Friday, January 13, 2012

Don’t call me a “Christian” anymore!

Beards for the Military Industrial Complex

This blog has evolved.  I have evolved.

I am told and I am witnessing the fact that my old label “This Cultural Christian” does not market well.  People under 40 are turned off by all things labeled “Christian” these days.

The Christian Brand has lost most of its luster. 

Rather than turn off potential readers I am going for the mystery of “X”.  My descriptive is above.  I state what I am.  I am an agnostic, areligionist, X-tian.

Please do not confuse me with that knuckle dragging Christian Political Party Shit. (GOP)

It has been a forty year process to officially merge the Republicans with all things hypocritical and hiding under the label “Christian”.

Jesus is one thing.  I like Jesus.

I believe in G*d.  Not madison avenue toothpaste sold as G*d.
But this Christ cult thing worshiping Constantine’s army god is not what I believe in.

I think my turning point came this week when the Pagan majority Supreme Court said it was okay to hate blacks and gays and women and others, especially the disabled as in this particular court case, if you are a tax free church and you don’t want to hire them or you just want to fire ‘em.
What would Jesus do in a situation like the above  Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison of the LCMS? 
Tell the gimp to go fuck off? I don't think so!

If you look at those dumb Marines pissing on some dumb slob Muslims in Afghanistan, those Marines are nothing more than a beard for the MIC – Military Industrial Complex.  Are they Christian? You betcha.

Death and Profits are all that Christianity seems to represent these days on the worlds' markets.

There is more God in my pet rock than these political hacks masquerading as religions these days.

If Stephen Colbert can run for President, I want tax free status for my pet rock religion and the right to diss anybody I want scot-free.


Contributions greatly accepted for your Pet Rock Salvation. Guaranteed. Etc. LOL

I have some hope for some of those mainstream “Christians” that still operate in intelligence like the Lutheran, Anglicans etc.  Some – not much.

Christianity is a dying religion.  It is perhaps already a corpse in some places (like Italy) and merely being propped up by some dusty empty buildings.

But the ignorant Pagans, Roman Church and the Literalists, Fundamentalists, those who worship the words in a book and do not know how to think or consider those words, well, what the world sees is the insane American Government as it stands to the nations, a “Christian” country. It is of late just a waste of any real people’s time, the Christian part that is, to that world.

I want my America.  I want my country back from these religious fanatics and Christians.

I humbly remain This Cultural Xtian.

Have a nice day.