Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jesus Unfriended by his Brother James on Facebook

Ran into some Cristian blog all big and slick.

They had some big article about this Norweigen Timothy McVeigh type, cannot pronounce and will not write his evil name here. In all charity, he is probably mentally ill and plugged into too much modern technology – and definitely into the inhumanity sound bite hubris of poison dwarf Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdock’s antichrist Fox News.

Does Fox News broadcast in Norway in Norwegian? I have to wonder.

Well anyway, like the reverse against human logic that goes on over at Fox, this Cristian blog site was dissing me indirectly.  Somebody was quoting from the Arian manifesto that Norwegian Crazy-O had supposedly written.

Then here comes the kicker to me.  Something, logic(?), like if the Norwegian Crazy-O had been a “religious Christian” instead of a “cultural Christian”, Crazy-O would not, could not have murdered so many innocent people. 

Bullshit!  Crazy. Crazy. Crazy.


Some born again moron just unfriended me and my Cultural Christian label.

Hey if you don’t like me, tough shit a-hole. I am a better Christian than you and I can prove it.  I won’t nuke you to prove it.  Which seems to reflect the attitudes and lack of civility that is the undercurrent culture of the High Technology Idol of this new virtual, cold, bloodless, humanless age. 

And without trying to identify myself with any Jesus type, I am like totally far from it - that is what I feel has been going on from the beginning of time with the elevation of tribal gods to the supreme farce of Yahweh, Jesus/god, and Allah -

A lot of bickering over the value of nothing - the so called value of God - the absolute zero (for want, lack of a true number) of all things as we humans try to perceive the universe and our place in it. 

The true value in life is friendship and tolerance.  Instead of talking quietly and friendly over the back fence with our neighbors, many of us are screaming into our cell/mobile phones leaving nasty messages and do not even know the names of our brothers and sisters who literally live right next door to us.

I cannot talk for the people in Norway, but I do know what destroyed the town square of my youth in Philadelphia. It was scared white people running away from black people.  And when sex starved catholic priests should have been preaching love and tolerance and brotherhood and humanity, they were screaming about abortion, starting a jihad, a culture war as an agenda ploy of the Pollack cardinal ’s supreme ambition to be pope.  Oh well, spilled milk.

It has taken me twenty four hours to calm down and realize that the “Christian brand” in America since the seventies is part of some right wing conspiracy, real or imagined, to turn charity and brotherhood back into profit and slavery. Whatever.

James, the supposed brother of Jesus, is mentioned by the Roman/Jewish historian Josephus.  The whole thing of James briefly mentioned in the gospels and or Acts is retrofitted cut and paste to make up a resume for the late great Jesus, whoever and whatever he was.  Too bad the people around him did not bother to pay much attention to him while he was here.

I do believe him great and he lived by the Golden Rule.

I wish some of us could do the same and on a global scale here and now.

Instead of what passes for humanity and or the piles and piles and piles of religion these days:

Dogma, dogma, dogma. 
Godma, godma, godma. 
Blahma. Blahma. Blahma. 
Blah. Blah. Blah. 

Enjoy the day God gave you and me. 

This in spite of all the crazies out there all my dear brothers and sisters in Jesus’ name everywhere.  

Pray for the people of Norway and their tragic loss.