Friday, August 17, 2012

Rage Against the Machine – Bulls on Parade - Paul Ryan in “Wonderland”

Paul Ryan “likes” Rage Against the Machine music.  Doesn’t understand the lyrics.  One of those chosen privileged few in America that can tip toe through life and not give a shit or understand let alone touch humanity.

"Bulls on Parade" addresses the American military-industrial complex, a situation in which industry (the arms industry, primarily) urges government to take military action, with the intent of obtaining military contracts, to thereby increase its revenue. The idiom "bulls on parade" refers to a bull market. The symbol may also mean the muscularity of American responses to complex problems, acting more like bulls showing off with violence rather than pursuing diplomatic means. Also the verse, "They rally around the family, with a pocket full of shells" could refer to the composer's belief that American politicians in both parties represent the family as an integral part of their policies, but in actuality they use this as a "scarecrow" tactic because they really have pockets full of ammo ("shells") catering to the military-industrial complex. - - - Wikipedia


Come with it now 
Come with it now 

The microphone explodes, shattering the molds 
Ya either drop tha hits like de la O or get the fuck off the commode 
With the sure shot, sure to make the bodies drop 
Drop and don't copy yo, don't call this a co-opt 
Terror rains drenchin', quenchin' the thirst of the power drones 
That five sided fist-a-gon 
The rotten sore on the face of mother earth gets bigger 
Tha triggers cold empty your purse 

They rally round the family 
With a pocket full of shells 
[ Lyrics from: ] 
Weapons not food, not homes, not shoes 
Not need, just feed the war cannibal animal 
I walk the corner to the rubble that used to be a library 
Line up to the mind cemetary, now 
What we don't know keeps the contracts alive an movin' 
They don't gotta burn tha books they just remove 'em 
While arms warehouses fill as quick as the cells 
Rally round tha family, pocket full of shells 

Rally round the family 
With a pocket full of shells 

They rally round the family 
With a pocket full of shells 

Bulls on parade 

Come with it now 
Come with it now 

Feminists in Ukraine Oppose Pussy Riot Verdict – Cut Down Cross

Feminists in Kiev Ukraine put on a demonstration of blasphemy, topless too, to cut down a symbol of church/state incest in a country formerly abused by the Soviet Union, as protest of the guilty verdict of the Pussy Riot punk group blasphemy trial in Russia.

Vladimir “Joe Stalin” Putin is on the side of the Russian Orthodox Church who lick his boots to sit at his right hand in Russia’s present day all fucked up, not free, politics.

Ukrainian activists from the Femen movement have cut down a cross in central Kyiv in a gesture of solidarity with the members of the Russian feminist performance-art group Pussy Riot, on trial in Moscow. 

The cross -- erected during Ukraine's 2004-05 Orange Revolution in memory of the victims of communism -- was located near the International Center for Culture and Arts in Kyiv. A topless Femen activist used a chainsaw to cut down the cross.

Femen said in a statement, "On the day of the sentencing, the Femen women's movement expresses its support and respect for its Russian colleagues from the group Pussy Riot. ... By this act, Femen calls on all healthy forces of society to mercilessly saw out of their heads all the rotten religious prejudice that serves as a foundation for dictatorship and prevents the development of democracy and women's freedom."

The three women from Pussy Riot have been charged with hooliganism motivated by religious hatred after performing what they called a "punk prayer" at a landmark Moscow church in February.

The women deny intending to offend believers, arguing the February 21 protest was part of a broad movement against Vladimir Putin's decision to return to the Kremlin as president for a third term.

Madoff and Zuckerberg – Wall Street White Collar/Hoodie Crime in America

Gimmick Wall Street Social Engineer Zuckerberg is in over his head and or hoodie.  America’s Pension Funds go broke pissing other people's retirement money away into holes, into these lies called investments in America.  Privatize Social Security? Piss it all away on the Mark Zuckerbergs and Bernie Madoff types on Wall Street? Screw that. Better to hide your cash under your mattress for retirement! It is a safer bet than the present casino con game called Wall Street.

