Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gutless Little Twerp GOP Definitions of Rape and Abortion

Piers Morgan on CNN has labeled the gutless wonder of Todd Akin as a Gutless Little Twerp for cancelling his appearance on CNN last night as the last minute.

Rep. Todd Akin has the same definitions of rape, forced rape and legitimate rape as Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan especially with whom Todd has co-sponsored Rape definition legislation in the House.

Paul Ryan was silent and sitting next to daddy figure Mitt on TV as Mitt threw Todd under the bus.  Paul is a gutless wonder and little twerp as well like his buddy Todd.

It seems to me that the whole abortion and rape issue falls on the poor or the helpless, females in particular and the core of all this "hands in other people panties" GOP ideas is to control the sheep and punish them because 1) they are poor, 2) because they are female, and 3) because they are minorities. 

Class snobbery - misogyny - racism - - - Core Republican Values.

Ronald Reagan – Welfare Queens – and Free Lunch for Romney’s Mormon Church

Regarding Bishop Romney's obsession with Obama and work among the lowly on welfare:

Bishop Romney's church books work as a trade or scrip currency, a voucher system so to speak, for members' dues, tithes to their church.    
I begin to think that the joke among Reagan with his cronies over cocktails about "welfare queens" was merely code humor about yes I cheat on or do not pay my fair share of taxes.  

So too, I think Bishop Romney wants the children of those "welfare queens" to cut the grass outside the local stake church for free, at the insistence of the state, chain gang or not, those children of God not being welcome inside. 

Free lunch for the LDS by any other name?