Friday, April 6, 2018

Gov Kate Brown of Oregon will not call up National Guard for Trump's War on the god Neptune

Governor Kate Brown - one of those penisless female things, says that she will refuse to call up the troops with real jobs and real lives to reinforce the fantasies and senile droolings of an emperor in imitation of Emperor Caligula who could not organize amidst his own chaos an invasion of ancient Britain, who used his troops to collect sea shells along the English Channel as proof to be sent back to the Senate of his victory over the mighty then god of Neptune.

I do not think there are any sea shells along the Rio Grande. Perhaps the national guard from the Southern Red States like Arkansas that comply to ignorance, and they always do, and such can gather stones and snake skins and send them to Speaker Ryan or Senate Majority Lead McConnell.

All hail the great leader, the tax cheating, sodomizing, serial adulterer and hero of the white trailer trash of the white dole class MAGA base.