Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mavis Chocolate Drink

Cardboard display advertising, 1920s (lush)

"Chief Outtatown" Chaput of Philly is Out of Town and Out in Space Claiming People are his, I mean, God’s Property

Charles Chaput, current temporary archbishop of Philadelphia

PEOPLE grant FREEDOM to themselves in a Democracy Archbishop Chaput - not you.! Never "people" like you. 

You desecrate this American Holiday – Holy Day – July 4 – with your German Nazi style USCCB rhetoric, you sons of Satan.

It’s the Fourth of July and everybody is at a barbeque and the Bishops are out gathering bodies for their new world order.

"Chief (from) Outtatown" Charlie Chaput of Philly is preaching at the Knights of Columbus cult national Goddess Center in Washington D.C. telling all good Catholics how to think in the twenty-first century. 

They get Bishop Lori to organize the pagan rallies, bonfires, spiritual cross burnings against Obamacare.

Then they get the drunk in charge "narrowback" Bishop Dolan to buy the New York Media. Hic!

Now Archbishop of Philadelphia fresh from a victory, per the Catholic League and Bill Donohue, of the Monsignor Lynn Child Rape Trial in Philly - Chaput begins to emerge as high priest of Philadelphia and wanna be usurper of its sacred Secular Freedom history, a re-interpreter of Freedom and History.  We don’t need any cheap Johnny(Red) come lately American Bishops trying to re-imitate the perfection of the founding fathers Jack! They got it right the first time round. 

To paraphrase the late Senator Lloyd Bentsen in his Vice Presidential debate with Dan “Potatoe” Quale – I know the founding fathers archbishop Chaput. You are no founding father type – Far from it.

What a bunch of Puntch Hall losers.

His core message was that people don't belong to their government, they belong to God, and only when they live by God's plan are they truly free. Hence they are obligated, like the martyrs of the Church, to defy government acts that the Church calls unGodly.

And indirectly, we all have to listen to God’s Overseers, the American Catholic Bishops. Yeah, right.

That sounds like good old fashioned King George III tyranny and slavery to me!

Well Fcuk You Charlie Chaput and fcuk the mangy horse (probably stolen) that you rode into Philly on!

Get a real job you parasite.  You bum!

If you don't like living here in America, go back to Rome.

Bishops' favorite Nag - "Religious Liberty"