Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mrs. Wayne LaPierre Attacks Ann Hathaway at the Golden Globes on Twitter

Now that Wayne LaPierre has put the First Children within the NRA line of fire, turn around fair play, the only Mrs. Wayne LaPierre on the Internet is a twitter account and probably not his real wife, maybe a blowup doll wife?

Is Wayne LaPierre Married?

Is he a genuine white Heterosexual?  Went to two Catholic colleges (wink,nod).

Does he have a “normal” sexlife (does not have to sleep with his Bushmaster every night in bed etc.)?

Wayne LaPierre of NRA - A Real A-Hole's A-Hole


NRA LaPierre's "Political Pornography" Ad Attacks Obama Children

This ad per political columnist Mike Barnicle is "political pornography"!

Sick, perverted, Roman Catholic style demonizing of minorities, attacked the First Children to justify Wayne LaPierre's paycheck. 

Asking the question "Are the President's Kids More Important" than your kids because they have armed protection and your children have no armed protection in school. 

The First Family needs armed protection from all the NRA Gun Nuts in this country. 

Lee Harvey Oswald was a member of the NRA!

Really low shit from the mysterious Wayne LaPierre.  

Is Wayne LaPierre married?

Does he have a wife, kids? 

Is it fair to target and demonize the First Family and not share his family to the same NRA firing line?

I have to wonder how a man educated in two Catholic Colleges including Boston College can be so non-human in his approach to "humanity".  Maybe the Catholic Church only teaches money and not love these days?