50 billion lost by Bernie.  50 billion lost by Mark.  100 billion. You are starting to talk about some serious chump change here guys.

Send Zuckerberg off to Butner North Carolina where he can play golf with Bernie “Have I got a Deal For You!” Madoff to compare notes on modern day American business.

The deepening slide in Facebook Inc.'s stock is fueling talk once considered implausible on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley.
Should Mark Zuckerberg, the social media visionary but neophyte corporate manager, step aside as CEO to let a more seasoned executive run the multibillion-dollar company?
In that scenario, Zuckerberg would remain as the creative force propelling Facebook's technological innovation. But the 28-year-old would cede the CEO title to someone better suited to overseeing operations and building rapport with finicky investors — mundane but essential duties for which Zuckerberg has shown little appetite or aptitude.
"There is a growing sense that Mark Zuckerberg, talented though he may be, is in over his hoodie as CEO of a multibillion-dollar public company," said Sam Hamadeh, head of research firm PrivCo. "While in many cases a company founder can, and does, grow into the job, things are happening so quickly that there is precious little time here for Zuckerberg to do that."
Doubts about the Facebook founder intensified Thursday as the stock closed below $20 for the first time. The shares, which slipped to $19.87, have shed nearly half their value since Facebook's disastrous initial public offering three months ago.

Madison Wisconsin - Social Engineering Capital of the USA - A Koch Brothers Funded Experiment?

(Wisconsin Capital Building, Madison - Workers Protest against Modern Day Socially Engineered Slavery by any other GOP Name Tag)
Wisconsin seems to be a social engineering experimentation beach head these days with Scot Walker in the State House wanting to denude all workers rights back "into chains" and servitude and paid for on the Koch Brothers' dime.
I can almost smell the mutton grease from his "sanctified" hands and almost see the wine stains dripped from his "altruistic" lips onto his, Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison Wisconsin's recent pastoral letter of political "non-endorsement" to the sheep still in the pews regarding 110% Catholic Rated native son Paul Ryan (wink, nod).
No doubt that love of native son and country prevented a lacking in duty ignoramus like Field Bishop Morlino from putting Ryan under "interdict" for his public praise and adoration / idolization of the atheist philosophy of Ayn Rand in 2005.
Madison does seem to be a hot spot of social engineering as in the threat of "interdict" to members of St. Mary's Parish in Platteville Wisconsin as the result of human revulsion with the importation of PC Jesuit shock troops from Spain to put the laity in their place and get the stink of altar girls out of God's pure penis only sanctuary. 
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. What was it at last count, eight Spanish shock troops in seven Madison Diocese parishes? No Hindi, African or Filipino RC priest imports into Morlino's pure white Madison Diocese?
Collateral damage happened in the ethnic cleansing wars in the modern day Balkans, another social engineering experiment in Europe.  As whining parishioners of St. Mary's who have been striped of their school, taught a lesson, as punishment for their disrespect to the God/pope given authority of Bishop Robert Morlino - "Get over it!" as Anton Scalia, another social engineer, 2000 election, would say about such inconsequential matters.
Sounds like Bishop Morlino is perhaps running some theoretical socially engineered field exercise for the School of the Americas, on a consultant fee basis of course, and in a purely religious sense for some future military junta scenario in far Northern America instead of the usual South and Central America Scenario?  Where is the United Fruit Company when you really need them to hire unemployed cronies?
Bishop Morlino is strangely and officially connected to the SOA's socially engineered clone - The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC), a United States Department of Defense Institute located at Fort Benning near Columbus, Georgia. Like leopards can change their spots by calling themselves turtle doves etc.
The intrinsic evil I fear in the Diocese of Madison Wisconsin these days is in fact Bishop Morlino, Paul Ryan, Scot Walker, the Koch Brothers among many many others staging social engineering experiments in rural and once peaceful Wisconsin.

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What ever happened to cheese?

St. Mary's Catholic School Platteville WI