Saturday, September 3, 2011

Black Rock City Nevada – Burning Man Festival

I have been aware of this temporary Hippie like tent city celebration in the Nevada desert for maybe a decade or more. 

At first, it looks exotic, almost Road Warrior exotic as in the movie, as in post-apocalyptic culture.  You may see the avant-garde art, smell cannabis, the reverence for all things green and or ecological and I see a party in the desert for 50,000 people where you hang out, drink and kill a few days in the heat.

Supposed to be a "spiritual" experience for some.  (If there is no cell phone connection to the rest of the planet as stated, that is perhaps a good start.)

Been in the desert. Done that.  Camping in the desert in the summer is for fools, crazy tourists, old hippies and kids hanging out on mom and dad’s dime.


They build some pagan like wooden man and temple and burn them down at the end of each festival which is the week before and including Labor Day in the U.S. each year.  But it’s not pagan.  It is art.  Or the usual BS on such plane of things pseudo-intellectual and ar-tis-tic.

Navigate the many photos in the above link/blog to touch some the magic of an old fashioned happening American, Planet Earth style.

The festival started in the late eighties in San Francisco, where else, and migrated to the desert shortly thereafter.  I believe this is the twenty-fifth year of the festival.

(view from the air)