald, your rich Arab neighbors (code for Muslims and or Saudis) were screaming delight at the sneak attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Donald remembers the truth as thousands of Muslims in New Jersey were screaming delight on the attack on America. 

Governor Chris Christie is not challenging Donald in his delusional memories of down the hall as opposed to across the state lines into Jersey.  That and for fear of a verbal tongue lashing from the Reality Show Star with the weird hairdo.

Bunch of losers and liers in the GOP. Not men. Just cash vendors. 


Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Real Terror of Religion and its Ultimate Victims of Abuse

The Real Terror of Religion and its Ultimate Victims of Abuse

There is a scene on the telly of Muslims in Paris wanting to crowd into the local mosque for comfort and those outside talking to the cameras about “they are not like those who kill (the terrorists) and that Islam is a beautiful religion of peace.”

I dare say most people on the inside of the religion bubble see it as something good and part of the social glue of family and community.

But the truth is that for the three main monotheistic religions of the mean little desert god by various local names, these religions all began in violence under generals Moses, Constantine or Mohammed.

What do you mean Constantine created Christianity? Yes Christ the state sponsored myth and deity of a dying dysfunctional Roman Empire needed one last push of unity that the Emperor/God Constantine needed to stay insanely in power. It has little to do with a person named Jesus who may or may not have existed in historical myth. 

His, the Emperor/God Constantine's giving deeds to basilicas to bishops throughout his empire to collect taxes and recruit soldiers and dispense Sharia Law in those very same structures was the stuff labeled Christ-ianity to carry out his noble cause of gluing the mess of his dying empire back together again one last time. (...all the king's horses and all the king's men could not put ...)

I dare say that secret ceremonies in his special Christian Army units still practiced worship of secret Army deities while the secret ceremonies of the bishops carried on secret ceremonies of debauchery with the rank and file etc.

That Charlemagne killed all his conquered people with death by beheading for not submitting to the Christian faith and its church spies. That Islam was offered all throughout  the Middle East and Asia at the point of a sword at the head of conquering armies.

That Moses took what he wanted in terms of land and slaughtered people in the old fashioned way, the Egyptian way.

That people in times of personal or national crisis turn to the old gods for comfort. Today is no different than back then.

I especially feel sorry for those minorities that are not welcome in the Catholic Christian Sect, intelligent women or gay men and women or the discarded children of clergy rape, of power's pleasure. 

I feel sorry for people waiting around for stale crumbs from the old closeted gay master’s tables. Better a kick in the gut than a pat on the back from that human trash running that particular organization into the ground.

As Auntie Mame says in the movie at least. “Life is a feast and most poor sons of bitches are starving to death.”

Religion is poison. Toxic to the human race. 

Religion is for Terrorists. 

(or losers)


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gov. Asa Hutchinson wants reciprocity in refugee exchange - 100,000 Arkansonians for 10,000 Syrians

Images *

One of the victims of the war with ISIS/ISIL/DAESH is not the truth but the media shortage of bodies over at MSNBC since the purge of talking head bodies (Shh! – It is a secret – nobody watches anyway lol)

Well - Yesterday while a few of the more self-important fish are getting a round trip to Paris to personally investigate a bunch of thugs with guns in Europe when they would hesitate to take on a NRA convention of whoopee cushion usin good ‘ole boys in the States. Well, the world is turned upside down these days.

Well yesterday, in desperate need of bodies on the live set at the Capitol Rep. Burgess of Texas wandered into view of the cameras with the unpaid interns in charge of cameras. Congressman Burgess wanted to talk about “boots on the ground in Syria” along with the unicorn problem in Texas, sitting in Dick Armey’s old congressional seat btw, very important Gerrymandered man. That and also he might have mentioned fetuses, Boy fetuses that is – not girl fetuses btw, masturbating in the womb etc. (Cameras cut!)

Today, away from the Camera but on one of those modern telephone things, Governor Asa Hutchinson, mentioning his vast experience with Homeland Security under the safe days of President George W. Bush. “He kept us safe” (except on 911). Asa thought it awful unfair why we would be giving free charity and welfare to Muslims from Syria or such. 

Why should President Assad not have to support these bums and send them to Europe?

It only makes sense to reciprocate and send a bunch of dangerous minds from Arkansas. Get rid of them. People on welfare. Minorities. ‘Da Gays. Etc. (Telephone call - CUT!)  (Geez – unpaid media interns on a learning curve. Lol)

Tomorrow - Senator Tom Cotton and the glories of fighting in the trenches with guys, guys, guys. Share the excitement?

