Saturday, June 23, 2018

White Ethnic Anxiety Attack Over Immigration w/ Lack of Compassion - Welcome to the New Trump G.O.P. Party

A growing ethnic minority being in denial since MLK Jr, (that troublemaker) and trying to out wait the future and travel back into the past was heard from this past week, but oh no, were not heard from in the past week.

That many, myself included, bought into the far left inclusion of empathy into my worldview in the sixties in a RC high school, that walking a mile in one's neighbor's shoes was a way to understand the teachings of an obscure ancient holy man aka Jesus.

Many just said "NO" in the sixties and going forward and certainly in 2008 and 2012 ignored the advice of the Republican National Committee to be more inclusive in politics, especially with Hispanics, in order to adapt to changing American demographics and win more elections in a straight forward manner by not in dumping voter registration rolls in minority voting districts, and gerrymandering election districts and outsourcing with Russian and North Korean hackers to steal and change votes in the polling place - maybe the rule by a minority by the whites will last another twenty years until the guillotine changes what is not right in this democracy/republic.