Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NY-23 and the Schine Effect

Capital Hill, Newspapers, Radio, Television all served to bring about a generational windstorm of paranoia and xenophobia in the 1950s now known as McCarthyism. For some reason some obscure political figure finds a soft spot in the tender ribcage of democracy, pushes the button so to speak, and awakes a nation on to that sensitive spot and runs a mile when in real life the doctor or the schleppy comedian will say “stop doing that” - touching the sore spot.

So too in hard economic times, a new administration is wrapped up in its own self importance, wandering agenda, seeming lack of balls, focus and let’s not forget feel good Geithner “Vitamin” shots. It is too bad that the Obama team cannot rule the country from some Chicago office space than from the jaded museum of the White House and the Versailles like isolation of the Washington establishment.

It becomes easy to see why elements of the far right turn to tea baggers, birthers, coded speaking racists for a diagnosis of “what’s wrong?” with America.

There was a test case yesterday where all the ghouls, goblins and left over Republican road kill made a trial run for power in upstate New York’s 23rd Congressional District. A bunch of carpetbaggers with specific carpetbaggers’ interests came to town to test anything that might work in pulling off winning elections for future Republican slates.

The Problem with NY23 was that even I, here in downstate new york, resented all these carpetbaggers, neo-mccarthyites, (zombie mccathyites is more like it), from bringing in “conservative” values to the political table - which by the way is nothing more than raw beets and broccoli. Don’t like raw beets and raw broccoli? Then you are not a good loyal American as we define Americanism. There is no room for deviation in “our America”.

With supporters like:

Michelle “Are you a loyal (white) American? Bachmann,

Dick “Where’s my lobbyist paycheck?” Armey,

Bill “Don’t I have the nicest manicured fingernails?” Kristol,

Sarah “Weather Girl” Palin,

Tim “GOP minimum Standards” Pawlenty –

The list goes on and on…

All came to town in a grab bag of used Halloween costumes to endorse the “Conservative” candidate and diss both the people of the 23rd district and the democratic process with their Madison Avenue Marketing testing of 2010-2012 campaign products.

No reality in the White House? No reality either in the Bedlam of the shattered once cloth coated moderate middle of the road Republican Party. The only outsider who seemed half way normal in upstate New York was Newt Gingrich. Newt Gingrich! Geez.

Congratulations to the people the NY-23 who refused to get corrupted by outside influences or infected with Beltway Fever.

Which brings me to the SCHINE effect of NY-23. The truth is that the chaos on the right is just that – Chaos. This country is in deep shit if the only alternative to Obama and his inept Chicago Mafia, is a bunch of boyfriends and girlfriends of Power.

The Schine effect is that you are only as good as your handlers these days in politics. Joe McCarthy, the father of American Right wing justification for fear, hate, dysfunctional Puritanism was brought down in the end by the obsession of his right hand man – main handler – and his private needs seeking special favors for his boyfriend.

With these MSM has been superstar politicians and hangers on – none of whom I would vote for as dog catcher – they each have their weak sore spots. They all have their Achilles heel – they all have their Schinespot.

I don’t see anybody on the right who can dare to be moderate without the fear of being carpetbagged in any upcoming primaries by all this disorganized rabble of special interests, well monied, lobbying types – political lunatics.

It’s time for all locals, nationwide, to tell these has been GOP grifters to find some other victims in their making a dishonest living off the American People. Get a job. Get a real job.