Tuesday, June 5, 2012

News Corp follows Vatican Business Model?

The Wall Street Journal in opinion is questioning why the liberal media is ignoring all the medieval Catholic institutions suing Obamacare and focusing on the Vatican’s mafia brand business model in the present Vatileaks scandal.

ABC made the Angels & Demons comparison three times in its coverage, with correspondent Jeffrey Kofman declaring on Sunday's Good Morning America: "All of this talk of conspiracy and palace intrigues sound much like a Dan Brown novel....There are similar scenes in his book 'Angels and Demons.' But this is very real....Years ago, Vatican conspirators used to poison their enemies. Today, it's a little more subtle. They leak to the media."
All three networks used highly charged language to portray the Church as some sort of criminal enterprise. On Friday's NBC Nightly News, correspondent Jim Maceda wrapped up his report by ominously asserting: "...the alleged leaks by the man closest to the Pope may have lifted another veil on the secretive and perhaps illegal activity inside the Vatican itself."
In a report for Saturday's ABC World News, Kofman described how the leaks,"include searing allegations of corruption and cronyism at the Vatican Bank, a bizarre plot to kill the Pope allegedly by a cardinal hoping to succeed him, and a nasty power struggle between Vatican reformers and those who want nothing to change."


Pope to Visit Philly in 2015 - Who Pays the Bill?


The Pope will make a pilgrimage to Philly, the USA Pedo Priest Capital after of course Boston.

The Pope will be 88.

Benedict's trip to Britain in 2010 cost the taxpayers the equivalent of $20 million dollars in security in a country where there is no separation of Church and State.

The justification for paying for these pope visits in the past here has been that the Pope is the Head of State of 120 Acres in the middle of the City of Rome Italy.

I hope the good Catholics in Philly dig real deep in their pockets to pay for their mafia king's visit in 2015 and not do the deadbeat thing and stick the security cost to U.S. taxpayers again.