Friday, March 20, 2009

Condom Head - the Pope in Africa


In all defernce to Ed Wynn, a Philly born comic genius, who had a highly rated radio comedy show in the 1930s and I think sponsored by Texaco ---

I wanted to put the picture above of some dumb fool wearing a condom over their head but decided instead that I would use a visual of true classic talented jokemeister genius - as comic relief to the pope's medieval interpretation of the silly uselessness of using condoms in a hefty percentage of cases in the global war of trying to prevent the spread of the modern day plaugue of HIV/AIDS ---

These 1930 radio shows had audiences in Radio City at one time. I am reminded of the story about how Thomas Edison was in the audience when Ed Wynn was on stage and Tom Edison got a belly laugh and a half when Wynn brought on stage a pole that measured 11 feet and four inches long. When asked what the pole was for - Ed Wynn replied that it was for those things that he would not touch with a ten foot pole.

I have such a 11 foot 4 inch pole for touching the Pope's comment on condoms and AIDS.

Ronald Reagan had his voodoo deregulation economics and the pope has his voodoo store front creationism museum quality theology.

I did make a comment somewhere about how the present pope does not have any rock star qualities with which to wow the press.

Theses days, the pope's retarded, unsciientific, comments on condoms got picked up by five or six old fashioned journalistic wire services and ten million Catholic sycophantic blogs, some passing for news sites, and commenting about how right the pope always is in whatever BS pours over his lips. Interfaith non-dialogue, holocaust denial, condoms as no possible use to stop AIDS - whatever!

I also did comment somewhere the allegory or is it metaphor about how the pope present is applauded non stop by his employees for his volumes and volumes of scholarly works about how what a perfect hamster cage the insider's beltway Vatican bureauacracy is to viewing the bizarre world of the laity outside the unerring corporate culture of that cage.