Friday, April 24, 2009

The Bush Cheney Inquisition

One mans’s torture is another man’s pleasure???

There is a lot of vetting going on now in the media and the Congress about that torture thingy. Sean Hannity of FOX News has volunteered to be water boarded for charity to show that the near drowning experience is not torture but a frat house prank kind of thing. Keith Olbermann of MSNBC has offered $1,000 a second for every second that Sean does this easy frat house thing for charity. Poor Keith is going to spend a fortune on Sean who will proving that he is no pussy. Good fun for TV, the media circus and ratings.

Water boarding as torture goes back to the Spanish Inquisition which came into place over five centuries ago to weed out heretics but in reality it was a ethnic cleansing tool to get rid of Jews and Muslims from Spain who had been in Spain for centuries.

If you cannot get a modern day picture in your head about this Inquisition or torture thing I suggest the movie “Goya’s Ghosts” which shows torture and the Inquisition of about two centuries ago. Yes heretics were still being rounded up and tortured up to 1834 in Catholic Spain. Natalie Portman’s character in the movie gets caught up in Church politics and torture just because of her not liking a particular dish in a restaurant. No more plot give away here. See the movie. Splendid period piece against the backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars in Spain (Global Politics circa 1800 AD).

Goya's Ghosts

Getting back to people like Condelezza Rice, selling her soul to get ahead in life but as National Security Advisor signing off on torture before attorney Jay Bybee had even pulled out his crayons at DOJ to write his legal opinion on the subject to give legal credence to - well it’s a long story.

As I said earlier, if men and women of good conscience were trying to defend this county in an emergency situation they, the former regime and its defenders, would not be acting like such inbred idiots and a bunch of tossers about this current tempest in a teapot?

If we are a nation of laws, a so-called “Christian country”, we can live without torture as a modus operandi of our mantra and national identity.

Throughout this so called debate going on now about torture picture this – George Washington did not need torture to win the Revolution.

Bush and Cheney, two natural born bullies, did need torture to justify the illegal invasion of Iraq for fun and profit.

See the movie Goya’s Ghosts. Get some perspective on this current topic.

Be well – and don’t be tortured.