Gee FOX NEWS, keep your animal Kristi-an pundits over there at Roger Ailes ZOO and stop picking on MSNBC. Lock your gates!

(MSNBC Interns – Please no more free bananas to strangers.)

Asa Hutchinson Congressinal Photo Public Domain


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Paris - The Crowning Jewel of Western Civilisation

To anybody who has ever been to Paris, and I have, know that it is the crowning gem of western civilization. To attack Paris and its attractions to light and to life is symbolic of the dark forces of the human soul that sometimes use religion to destroy life instead of elevate it. As time goes by, Paris will only get better with age like a fine wine. The current world stage Anarchists will dry out in some desert and will be long forgotten. C'est la vie.

Pour quelqu'un qui n'a jamais été à Paris, et je suis, sachez qu'il est le joyau couronnement de la civilisation occidentale. Pour attaquer Paris et ses attractions à la lumière et à la vie est symbolique des forces obscures de l'âme humaine qui a parfois utilisé la religion pour détruire la vie au lieu de l'élever. Comme le temps passe, Paris sera que meilleur avec l'âge comme un bon vin. La scène mondiale actuelle anarchistes et leur vinaigre se dessèchent dans un désert et être oublié depuis longtemps. C'est la vie. 


Jeremy Clarkson supposedly and sued as a Mick hating Bigot

The pompous asshole who used to host the BBC Top Gear program, once a favorite in this household, is supposedly a Mick hater.

I was turned off when I saw him attend that evil Margaret Thatcher’s funeral but I turned the other cheek and continued to watch.

The American version of Top Gear is TV Wasteland drivel btw.

Well now we know how the British Empire went down the loo. 

Morons like Jeremy Clarkson.

The fall-out from Jeremy Clarkson’s acrimonious departure fromTop Gear rumbles on as producer Oisin Tymon- whom Clarkson assaulted during a break from filming- has sued both Clarkson and the BBC for racial discrimination. In addition to the physical attack Clarkson launched on Tymon- allegedly over a disagreement over catering- Tymon is alleging he was victim to a verbal tirade that included derogatory remarks about his Irish nationality.

Tymon, represented by legal firm Slater And Gordon, attended an employment tribunal on Friday, along with lawyers for the BBC and Clarkson. It is believed that the allegations of racial discrimination could significantly increase any compensation claim due Tymon following the incident. An internal BBC inquiry in March found that Clarkson had instigated “an unprovoked verbal and physical attack” on Tymon, and publicly cleared Tymon on wrongdoing whatsoever.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Secular Kids More Altruistic than Religion Taught Kids - Study Shows

Older children, usually those with a longer exposure to religion, “exhibit[ed] the greatest negative relations”.
The study also found that “religiosity affects children’s punitive tendencies”. Children from religious households “frequently appear to be more judgmental of others’ actions”, it said.
Muslim children judged “interpersonal harm as more mean” than children from Christian families, with non-religious children the least judgmental. Muslim children demanded harsher punishment than those from Christian or non-religious homes.
At the same time, the report said that religious parents were more likely than others to consider their children to be “more empathetic and more sensitive to the plight of others”. …
The report was “a welcome antidote to the presumption that religion is a prerequisite of morality”, said Keith Porteus Wood of the UK National Secular Society.

“It would be interesting to see further research in this area, but we hope this goes some way to undoing the idea that religious ethics are innately superior to the secular outlook. We suspect that people of all faiths and none share similar ethical principles in their day to day lives, albeit may express them differently depending on their worldview.”


Friday, October 30, 2015

Christianity, like Marriage, is only as Strong as its Weakest Link

Christianity, like Marriage, is only as Strong as its Weakest Link

There is that scene in the recent movie “Selma” with LBJ meeting with Governor George Wallace in the Oval Office in 1965 and two Southern politicians are trying to haggle their way out of an uncomfortable situation whereby one hundred years of Jim Crow and racial suppression was bubbling up all over the South but in this particular place of Alabama with protesters wanting to march across the state to petition their state government for a redress of their grievance of wanting to exercise their full constitutional right to vote without hindrance in that state.

The white men in Alabama sounding like the Roman Catholic Church on Sacred Tradition were saying this is how it has always been and we are satisfied with it.

The black men in Alabama no longer wanted to be on the short end of the stick, an expression, and no longer on the end of stick being beaten or killed for asking for their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

At one point Governor Wallace wants the federal government to go along with Southern Sacred Tradition and Lyndon Johnson, wanting to establish some sort of legislative legacy, throws the problem back at Wallace and tells him that as Governor he can force adherence to national law at the local level at the county level where all government is local and the local voting registrar is the real place where the Negro was being denied his local rights.

