Tuesday, June 15, 2010

arizona – Zonies out of Control!

Arizona is a right to work state. That means that you are not allowed to form a union to get livings wages. So, in truth, Arizona is a right to have no unions state that has nothing to do with workers or their (yuck!) rights.

After a searing immigration bill and a ethnic cleansing no ethnic history taught law, now the good rock hard white people of Arizona want to take citizenship away from the children born on American soil but who happen to also be the children of illegals.

This get all the hatred off your Deseret Constitution mindset is one born of frustration regarding the broken borders that the national government and the Versailles federal government has let slip for decades out of its control. No national energy policy, no immigration reform, no full reregulation of the banks sets the background noise as the people of Arizona attempt to make poor hateful laws to express both their frustrations, prejudices and their seeming lack of compassion to the rest of humanity outside "The Zone".

I lived and worked in the poor state of Arizona which seems to worship Conestoga wagon wheels more so than people not native to the harsh and bitter desert landscape. Something about bitter desert landscape and an eye for an eye that seems to go together like apple pie and ice cream but only out west in a mirage.

As a church eleder, I was witness to a Mexican couple who dropped their kid here on this side of the border and I saw them get a section 8 five bedroom house for the anchor baby and all its many brothers and sisters already in existence (and previously illegal). When I met these people they were simple, honest and hard working. After they got their Cadillac treatment from the welfare system, they lost more than just their souls in the process. Beware of winning the lottery.

The law proposed by Arizona is definitely unconstitional. Arizona is engaged in election years politicking to engage the masses and give bread and circus instead of good sound government. Jan Brewer will sell her soul to actually get elected to the office Governor instead of being the default Governor that inherited the job when the previous Governor went to Washington.

Glad I don’t live in Arizona anymore. The “Zonies” are out of control I think.