It occurred to me upon recent viewing of that movie for the first time, how the definition of man and the definition of the rights of man are in essence defined and or redefined according to the local prejudice and flavors of the month, years and century.

Which also brings this slightly aged person, with memories of the sixties, to look at County Clerk Kim Davis of Rowan County Kentucky and her singular obsession with the biblical definition of “marriage” and her hearing and obeying her “god” and his direct command to her to enforce “his” definition of whatever marriage is.

Before marriage, I told a friend that I thought of marriage as a merger and or alliance between two people. He having been married more than once listened to my definition and or preconceived idea of marriage and laughed. He told me that at best marriage is a truce between two people on the front line of the war between the sexes and the unique qualities, attributes and assets of those eternally warring factions, and their ongoing hit or miss contributions in the way of offspring to the common good and millennial old haphazard survival of the species.

Some weird Baptist cult, famous for their hatred of gays, has set up protesting with signs shop within hearing distance of three times divorced County Clerk, living in a glass house Kim Davis, and throwing stones at da gays who wish to be in legal union and or marriage with each other. 

The traditional definition of marriage via filtering of the RC sacred traditions that make up their ritual plagued religion, and the basis of most modern Christianity, had Jesus, a single man going to a wedding with his mom, and getting drunk. No engagement to a female, no bridal registries, no speaking of vows. 

Of course that is not the way they tell the stained glass story on the wall of the cathedral but that is the bottom line – the stained glass sacred tradition story. Marriage in the RC tradition / “Christian” POV would appear to be whatever sacred tradition says “it” is - just like - the way “it” has always been for the white man in the South - the majority opinion in the church so to speak is the definition of what sexual union and or sexual truce is within the confines of a legal union and or marriage – and must be between a legal aged male and female of the species.  

Minority opinions do not count.

Kim Davis with her three divorces is technically according to the sparse and or spaced all over the place in the Greek Testament phrasings – she is an adulterer and her many other marriages are not the one true union of marriage that Jesus supposedly defined once upon a time in a distant galaxy in a time far, far away from the real here and now.

Kim is a “whore” living in sin and the good people of the Westboro Baptist “Christian” cult don’t think that Kim is the right spokesperson to diss and deny gay people their civil rights. (Strange turn of events and or rhetoric?) 

Christianity and its thousands of sects and cults is after all only as strong and its weakest link and or links as in the Kim Davis variety or the Westboro inbred Christer crazies.

The Pedophile Union Lobby that runs the Vatican has after fifty years post-Vatican had a Synod recently and after fifty years since Vatican II of shitting on the divorced of their church, they are reaching out for contributions or contributions disguised as an invitation to return to the Church and get a mean spirited right to their sacraments - take or leave it losers - or btw go to hell. 

This as the pews remain empty and perhaps a few divorced catholics who have not already joined the Lutherans or the Anglicans or other main stream Protestant churches that accept in a complex world, the complex reasons why marriages fail, why there is divorce and why everybody deserves a second chance to make a more perfect union with a spouse and of course with or without children involved.

I am reminded of the author Anne Rice who went back briefly to the RC church and left after a few months later pulling her hair and screaming something to the effect that the nostalgic home of the church she remembered from childhood was replaced by the biased boilerplate preaching of the meal tickets clerics defending celibacy in all its toxic forms including the Sacred Tradition of Omerta surrounding regarding pedophilia, of that particular business, sect, cult.

Good luck to any divorced people lucky enough to find a comfortable roost in the same old medieval RC church thing btw.

The Vatican Synod on the “Family” btw forgot about all the gays.  Divorced Catholics first on the tour. Maybe in another hundred years, the gays?

Pope Francis, who is a great PR guy, having not only survived some of the darkest fascist days of Argentina history but prospered as well despite that history, is trying to I think to highlight a lot of piles, mountains of sacred tradition in the RC church (with a possible need to change, tweek things a bit here and there?) before he goes to his eternal reward and is no doubt happier stirring up the pot in Rome rather than in Buenos Aires. Wink, nod.

Which brings us to the people of this world, the Kim Davis county clerks, or the cookie cutter RC priests, or the perfect cult people of the Westboro Baptist Congregation publicity seeking church playing with themselves and defining marriage any which way but loose.

Marriage is in the words of the definer?

Which goes back to my tongue in cheek but probably no so far from the truth article about a stoned Jesus as a gay wedding.  A long standing 2,000 year old coded message from da bible? Again – Wink, Nod. 

Good thing I am mostly cultured and not christianed these days?